It had already been a week and Tamaki was not back yet. It was already time for the Host club once again and Kyouya was lying on the couch alone, unsure of what to do.

"Come on Kyouya, I'm sure he's okay." Kaoru spoke gently, not wanting to startle. They had all just arrived in the music room. Honey and Mori were busy decorating and getting things ready. Haruhi was fending off the girls outside and making them wait till it was time.

"I know... but he promised me..." Kyouya shakily breathed out, trying to pull himself together. Hikaru and Kaoru glanced at each other, golden eyes locking. They pulled Kyouya up into a three person hug.

"That days not over yet. Relax." Hikaru comforted, pulling out of the hug as Haruhi walked over.

"You should be ready, the girls were just let in." Haruhi spoke with a wide smile, making sure everyone was okay.

Honey and Mori were together, Hikaru and Kaoru were togehter, and Kyouya was on his own as Haruhi made sure everyone was happy.

It had been a good 15 minutes of hosting for Kyouya before Haruhi walked over with a bright smile. The girls Kyouya was entertaining paused the conversation.

"I'll take over, you have a special guest to tend to in the other room." Haruhi said with her wide grin, keeping Kyouya oblivious.


Kyouya walked slowly to the door, leading to a more private room. He wasn't sure of what to expect, his mixed emotions making him slightly dizzy. Upon opening and closing the door to the room, he didn't see anyone. But once the door was safely shut behind him, he noticed.

Sitting in a wheelchair, watching out the window, was Tamaki. He looked paler and tired, but not a whole lot had changed. Maybe his hair had gotten a tad longer, but Kyouya noticed nothing else.

"T-Tamaki..." Kyouya whispered out, watching through teary eyes as the blond looked over at him. A smile was on his face as always.

"I'm home." Tamaki laughed a little, sending Kyouya into a fit of tears and over to hug him. They embraced, basking in each others warmth, both crying tears of happiness.

"I missed you so much, I love you Tamaki." Kyouya choked out, tilting his head up to capture Tamaki in a kiss. It was needy, but still soft and caring.

"You have no idea Kyouya. I love you too." Tamaki whispered out against Kyouya's lips. Gazes locked together to see all the emotions.

"Looks like we're a family again." Kyouya laughed a bit, watching Tamaki's small look of shock. A smile replaced it soon enough when he understood.

"Mommy and Daddy, together again." Tamaki said while reaching out and pulling Kyouya into another hug. The Host club was back together again.

More so, Kyouya and Tamaki were together again. And they couldn't be Happier.


End of the Story... YES I AM ALIVE .

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