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"You're the best Hermione," George kissed her cheek when he came to drop off Yulisa who immediately ran off with Ollie, both putting their school stuff away.

"Thanks for picking up Ollie," Hermione smiled while putting away her reading materials, the hospital handbook and the medical tomes she'd been given upon her internship. George grimaced at the volume of the books. He still had no idea how Hermione could read those things without falling asleep because he would certainly have at the second page.

"George," Hermione said causing him to look up at her. "Are you happy?" She had to ask, lightly touching his arm in a comforting manner.

George lightly placed his own hand on hers with a slight smile on his lips. "I miss him still, so much. But I am happy. I look forward to days now and even when I don't want to get out of bed, because in my dreams, he's still very much so alive, and waking up just makes me feel broken and alone, but I do anyway. Because," He looked down the direction Yulisa and Ollie had already gone. "She needs me and the void that felt irreparable is getting smaller. I love her and want to be able to protect her and make her laugh. He'd be proud, wouldn't he?"

"Fred is definitely proud and you know he would have spoiled her rotten."

"Yeah, I think so too," George grinned.

"And probably feed her enough sugar to last a lifetime before sending her right home to you," Hermione grimaced as she recalled Ron doing so the other day so that Ollie had been practically bouncing off the walls after she got him back.

"Yeah," George agreed a little less enthusiastically as he'd also asked Ron as a last desperate resort to take care of Yulisa once when he went on a business venture to see if a muggle joke shop would bargain for any of his friendlier magicless supplies. He'd come home to find her hyped and giggly as she'd ever been. Getting her to bathe and ready to bed had been nearly impossible. "Well, I'm going to go back home and shower, then get ready for my date tonight. Wish me luck."


Rinny helped them make lunch before disappearing back to the elder Mrs. Wood so they could finish up the cakes, that the family would be testing.

Sitting all at the kitchen counter, Hermione encouraged both kids to talk about their day and what they had learned, laughing at their stories and praising any achievements.

"Ollie, no talking while chewing your food," she softly admonished, hoping that her son would at least be able to develop better manners than some she knew, namely a certain best friend of her's, Ron Weasley.

Nodding, Ollie swallowed his food before talking about kickball, the muggle game they had played as gym time. "But Yulisa kicked the furthest even though Melvin said he did." He made a face.

"Well, I'm sure he did well too, but," Hermione winked. "I believe you, good job sweetie." She held her hand out for Yulisa to high five, who did with a small smile. "How about we clean up then head off for the day?"

The two nodded as Hermione asked Yulisa to clear the tables while she and Ollie rinsed and dried the dishes.


"Why don't you two pick the juice you want to have as a drink for the road." Hermione said gesturing for the two to pick from the refrigerator while she found Oliver's special formula that was full of extra protein. "Make sure you stay together today," Hermione continued to speak as she finished packing up her satchel. "It'll be crowded because its rush time and everyone just wants to go home, so they won't be paying as much attention." She kept on going, not realizing that the two kids had already left to make a backpack of their own for the trip.

"I don't want to lose the two of you. Merlin knows what George would say if I told him that I managed to lose Yulisa in less than an hour of having her with me." Hermione shook her head, to shake away that worry. "And-" finally realizing that it was too silent, she looked around her to realize that she was alone. Hands on her hips, Hermione blew out a breath of air. "I've been talking to myself this whole time, haven't I?" She sighed.


Puddlemere had been the dark horse team when Oliver had first joined as a reserve upon graduating Hogwarts, but with the leadership of Reins and dedicated reserves such as him,Pallay, Cormac, Print, plus the Doyle twins, Puddlemere had made a name for itself. A team to look out for.

However watching the practice, Oliver couldn't help but feel like he was ruining all that Trevor Reins had built. The team was in slight chaos because no one was working together today. Something had apparently happened between James Palay and Jeremy Print, a splat neither wanted to address in words, instead on the field so that Print at times refused to watch for James, as was his job to watch for the Center Chaser. Then Flint had seemingly developed a sick sense of humor the night before because he was making a joke out of the practice by singing drinking songs while doing tricks on his broom whilst hogging the quaffle, all of which that grated on everyone's nerves, especially his that he was rather satisfied when Cody Cormac had let the bludger whiz past him, in Flint's direction.

