Kyouya sat in the abandoned third music room, his glasses set next to him as he broke down. He let the tears wash away everything he was feeling and just let go. The only thing he didn't plan on was someone walking in, but this just wasn't someone. It was two people, Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Kyouya…" Kaoru asked worried at how he looked. The twins knew not to be the little devil type when it came to their friends.

"What's wrong?" Hikaru was equally worried, the twins taking a seat on either side of the dark haired male. They were sitting on one of the love seats.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, it's nothing." Kyouya managed to say in a steady voice, wiping his tears away and placing his glasses back onto his face.

"No, Kyouya. Tell us." The twins both said at the same time, placing a hand on each shoulder. Kyouya sighed, not knowing how much more he could handle in one day.

"Do you want me to start from the beginning or just say why I'm like this, this time?" he asked slowly, leaning back into the plush cushions.

"Beginning." Hikaru said, Kaoru nodding in agreement.

"To put it in short, my Mother committed suicide when I was younger. My father has hated and blamed me fore everything about Mother since then. He beats me and periodically kicks me out of the house and… this time…" Kyouya broke down once more, having a relapse. Hikaru and Kaoru had frown on their face, worried looks in their eyes they both wrapped an arm around him for support. Kyouya whispered the last part.

"What was that Kyouya?" Kaoru asked wanting to hear it.

"He…." Kyouya's voice was barely above a whisper. "Raped me…" Kyouya said ever so softly. The twins both gasped, shocked a horrified yet they made no move to get away from him.

"I'm so sorry Kyouya." Hikaru said before the twins both gave him a hug at the same time.

"If there's anything we can do…?" Kaoru added. Kyouya shook his head and moved to stand.

"It's all right, being able to tell you guys was enough for me. Just please don't tell anyone, just for once don't say anything." Kyouya muttered, his head hanging low so his hair covered his eyes from the twins sight. He walked away, leaving the room.

"Oh Hikaru…" Kaoru said sounding like he was about to cry himself, he was scared and worried for Kyouya.

"It's all right Kaoru, he'll be fine." Hikaru said before hugging his brother and giving him a kiss on the cheek before the two of them also left.

The next day all the Host members gathered in the club, Kyouya being the last one their, but still before all the guests. They had an hour before all the guests arrived. He walked in with a slight limp, hiding it as best as he could and keeping a cool face on he went over to the same love seat he sat on last night and lay down. He closed his eyes and just rested for a bit.

"Kyouya… are you all right?" he opened his eyes to see a worried Hikaru and Kaoru looking down to him.

"I'm fine." He said, but he let the twins know with his eyes that he wasn't. Kaoru felt a few tears brim his eyes and he had to turn and walk away to hold them back.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru called after his brother, following him to where he walked off to. Haruhi was the next to ask.

"Are you not feeling well?" she asked, sounding only a bit concerned.

"I just want to rest for a bit, I don't think I can participate with the Club today." He sounded slightly defeated and sunk back into the cushions before closing his eyes once more, it was all he could do o hold back from another break down.

"I'll tell Tamaki, just rest." Haruhi said gently before walking away. It wasn't long before Tamaki was fussing and rushing over to him to check on him. The twins held him back as Kyouya had finally fallen into a light sleep.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, I need to make sure Mommy is all right." Tamaki whined, trying to struggle free from their grasp.

"Tamaki, this is serious." Hikaru said, slightly answered by his King's mood. Tamaki straightened up t that, stopping his hyper attitude.

"What's wrong with him?" Tamaki asked, he had noticed. He had noticed Kyouya's slight limp, he heard all his quiet pained gasps, he saw the pain and fear behind his eyes.

"I can't tell you, but it's best not to bother him." Kaoru stated, turning away with a frown on his face. Hikaru hugged Kaoru to try and make him happy. Tamaki nodded and quietly walked over to where Kyouya was lying and knelt next to him.

