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Is This Really my Life?

Is this the start of a journey?

Joshua was an interesting person to say the least.

Chrno had been banished to the downstairs living room while Rosette took a bath. She had threatened to force feed him certain parts of his body if he even thought about going upstairs before she was done.

So here he was, the Prince of Devils, subjected to watching soap operas with an over exuberant teenage male. Where had his life gone wrong?

Not even five minutes in and Chrno was utterly lost. What the heck was going on? It was time to get some answers as scary as they might be.

"So what is the point in all of this?" asked Chrno pointing at the TV

"Oh, you see, it's really quite simple. Jenny likes Blake but Blake likes Susan. But Susan is on the run with her ex boyfriend, Ricardo, because they saw the bad guy, Alejandro, kill Alex's cousin, Anna, who was pregnant with Alejandro's baby by mistake. I am so rooting for Ricardo and Susan to get back together! He's a bad boy but he has a good heart."

Chrno wasn't sure how it was possible for him to become more lost then he was at the beginning, but somehow with Joshua's help he accomplished it. Maybe it would be better if he just completely changed the subject.

"So can you tell me a little bit more about how Rosette and you live?"

Joshua was more than happy to fill him in on the daily lives and etiquette of human beings but was even more excited with hearing about Chrno's world.

"I live in a place called Pandemonium. We have a hierarchal system with a queen at the top and a council directly below her."

"If your mother is the queen then that would make you the prince right?" asked Joshua a sparkle in his eyes "Which means you're a very powerful devil?"

"Yes." Said Chrno warily he did not like the look Joshua had in his eyes. The last time he saw that he wound up with a Joshua sized growth hanging off his body.

"This is so cool I can't believe I actually get to talk to the Prince of Devils." Said Joshua excitedly

"Prince?" asked a perplexed Rosette. She had just walked into the room wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head when she heard what Joshua said.

"Yeah, Chrno is the Prince of Devils!"

Rosette stared back and forth between Joshua and Chrno several times. "Don't tell me you didn't know, Rosette?" asked Joshua with an incredulous look

Rosette blushed. "I just-I didn't think about it." Said Rosette self-consciously

Joshua busted out laughing. "Leave it to you to not put that together." He said between laughing fits

Rosette yanked the towel off her head and chunked it at her brother's head. "A-A lot has happened recently." She stammered

Joshua continued to laugh hysterically. "That's it! Come meet your maker." cried Rosette before pouncing on him

Joshua had just barely managed to dodge Rosette's attack. He knew staying in one place when Rosette was like this was a death sentence. Joshua ran around the room several times Rosette on his heels before suddenly changing direction. This gave him a very small window to escape up the stairs which he took.

Joshua ran up the stairs and into his room locking the door just in time to hear his sister take her frustrations out on his poor door. Rosette gave up after a few minutes. He would have to come out sometime and that would be when she would get him. She had more important things to worry about; like food.

Chrno made him self as scarce as possible when Rosette came back down. The last thing he wanted was to be force fed his own body parts by an enraged female.

Luckily, Rosette passed right by him and into the kitchen murmuring about food all the way. Speaking of which, Chrno wondered what human food tasted like. Joshua had mentioned wanting to eat breakfast earlier but complained that he had to wait for Rosette.

Curiosity won over caution and Chrno followed Rosette into the kitchen. She was quietly humming to herself while peering into a big metal box that held all kinds of different things in it. He could feel the colder air coming from the box even from where he was standing.

Rosette selected a few items and sat them on the counter. She turned to go back to the refrigerator when she noticed Chrno was now in the kitchen with her. He was watching her intently; curiosity written all over his face.

Rosette decided not to say anything snide about it. After all, he wasn't saying or doing any thing perverted…that she could tell. However, with Chrno there really was no way to tell.

Rosette stopped for a minute, thinking about how much batter she would need for three people before deciding on an amount and mixing all the ingredients together. She sat the batter down beside the stove; grabbed a skillet from the cabinet and started cooking.

Chrno had tried to stay out of the way but his vantage point was terrible. He moved closer now standing right to the side of her. He watched her dump a goopy pale colored liquid into a metal circular object until it seemed to get the size she wanted.

