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Is this really my life…?

The Beginning

It was the beginning of summer. My brother Joshua had convinced me to visit the old orphanage where we grew up. I was reluctant to go especially, since he was going to stay home by himself in that big house.

I had done everything I could think of to convince him even giving him one of my special noogie attacks but he still said "no".

His excuse for not wanting to go was because someone needed to watch over the house. He was adamant that since I was a girl, it was not going to be me. I snorted he probably just didn't want to miss his shows.

My brother, Joshua Christopher, age seventeen is addicted to soap operas, reality shows, and the occult. I could understand the occult because of our special abilities but not the other two.

See from a very young age my brother and I have been able to do things that others could not. These powers have always been our greatest secret ever since the incident at the orphanage. At first, we had no idea that I had powers and I wish it were still that way.

Joshua's powers manifested themselves in the ability of healing. When the other orphans first learned of his powers, they were afraid of him but once he started healing their wounds, they welcomed him with open arms.

Many thought that since my brother's power was good and helpful that mine would be just the same. My powers didn't awaken within me until my second year at the orphanage.

I should have known that my powers would be different after all I was never known as the calm or the quiet one out of the two of us.

On my twelfth birthday was when it happened, the event that would change everyone's outlook on my powers. See by this time I had already earned the reputation of being a very stubborn and headstrong girl. Which in the end I think just added to the problem.

See up until this point, I would get mad, give them one of my special "noogie" attacks, get scolded by Ms. Jean, and then would start the process over again the next day. However, it seemed that twelve was the magic number.

It had started out as a normal day. I had woken up to the sound of my brother yelling at me to get up or my breakfast would be cold.

I ignored him as I always did and snuggled back into my warm blankets. About, ten minutes later I heard heavy footsteps outside my door and then the sound of the door squeaking open.

"Sister, your breakfast is getting cold." Said Joshua impatiently

I moaned, "Go away Joshua." and snuggled deeper into my covers.

My brother sighed before taking hold of the ends of my covers and yanking them off me. I tried to snuggle into myself to keep warm but it was no use without the covers I could not keep warm.

"Fine, I'm up are you happy now." I pouted

"Immensely, sister today is your birthday. Ms. Jean even made you a special breakfast."

I glared at him weakly for a moment before giving in after all it wasn't everyday that I turned twelve.

"What she make?" I asked while yawning

"Chocolate chip waffles." He said smiling mischievously

See Joshua knew that chocolate was one of my most favorite things in the whole world, so telling me this would make me get up even from my death bed.

I followed Joshua down a set of old wooden stairs to the kitchen on the first floor. I remember feeling excited after all, I knew that chocolate wasn't the only thing I was going to enjoy that day.

After my delicious breakfast, we went outside to play and to do our chores. My chore for the week was helping with the laundry I didn't mind it so much it was better than cleaning the toilets, even if I was stuck on the chore with Billy.

See, Billy, had always been my main tormentor. He would often tease me with the fact that my brother had cool powers and I had nothing. Of course, it didn't help that I fed right into his behavior by getting angry and retaliating. Today was not going to be an exception to that either.

"Rosette you're hanging the shirts wrong."

"What are you talking about?"

I looked at the shirts that were already on the line and sure enough, I had hung them upside down.

"How did that happen, I don't remember hanging them that way?"

Billy didn't hear my question though because by this time he was on the ground laughing his head off.

"That's hilarious but I guess we can't expect much out of you, I mean you did get the short end of the power's stick as well."

I glared daggers at him. Of all the days for him to say that, it had to be on my birthday but he ignored my glare and kept going.

"Hey maybe that is your power…to be a total spazz!' he sneered

I had enough by this time. I launched onto Billy and gave him one of my special noogie attacks until he was crying in pain. When I was satisfied, I left him lying on the ground and ran to the shade of one of the big trees on the outskirts of the forest that surrounded the orphanage.

I stayed in the shadow of the tree for sometime before I heard footsteps on the other side. If that was Billy come to make fun of me, again, I was going to give him an even worse noogie this time. I peeked out from the other side of the tree and saw my brother Joshua.

"Sister, are you there?" he called out

"Joshua." I called out to him to let him know where I was

"Sister, I've been looking for you it's almost time for lunch."

I stepped out of the shadow of the tree wiping at my eyes. I didn't want him to see that I had been crying. I was the older sibling after all; I was expected to be the strong one. We had been walking for a couple of minutes when he asked me the question I had hoped he wouldn't ask.

"Sister, why were you crying?"

