Disclaimer: None of it's mine. Also—I'm not modeling off the Catwoman movie at all. This is partially personal interpretation, partially Batman: Year One, partially Tim Sale, partially Tim Burton. Maybe a little TAS. I really just felt like doing a character sketch in Nolanverse. :-)


Selina is not like Rachel. Her hair is short, her tongue is naughty, her words are unapologetic. She's only 5'5 but enters a room at 6'2. All swinging hips and easy tones. Purring. Im/perfect.

People admire her mouth. It spreads, dark red on dark skin, before flashing the hunter's grin. Cold eyes study prey, study suitors, study everywhere a kill can be made. Though diamond collars adorn her neck she belongs to no one.

There is an inherent selfishness to Selina. Unchangeable, unhesitating, unshared. No man (or bat) will ever stop her because she stops for no one. Cats are independent by nature. They love themselves and look after themselves and act for themselves. No feline will willingly abandon pleasure. Hers is theft.

Yes, she might feel affection. Yes, she might feel a bit more. But every thought, every sound, every midnight kiss or robbery that is Selina Kyle must be Selina Kyle. If anybody wants her they must want without exception. No fixing. No saving. No saints.

And that goes for you too, Bruce.