"What is it that troubles you? Kyouya…" he whispered so no one would hear him. He stroked Kyouya's hair lightly, but that startled Kyouya awake and his eyes shot open and he abruptly sat upright. "I didn't mean to wake you, are you all right?" Tamaki asked, really concerned for his best friend now. Why wouldn't he tell Tamaki what was wrong…

"It's nothing…" Kyouya said, letting his fear drop away as he moved to stand. His had a wave of dizziness strike him and he collapsed, leaving Tamaki to catch him. The other Host members rushed over, but Hikaru and Kaoru told them to just sit back because they didn't want Kyouya getting overwhelmed.

"What's wrong with Kyouya-chan?" Honey asked sadly, being up on Mori's shoulders. Haruhi wanted to know the same but kept quiet.

Tamaki placed Kyouya back onto the couch and walked over to his friends. "I'm calling the club off for today, Kyouya's in no health to do anything right now. Our fans will be sad, but it's for the best." Tamaki told them, letting them go back to their business.

"Tamaki I'm all right, it's not that bad." Kyouya said from his standing position by the couch, using it as a support.

Kaoru snapped, he couldn't take Kyouya's façade anymore. "Nothings wrong!" he shouted, tears prickling his eyes.

"Kaoru…" Hikaru whispered, he was normally the forceful one.

"How can you say that Kyouya! You're obviously hurt, why can't you just accept it! It hurts to see you do this to yourself you know, you're my friend!" Kaoru let his tears fall. Everyone was shocked by his outburst and Hikaru hugged him tightly.

Kyouya looked down, ashamed by everything. He let himself sink to the floor, not being able to bear much more strain on his legs and lower back.

"We only want to help you Kyouya…" Kaoru whispered, rubbing the tears away.

"I'm sorry Kaoru, Hikaru… everyone." Kyouya said loud enough for them to hear. "I have something I need to tell you… I… I've been beaten by my father for the past years but I apparently did something to really anger him so he… h-he…" Kyouya choke don the last words, refusing to let the tears fall again. He took a shaky breath and continued. "So he raped me… last night and the night before…" Kyouya stated sadly, letting out a small sigh of relief after confessing.

Mori sat down with Honey now in his lap, a frown showing on his usually stoic features. Haruhi stood in shock; Hikaru stood hugging Kaoru, trying to comfort his brother as he let Tamaki take over comforting Kyouya.

"Kyouya… I'm sorry, but I want to help you… I just don't know what to do…" Tamaki said sadly to Kyouya before pulling him into a hug, careful not to hurt him.

"Let me stay with you Tamaki…. I can't go back home… he'll only do it again." Kyouya sobbed into Tamaki's chest. Hikaru has to help Kaoru sit as he was crying also, causing Hikaru to let some of his own tears slip.

The reason Hikaru and Kaoru were crying so much was because they had known for the longest time that Kyouya's father had beat hi, but they could never ask why. They felt as though they could've stopped this from happening if they had said something.

"You guys are dismissed, you may leave. We'll discuss things more thoroughly tomorrow. Keep this to yourselves for now." Tamaki said, still holding onto a crying Kyouya. Everyone stayed silent and nodded, moving to gather their things. Hikaru and Kaoru just stayed as they were on the floor, hugging each other as Kaoru finally started to cease his crying.

It was Honey who spoke up first. "Kyouya-chan… please have my cake. You need it more than I do." Honey said sweetly, holding out a small dish with a slice of strawberry cake on it. Kyouya wiped his tears away and accepted it.

"Thank you Honey." He said with a slightly forced smile. Honey darted off to go with Mori and Haruhi to head home.

"Kyouya, I wish we could have done something to prevent this from happening. But we will promise to make sure your Father doesn't get away with this." Hikaru said, helping Kaoru up. Hikaru spoke for the two of them. He let Kaoru go and hug Kyouya as he gathered their things before silently leaving, hand in hand with Kaoru leaning against Hikaru. Brotherly love one would say, but it was far deeper than that. Hikaru and Kaoru truly loved each other more than anything in the world.

Tamaki pulled out his cell phone and called his father. "Father, I'll be coming home early with Kyouya. He's going to be staying with us for a while, I'll explain everything when we get home. Thanks, bye." Tamaki spoke quickly into the phone before placing it back into his pocket and helping Kyouya up. They left the Music room in silence, locking the door and placing a sign on it to tell their customers they would be closed for the day.

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