"Uh...I-I wasn't crying I had something in my eye." I lied

He looked doubtful for a second before sighing and continuing to walk. I knew I hadn't fooled him. I was never good at lying to him.

"Sister, you really should just ignore Billy, he's just trying to get a rise out of you."

I didn't say anything. I just continued to walk beside him. The truth was Billy was only part of the reason why I was crying. Underneath, that tree I was reminded of my parents.

I had played with my parents in the shade of the trees beside our old house. Joshua had no idea about this because mother died while having him. Everything changed when mother died…

Lunch was delicious, as usual, and even better because I was nowhere near Billy. However, after lunch was a different story.

"Since you decided to run off before the laundry was all hung you get to finish." Said Billy

I ignored him and started in on my chores. Billy ran off with some of the other kids to play football, which was fine with me I didn't feel like dealing with his snide remarks anyway. However, luck has never been one to be on my side.

I was so engrossed with the laundry that I didn't hear the sound of running feet coming right for me until it was too late. One second I was just about to hang the last shirt and the next it was flying out of my hands as I fell to the ground hard.

"Out of Bounds!" I heard someone scream

"Rosette are you all right?" Asked the boy that had crashed into me

I saw stars in front of my eyes when I opened them. I blinked them away and looked at the boy who had crashed into me. It was Ryan my first crush.

Ryan had light brown hair that was short and messy but, what interested me the most was his eyes. He had dark green colored eyes that always seemed to sparkle with kindness.

My face turned beet red and I stammered out a weak reply.

"Rosette's fine. Let's go man."

I was mad now; my loud mouth tormentor had ruined my moment with Ryan. I never noticed that Billy's face was red as well.

"How dare you! I could have been seriously injured not to mention, you could have ruined the laundry."

I was only yelling at him now I didn't consider it Ryan's fault after all he wasn't the one that threw the football. I was just about to give Billy another one of my noogie attacks when he beat me to the punch, literally.

I remember hearing the dull thud of my body hitting the ground and then waking up a couple of hours later in my bed. I thought that Billy had just knocked me unconscious but my brother reluctantly told me the truth.

Joshua had come in right after Billy had pushed me to the ground and was a witness to the aftermath.

He said my body lay there on the ground for a few seconds before it was enveloped in a bright light and was lifted into the air. My eyes had turned a dull shade of grey-blue and looked out lifelessly into nothing.

I lifted my left hand towards Billy and fired off a blast of energy about the size of a basketball. It hit Billy square in the stomach throwing him to the ground with a loud thump.

The blast had left Billy with what I found out later was a rather nasty burn. Joshua had done what he could with the burn but not all of it would disappear. Billy was going to have a scar there probably for the rest of his life.

When Joshua was done, he told one of the other kids to get Ms. Jean while he carried me to my room. I woke up several hours later in the middle of the night feeling very strange.

I knew something was different now. Joshua had stayed by my side the entire time waiting for me to wake up.

"Sister are you okay?" Joshua asked tentatively

I groaned when I tried to sit up my body ached all over and moving only seemed to make it worse. I didn't want to alarm Joshua so I lied and said I was fine just a little tired. I don't think he bought it though because he gave me a look.

He opened his mouth, ready to catch me in my lie when there was a knock at the door. Ms. Jean timidly stepped in she was about to ask my brother how I was but stopped when she saw me sitting up.

"I see you're awake Rosette. How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay, ma'am. Just a little tired." I lied again

"I'm sorry you missed your birthday supper. I left some for you in the oven."

"That's okay ma'am I'm not really hungry right now."

That was the truth. My stomach was making little flip-flopping motions just thinking about food right now. I decided they didn't need to know that though.

"Your presents are downstairs in the living room if you feel like opening them." Replied Ms. Jean

"I think I will." Anything but food at this point would be lovely and I was anxious to see what I received for my birthday. I wasn't really expecting much a few articles of clothing maybe a stuffed animal or two but not much else.

After the first few presents, it seemed I had been right. I had received a few new dresses, a handmade red scarf, and a stuffed rabbit. I was down to the last present now. It was a square shaped box wrapped in red and blue paper.

I looked at the card to see whom it was from and almost dropped it. On the card, was my Father and Mother's names written in neat cursive handwriting.

Vinsent and Jillian Christopher, "We haven't always been able to be there for you but we hope this will be of some help. Use it well!"

I held back the tears that had appeared from reading the card and put it to the side ready to open the present my parent's had left me. I took off the lid and just sat there staring at the inside of the box.