"Is that food?" He couldn't help asking

Rosette had not noticed that he had moved closer to her and was shocked to hear his voice so close. However, there was food at stake and she would not be the one to ruin it. She took a few deep breaths and then answered him "Yes, these are called pancakes." She said

Chrno stared at the "pancakes" for a minute before asking Rosette what they were. She paused for a minute flipping one of the pancakes over before answering, "They are like… sweet little flat cakes that you cook in a skillet."

"Oh" was all he said before lapsing back into silence. He continued to watch her cook fascinated by seeing something that he had never been able to watch anyone do before.

Chrno's intense staring was starting to grate on Rosette's nerves she was not used to someone hovering over her shoulder while she cooked. By the time, Joshua decided to make his grand entrance, she was about to explode.

She turned to look at him; her right eye was twitching with the strain it was taking her to hold back the frustrated scream she wanted to unleash upon Chrno's unsuspecting ears.

"Uh…Chrno why don't you help me set the table?" asked Joshua over exuberantly

Luckily, for everyone he agreed and Rosette continued making pancakes in peace. So maybe Rosette wouldn't kill Joshua after all, he had redeemed himself slightly in her eyes.

Rosette sat the massive plate of pancakes in the middle of the table. She grabbed a giant stack of pancakes for herself and smothered them with maple syrup before digging in. Joshua grabbed a stack himself, though not as big as Rosette's, and did the same.

Chrno grabbed a stack also. He wasn't sure how much of this he would eat. Since he was a demon he didn't need to eat food. However, what little food he had tasted before he had liked.

He picked up the fork and cut into the pancakes taking a small bite just to get a taste. It was delicious, sticky but still delicious.

After all the breakfast dishes were in the sink, Rosette left to change into her clothes for the day. Once again, Chrno was stuck in the living room with Joshua. However, this time they weren't watching soap operas this time it was, well Chrno wasn't quite sure what they were watching.

There was a little girl who kept speaking some strange language that traveled around with a talking monkey with red boots. Then it changed to a bunch of people running around in a dark house trying to catch spirits or something.

Joshua left the TV on this channel while he got up and walked to the telephone. Chrno watched him curiously as he hit a sequence of numbers and then waited patiently for something to happen.

"Hello Steiner…yes we're fine." There were a couple minutes of pause where Joshua looked sheepish before he spoke again "I think it would be best to explain face-to-face. We're coming there."

Rosette came down the stairs. She was wearing a pair of dark jeans with a tight black v-neck suit vest. She had on a pair of black combat boots. Some of her hair was tied back in short pigtails with two black ponytail holders. The rest hung down loosely past her shoulder blades.

She sat down on the couch, on the farthest end from Chrno, and began flipping through channels.

"Rosette, I was watching that" Joshua said as he walked up to the couch.

"Joshua, we have the Prince of Devils sitting on our living room couch and you want to watch ghost stories?"

"Its better then the crap we were watching earlier." Thought Chrno

"Yeah, why not?" asked Joshua he saw no problem with it "He doesn't seem to mind."

Rosette rolled her eyes. "Just go get your stuff." She said disbelievingly

After Joshua left, Rosette was left alone with Chrno. Rosette tried to get into the program on TV, but as usual, it was something she was not interested in.

"Um, so I hope you don't mind us taking a pit stop in Chicago. Our Aunt is probably in hysterics right now." She said with a half-felt laugh

"I think we could but staying too long is not an option. The longer we stay with someone the more danger they will be in."

Rosette really didn't like the sound of that. Going to her Aunt, could possibly put her and everyone else she is with in danger but her Aunt needed an explanation, if nothing else for the colossal hole in the upstairs bathroom. Taking a bath in there this morning had been interesting; took forever to clear away all the debris from the bathtub.

There was a couple minutes of silent channel surfing before Rosette asked a question that she probably could already guess the answer to.

"They'll keep chasing us no matter where we go won't they?"

"Yes, However, Eden does offer some protection against the Pursuers."

"This, Eden place, what's it like?"

"Eden is a floating fortress where my brother Aion resides with several others of my kind. Don't worry most of them will be fairly tolerable of your brother and you."

