He felt such power. Just by standing there and taking a drag on his cigarette, kicking a rock to gain the awareness of his cute little human puppy, sitting on a bench with his hair tucked behind his ears, and his glasses perched on the end of his nose, reading some poetry about drunken boatmen. The way he could just make a noise, then spin on his heel, safetly knowing that his little slave was to follow, without fail, everytime.

But today he was excited. Today he got to be excited by telling Justin exactly what he wanted to hear. He got to tell him that the plan was working, that they had taken the bait for the shoes. And as he slipped out the recorder from beneath his sleeve, hitting the play button to hear himself talking, renacting everything, just for Justin.

"I was so good. I really was," Richard snickered. "Here, listen."

He listen to his voice be played back to him, the volume waviering because he had been playing with the ring on his finger, which had been where the microphone had been. But he loved seeing the slight smirk on Justin's face when he asked if Richard overdid it.

"A little bit," He replied. "I overdid it a little bit." He hit the button again, and he even mouthed the words to Justin, putting on his act all again, just for Justin. Just to see that little smirk, grow into a full blown grin because of his silly antics.

"Meet me at the bluff tonight," He said, barely keeping his voice from jumping a few octives from his excitement. "I'll tell you all about it." Richard smile, just imagining being able to put on a show for Justin, his little puppy. He loved it when Justin was smiling and happy, and boy was that damn near the only thing Richard is good at.

And so when Justin's face fell, and Richard wasn't the center of Justin's world anymore, he got angry.

"I can't."

Richard didn't understand. Justin wasn't standing him up. Slaves don't stand up their Masters. He couldn't help creeping closer, the smoke from his cigarette curling over his fingers and floating up to dance by Justin's ear.

"Why not?" He hissed, glaring right down into Justin's pale blue eyes. Justin shifted nervously, from one foot to the other, glancing at the ground, and to each side before he lifted his gaze to stare back at Richard.

"I…I have something I have to do."

Richard's first though was 'Who is she?' but there was no way that Justin would stand him up, and if he did, it wouldn't be for a girl. But he also knew that Justin was about to lie to him. He didn't know about what, and he'll be damned if he knows why, but his fingers were twitching with the urge to wrap themselves around Justin's neck and squeeze until he told him the truth.

"Like what?" he sneered, not buying that Justin had to do. Justin did everything with Richard. Everything. They did illegal stuff together, and they did horny teenage stuff together. So what could be so shameful that he couldn't be told?

"I'll tell you later." Justin said nervously. "I should…" he trailed off, and motioned to the air absentmindedly and then he ran off. No 'goodbye' or anything. He just ran off up those stairs and away to do something that Richard knew wasn't right. And that's a very hypocritical thought when you've killed someone, gotten completely fucked up with, and shamed your families completely with this person.

And those are the exact reasons why Richard decided he would follow Justin that night, no matter where the hell he went.