"Sister what's in the box? Whose it from?" prodded Joshua when he saw me freeze

He grabbed the card before I could stop him and stared at it too shocked to believe what he was reading.

"W-what did m-mother and father give you?" he asked timidly

I carefully lifted the object out of the box it looked old and I was afraid it might break.

"A watch?" asked Joshua

"I'm not sure there are no numbers on the face."

"It's old maybe the numbers have rubbed off or something." Replied Joshua

"How am I supposed to use a clock with no numbers?" I asked to the air

Joshua just shrugged. I could tell he was not going to be of any help.

The watch looked very weird to me not only was there no numbers, it had two clasps on the outside. The more I held the watch the weirder I felt like something was being suppressed into the deepest recesses of my body.

It was not making my stomach feel any better but I put the metal chain around my neck and let the watch dangle there.

"What do you think?" I asked Joshua

"It looks a little weird to wear as jewelry like that." He said while snickering

I glared at him. "Well I'm gonna' wear it like this anyway." I said daring him to say otherwise.

He just sighed and said "Whatever." I didn't know it at the time but this was the last happy moment I would have while living at the orphanage.

I sighed for the millionth time that night and grabbed at the watch that was still dangling from my neck to this day. My visit to the old orphanage was nice other than the constant reminder of my awakening and the aftermath of it.

Ms. Jean was happy to see me and wished wholeheartedly that my brother could have made it as well. I smiled to myself. If that didn't make my brother feel guilty then nothing would.

Ms. Jean is an elderly woman now with gray hair streaking through chestnut brown in random patches. She was just as kind as I remembered her from back then. She welcomed us warmly when we first came to the orphanage and wished us good luck when our aunt adopted us four years later.

Speaking of which, I was now driving home in the present my aunt got me for my eighteenth birthday, a shiny new red 1969 camaro SS.

My aunt, Satella Harvenheit age twenty-four is the head of Harvenheit Corp. and one of the world's most top models. Harvenheit Corp. specializes in fine jewelry and rare objects of great value. So to say that we lived well was an understatement. You could call it one of those rags to riches stories, only ours is a little more complicated.

I know it seems strange for a twenty four year old to have kids that are practically her age but Joshua and I don't have anyone else to turn to. It's either live with my aunt or on the streets. If you were given the option, I am sure you would make the same decision.

Before all of this, our dad tried to raise both of us by himself. He took care of us the best he could but I could tell it was wearing on him badly. He died on Joshua's ninth birthday; the same day mother had died nine years before.

In the confusion that followed his funeral, we were placed in the Seventh Bell orphanage in Michigan. Joshua and I stayed at that orphanage for four years wishing and hoping that we would leave at any time. The longing got stronger when my powers surfaced.

We were overjoyed when someone came to take us away from there. At that point, we didn't care who it was as long as it was not where we were.

My brother and I have lived with our aunt Satella, who is one of my birth mom's younger sisters and her butler Steiner in New York City ever since.

Steiner is an elderly man with salt and pepper colored hair. He has always reminded me of Ms. Jean. I thought about introducing them to each other. I think they would go nicely together.

Except the distance between the two might be a problem. Not to mention, Steiner is a live-in butler. My aunt had even been nice enough to buy him his own house adjacent to her property. Therefore, he would not have to walk too far to get to the house.

I couldn't believe I was eighteen and able to drive on my own. It was exhilarating being able to drive by myself but also kind of lonely.

I drove these thoughts from my mind and turned on the radio. That's another thing about my car. It has an awesome sound system, which is perfect for blasting rock music of any kind.

The only problem was the fact that ninety-five percent of the time, the stations were on commercial break and this time was no exception. I finally was fed up with flipping through stations and opted for one of my cd's.

There were definitely no commercials on it. As soon as I heard the sweet sounds of guitars and drums filtering through the speakers, I was fine. I leaned back in my seat and let all thoughts of loneliness and powers seep from my mind.

Then it comes to be

that the soothing light

at the end of your tunnel

Is just a freight train coming your way

Don't it feel right like this

All the pieces fall to his wish

Sucker for that quick reward boy

Sucker for that quick reward they said

Then it comes to be

that the soothing light

At the end of your tunnel

Is just a freight train coming your way (repeat)

It's coming your way

It's coming your way (yeah)

Here Comes...

I loved this song. The guitars, drums, everything fit together nicely and the feeling I got from the sound...it was amazing. Truly, these people are legends. I sighed as the music changed this time it was a song by Disturbed. There was one particular part of this song that I loved. The music would change this was the part I loved to sing with him and every time it came on I did.