"Okay wait a second, so now you have a brother and what do you mean fairly tolerable?"

"Well Aion isn't really my brother we're just close enough that we call each other that. The others won't hurt your brother or you though they may not be as hospitable as Aion or me."

"Well that sounds wonderful." Said Rosette sarcastically

"Don't worry I won't let any harm come to your brother or you, Rosette" Said Chrno while taking Rosette's hands in his "You have my word." Rosette's face turned a brilliant shade of scarlet.

"Am I interrupting something?" asked Joshua a smirk plastered across his face as he dumped the last of his bags on the ground

Rosette leaped off the couch with a yelp; heat rising to her cheeks. "How did I not notice he was so close? I have to get out of this room." she thought

Rosette ran past her brother and up the stairs without stopping for anyone.

"Sorry about cutting in like that I was just excited that someone was actually making some headway with her."

"What do you mean?"

"Well my sister has never been much for romance that's not to say there haven't been guys who tried its just well she scares them off."

"Scares them off but she is gorgeous why would any guy stop trying?"

"Well you've seen her attitude. She is kind of like a walking time bomb sometimes."

"That's no so bad." Said Chrno while shrugging his shoulders "I'm glad she has such a strong will. It's a very endearing trait in a woman." Said Chrno while examining Joshua; he could tell the boy was keeping something from him "There is something else you're not telling me isn't there?"

"Yes, but, it's not my place to tell you. Though I will say that it has to do with the pocket watch she always wears. Our parents left it for her; it was the last thing they ever gave her." Joshua lapsed into silence as Chrno tried to process this new information about Rosette.

Rosette came down the stairs, she had a black and blue backpack on her back, her blush had faded to a light pink now but she avoided looking directly at Chrno. "Let's get to the car. We have a long drive ahead of us" She said while taking her keys out of her pocket.

She headed out the door followed by Joshua, his luggage, and Chrno.

After all the luggage was piled into the back of Rosette's car, she shut the trunk and got in the driver's seat. It was only when she looked to the right did she realize who was beside her.

Joshua was lounging in the back seat with a smug expression on his face. He had purposely taken up the entire back seat so Chrno would have to sit in the front with Rosette. Rosette glared at him he just smiled wider.

With a huff Rosette turned the key in the ignition and her Camaro came to life with a deep rumbling sound. Rock music blared from the speakers as the car backed out of the drive and took off down the road.

Rosette was sure of one thing, rush hour sucked in New York City. Why couldn't her Aunt have put the private airport on the same side of the city as the house?

Here they were stuck in the middle of the freeway with thousands of other people honking their horns and screaming at each other. Rosette turned the radio up a little more to block out the noise.

Chrno was fascinated with everything that was going on around him. The buildings were huge and seemed to stretch into the sky from his vantage point. People hurriedly squeezed past each other on the street heading to different destinations while giant TV screens flashed different programs.

All the while, Joshua was in the back taking advantage of the extra space by snoozing.

It had taken a few hours, but they finally made it through traffic and arrived at the airport. Rosette pulled into the now empty hangar going right past the private jet on her way and parked her car. She was reluctant to just leave her car there but she didn't have much choice in the matter.

"Mistress Rosette." Rosette had just grabbed her bag from the trunk when she heard a voice call from behind her. She turned and saw a middle aged gentleman with well kept russet colored hair coming toward her.

"Mistress Satella sent me personally to escort you." He said with a deep bow

"Ah, Walters how are you?" asked Joshua as he came around the car followed by Chrno

"I am well Master Joshua." Walters eyed the newcomer curiously

"Oh, this is Chrno…he uh…well…"

"It's alright you don't have to explain to me, however, I suggest you come up with something good to tell Mistress Satella."

Joshua laughed half heartedly he knew his Aunt was going to flip when she heard about the giant hole much less what had caused it. Joshua was not looking forward to that conversation.

"The flight attendants will load your bags shall we adjourn to the jet now?"

Joshua followed Walters out of the hangar but Rosette hung back a minute with Chrno. A question had just popped into Rosette's mind and she couldn't help asking it.

"Have you ever flown in a jet before?" she asked

"What's a jet?"

Rosette sighed this was going to be a long trip.

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