"THAT'S IT!" Oliver yelled at last, sick of the games everyone was playing. They were having their first game this weekend, even if it was with the predicted worst team of the season, that did not mean they could make practice a big joke. "Three hundred laps on broom, ten on foot, repeat three times. If you drop on your own accord, you better add an extra lap for every break you take. NOW!" Oliver exploded, his face red now from yelling so loud. "If you are unable to finish the task, then say hello to the bench for your first game and the pay that goes with the win!" Oliver added to the deathly quiet team. A second later all the players did just so.


After stopping in the newly refurbished Flourish and Blotts, Hermione and the kids left, all with a new book, though Hermione had half sadly, half nostalgically sighed at Ollie picking out a quidditch book. Meanwhile she and Yulisa had both bought novels, her a new biography of Harry, just because she felt that she needed to know exactly what people were saying of Harry, and them, to be prepared for any onslaught remarks, from those bitter by the war. Looking up slightly, Hermione looked at the time on the grand clock above Diagon Alley. It was just about time they made it to the Puddlemere Stadium. With that, Hermione grasped Ollie's hand who held Yulisa's so they could make it to the Quidditch station, where buses were stationed that would take people to any quidditch stadium, the fee depending on the distance of the stadium.

Putting in three sickles, Hermione gestured for the kids to take a seat near the front. "Puddlemere Stadium please." She requested to the driver, a stout woman who just grunted.

"Ten minutes before departure to Puddlemere Stadium," She announced nasally on the intercom as the bus began to flash the stadium name, in case of any other passengers. Of course, it not being a game night, no one else came on board.

After taking a sip of his white grape juice, Ollie offered Hermione it to her too.

Kissing the top of his head, Hermione declined.

"Thank you for my book, Miss Hermione." Yulisa said looking up and over Ollie, to Hermione.

"You're very welcome Yulisa." Hermione smiled. "Just in case, remind me that I have your book when we get back home," She said patting her small satchel that she had put everything in.

"Do you think Dad can take us flying?" Ollie asked once the bus had started.

"Hold on and I'm sure he would if you ask him." Hermione nodded as she tried to hold onto the two.

"I don't like flying." Yulisa murmured causing Ollie's jaw to drop in shock as his slightly hazel eyes widened.


"I wasn't very fond of it either." Hermione glanced over at the young girl. "In fact I had a very overt fear of heights." Hermione admitted.

Yulisa nodded, her dark brown eyes filled with understanding. "But you, you flew!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up and out, gesturing wildly with her exclamation.

"After the war, watching everyone conquer their fears and more," Hermione turned to face them as she placed her arm comfortingly around them. "I realized that my fear was slightly ridiculous, that there was so much more to fear than mere distance, especially with all the spells that I know. So I asked Harry and the Weasley's, mainly George and Bill, the two calmest and most patient ones of the bunch," Hermione said, sadly remembering the shadow and cloud that surrounded George immediately after the war. The death of Fred had practically sucked the joy and life out of George who was just more than a little lost, but when Hermione had asked for help, to learn to conquer her fear of flying and heights, he had been there. It had been on his and Fred's list of things to do, to get Hermione Granger on a broom. So he had patiently taught her, his silliness all but evaporated upon those first few months in mourning. Yet he had been a great teacher, better than she had anticipated, Hermione had to admit. His patience had been saintly, it was just terrible that said patience was the product of Fred's death… Yet it seemed that getting on the broom again, to teach Hermione, George had also slowly began the healing process as he reconnected with Fred through flight, something they had shared all their lives.

"Eventually when I was decent enough, they requested me to play quidditch with them, so I did." Hermione finished the story, recalling some of the saddest part in those first few months... George crying and yelling as a storm had descended on them out of nowhere, while Hermione had stood there in the freezing rain too, just being there for George as he let out his pent up agony.

Gulping, Yulisa nodded at the story, wishing she could get over her fear too.


Half an hour later, Hermione and the kids had made it to the stadium, taking the lift up to the viewing level. At first, they could barely see anything but blurs as the players all passed them, flying blurs, but as their eyes adjusted, they began to see that it was the quidditch players, all doing laps around the field.

Eyes wide and rather fascinated, they all watched the blurs go by, like wind up toys.

Being the first to spot her, Thompson Maine cried out her name.


"Save us!" Cody yelled second.

"Your husband," Jeremy began.

"Is crazy! Crazy!" Cody finished, his yell fading off as he got further and further away.

"He's," James yelled pausing very briefly in front of Hermione and the kids. "Trying to kill us!"

"Palay!" Oliver's voice boomed causing James to squeak before rushing off.

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