I remember long ago

when the sun was shining

and all the stars were bright

all through the night

In wake of this madness,

as I held you tight

So long ago....

At this point, the music started playing by itself and I found myself looking at my surroundings. I noticed something odd glowing in the sky, I was going to pass it off as the sun but one look at the clock on my dashboard proved that the sun could not possibly be out.

Not to mention, whatever it was it was falling towards the ground at an alarming rate.


I screeched to a halt as the ground underneath my car was rocked by the shockwave from whatever it was that had crashed.

If that had been any closer, I could be dead on the side of the road right now. I knew I should stay away from the crash site in case something decided to blow up but my feet had a different plan for me.

I was running through the woods at full speed before I even knew I had decided to do so. I found myself at the edge of a huge crater. There was smoke and tree limbs scattered all over the place.

I looked for some sort of plane or aircraft but it was hard to see anything through the smoke. I coughed, if there were any survivors they would need help.

"Is anyone down there?' I screamed

I hoped if there was they would be able to hear me. I thought I heard someone moan when I called out so I skidded down the side of the crater and tried again.

"Is anyone down here?"


I had heard it that time. There was definitely someone down here. I ran in the direction of the moan I had heard and realized I was heading to the very center of the crater.

The smoke down here was even denser and I could barely see my hand in front of my face. There was no way that I could stay down here for very much longer.


I had tripped over something that was lying on the ground...a very solid something.

"Hey are you alright?" I asked, "Can you tell me was there anyone else with you?"


This confused the heck out of me. If there was no one else here…then whom did I need to get.

"Hey! What do you mean is there anyone else down here?"

I never received a reply it seemed this person had fallen unconscious. I didn't want to leave anyone down here but the smoke was starting to make my eyes sting and I couldn't hear any other sounds of life.

"I guess it's just you and me pal."

I heaved whomever it was up as gently as I could and wrapped the person's arm around my neck. This was not going to be easy. Especially since whoever this was, they were taller than I was.

It's funny I don't remember my trek down to the crater taking as long as my way back. By the time my car was finally in sight, I was exhausted. I made a mental note that the next time I get the bright idea to run head long into a crash site that I would stop and think about it before hand.

I breathed heavily when I was finally able to set the person in the passenger seat. This was probably not the best place but there was no way I was wrestling this person into my backseat. I felt like passing out on the side of the road.

Instead, I opted for catching my breath. When I had finally caught my breath I looked up and was caught off guard by what I saw.

I was staring at one of the most handsome guys I had ever seen. He looked to be in his early twenties, had shoulder length violet hair, and I was definitely right about him being taller than I was.

I noticed that he was also wearing a very old tattered brown poncho. Maybe he was coming from a western convention or something or maybe he has traveled through time and his clothing was actually fashionable where he came from.

I wanted to slap myself. I knew I shouldn't have let the kids at the orphanage talk me into watching that movie about time travel. Next thing you know I will be helping this person fight off an evil time traveling gang and we will wind up falling for each other in the process.

I wanted to slap myself again.

"When I get home I am killing Joshua." I muttered to myself

"That's right! Joshua."

If there was, one thing I couldn't stand it was him worrying about me. Joshua has always been a big worrywart. Every time I go somewhere, he asks me whom I am going with and how long I am going to be out. Not to mention, he calls me every ten minutes or every commercial break whichever comes first.

Speaking of which I spied my cell phone sitting in one of the cup holders. I sighed as I fell into the driver's side of my car, I had a sneaking suspicion of who had called me and if I was right…

To my annoyance, there was a message waiting for me from Joshua asking where I was. Oh, I was definitely going to kill him when I got home.

I turned the keys in the ignition and my car came to life with a deep rumbling sound. I sped down the country road going way over what I knew the speed limit to be. If I was stopped, I had an excuse sitting in my passenger seat, a very handsome and oddly dressed excuse.

It seemed I was lucky tonight the cops weren't patrolling any of the roads that I took. Though I was sure that on any other night, I would probably meet hundreds of them.

I think all I've been doing tonight is sighing because I did it again when I pulled into the rather expansive garage. Nothing my aunt does is small or half way…remember that.

As I knew he would Joshua was waiting for me when I drove up. I was dreading the conversation I knew was about to take place because Joshua is worse than a mother hen waiting for her chicks to return.

"You're lucky you're unconscious." I mouthed to my passenger "You don't have to deal with Mr. Worrywart."

I could have sworn I saw my passenger smirk but that was impossible because he was unconscious…

I opened the car door and slowly got out of the car.

"What happened? You didn't answer my call!" said Joshua with a note of hysteria in his voice

"I got a little side tracked and wasn't able to answer…so what."

"Side tracked…with what?"

I could tell by the look on his face he was worried I had been in an accident of some kind. That's when I remembered my unconscious passenger and decided to wind up this conversation as fast as possible.

"Look Joshua…" I started putting on a serious face.

I could tell my tone was not helping his worry at all. In fact, I think it made it worse.

"The reason why I wasn't able to answer is because I was out of the car at the point."

"What! Why were you out of the car?"

I could tell his hysteria was getting worse. At this rate, he would never let me out of his sight again.

"Will you let me finish before you panic! The reason I was out of the car is because I was helping an injured person."

He looked unsure for a couple of minutes before he spoke again.

"So you went to the hospital. You could have called and told me that."

"The hospital…I brought him with me."

He looked at me with a confused expression before some kind of realization hit him.

"Wait a minute…you didn't take an injured person to the hospital? Did you at least call the police?"

It dawned on me then that any normal person would have called the police instead of putting the person in their car and taking them to their house.

"No…he is in my car." I said quietly

Joshua looked at me with a shocked and disbelieving expression before he ran to the other side of the car and opened the door. I followed him at a slower pace and watched as he gave my passenger a once over.

"I guess there's no helping it" He sighed. "Rosette help me carry him to a bed."

I obeyed quietly and got on one side of the injured person while Joshua took the other side. It was easier to maneuver him now that I had someone else to help me. However, the stairs to the second level were a different story.

I heaved a sigh of relief when we finally set the guy on the bed.

"Rosette can you get the bandages and ointment for me."

I nodded my head and left the room. It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. We kept the bandages and ointment in an easy to reach place in case of emergency. Most of the emergencies they were used for involved me. I have a slight tendency to be clumsy at times much to my dismay and Joshua's mirth.

When I returned to the room, I was not prepared for what I saw. My brother had taken off the purple haired guy's shirt exposing his very well toned chest. My face heated up and I scooted to Joshua to hand him the bandages.

"Well he doesn't seem to be too badly hurt." Said Joshua as he looked up he must have noticed the redness in my face because the next moment he was smiling mischievously at me.

"Rosette has a boyfriend." He crooned

"I do not!" I protested

"B-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d." he spelled out in a singsong voice

I could take no more. I threw the bandages and ointment at Joshua and left the room. I heard him yell out in pain while I was closing the door. Had I thought about it I could have teased him about Azmaria but I was too angry to do so.

"Serves him right," I thought to myself.

I was down stairs now flipping mindlessly through different TV stations when Joshua came downstairs.

"Rosette I'm sorry for what I said but you should have seen your face."

I flipped past another station before I turned to glare at him. Joshua sat right beside me on the couch pleading with me to forgive him. Instead of answering right away, I stopped on a station that was still on commercial break.

"Men, are you tired of losing all your hair? Well, try acme hair growth! Women will want you and Men will envy you. I guarantee you'll love it!"

I glared at the TV now. I hate commercials especially this kind. If it wasn't this it was commercials about different ways males could enhance parts of their bodies whether it be some exercising machine or something else…

I threw the remote in Joshua's direction as I stood up.

"Here you can have the TV. I'm going to take a bath."

He looked like he was going to say something but thought better of it and turned to the TV. I trudged up the stairs I hadn't realized how my muscles ached until then.

I was going to enjoy this bath immensely after today. From running around with little kids to dragging a full-grown man up a hill and steps, it had taken a toll on my body.

I gingerly sunk into the warm soapy water in the tub, relaxing all my muscles. However, I use the word "tub" loosely as it could hold me plus at least ten other people. My Aunt…she never does anything half way or small.

About half way through my soak, I heard the door to the bathroom creak open and close. I figured it was Joshua come to try to apologize to me again. I grabbed the towel I had laid beside the tub and wrapped it around my body.

I inched my way forward, my back up against the wall, and prepared to pounce on my brother for coming in here while I am trying to take a bath.

However, when I jumped out there was no one there. I looked around confused; I knew someone had come in. I gave up and decided to just go back to my bath but I would keep my ears open the whole time.

When I turned around, I was not prepared for what I saw. There standing right behind me with a pleased expression on his face was the man I had saved earlier. I stood there with my mouth hanging open in shock.

"Hi there, my name is Chrno and might I say you are a sight for sore eyes."

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