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Chapter 16


Nika tried to ignore the cold as she put her suitcase down and took the key out of her pocket. It had been a tiring journey. 47 had basically led her on a treasure hunt. She had left Britain, flown to Paris then eventually ended up in a tiny village in Switzerland. At the local post office, a package addressed to her was waiting. Inside was one last set of directions and a key which hopefully would be her final destination. Nika was tired, more tired than she cared to admit to herself. The jetlag, different time zones and the cold weather were taking their toll on her. Nike opened the door to the wooden cottage and finally escaped the cold. The cottage was located on the outskirts of a small town in Switzerland; it was very remote and somewhat isolated. Getting to the tiny cottage had been the most difficult part of the entire journey.

The wind had whipped up, causing the ice and snow to sting her face. Her lips were red and chapped, her cheeks were pink and frost stuck to her hair. Nike shut the door behind her and began to take in her new surroundings. She unwrapped the scarf from her neck and face and moved from the hallway to the living room where an unlit fire waited for her. Nika flicked a switch and the gas fire came to life, igniting and engulfing the log with a warm gentle flame. She also turned on the central heating and warmed her fingers as she continued to explore. The cottage was by no means massive but comfortable; it had four bedrooms, a modern kitchen and living area and new bathrooms. Its style blended traditional cosy furnishings with modern stainless steel appliances.

However Nika noticed that there were no computers, no internet, no phones, no televisions or even digital clocks in the entire house. It was almost technologically free. Nika knew 47 had arranged this for a reason; he didn't want any cracks in the grid. He didn't want anyone using any devices to track or locate her thus all technology had to be avoided. A simple cell phone could be tracked using a satellite these days. There was however a bar, filled with decanters of high quality alcohol in the corner of the living room. But given her current state, it was of no use to her.

Dragging her suitcase behind her, Nika found the master bedroom and dumped it on the floor. She would not unpack completely in case 47 required her to move again but hopefully this was the end of the line. Nika was beyond exhausted and the bed looked very inviting with its cream colored blankets and large plump pillows. All the windows were constructed with thick glass and completely covered with draping thick tartan curtains giving total privacy. Nika turned on most of the lights in the cottage when the realisation that she was alone in a strange house hit her. Once she checked the every window and door was locked and secure, Nika drew a hot bath and sprinkled some lavender bathsalts in the steaming hot water. She undressed, lowered herself into it and let herself adjust to the hot temperature. Once she was completely immersed, Nika breathed a sigh of relief and felt her shoulders lowering and the tension she had been carrying for so long began to melt away. Nika still was shocked from what occurred in Paris.

Feeling sick and nauseous Nika stopped by a small pharmacy in the airport before her connecting flight. Her symptoms were fairly generic. She was nauseous, tired, light-headed and felt queasy. It dawned on Nika at that moment that she couldn't remember when she'd had her last period. She was way overdue for it. Nika had kept her head down as she purchased a pregnancy test and made her way to the ladies bathroom. She had stayed in the stall for a long time as she stared at the results. Two stripes for a positive result appeared. Nika was dumbfounded. She began shaking. This had been the last thing she had expected but then she remembered they hadn't used any protection during their night in Rome together. Nika sat there for so long she had to snap herself out of it before she almost missed her flight. Now in the bath, she lay there for what must have been at least twenty minutes before she felt herself becoming snoozy from the lack of sleep and decided it was best to exit the tub before she accidently dozed off in the water.

Nika dried herself off and dressed accordingly for sleep in formal ice blue winter pyjamas. As for food, there were not many options. Nika found some cans of soup in the kitchen cupboard. She heated some up on the stove before eating it down by the fire. It was an idyllic situation except Nika still felt empty and hollow. She needed 47. She wanted 47. But she had to reside herself to the fact that he could be dead. It was a possibility.

At this very moment he could be bleeding out somewhere. Not knowing where he was or what he was doing was beginning to chip away at her and so Nika did her best to push those thoughts from her mind. She placed her empty bowl in the sink and made her way to the master bedroom. Beside her bed on the side table, she lit a single candle before turning out the light and climbing under the covers. They were soft and warm. However Nika was troubled. She couldn't bear to never see the assassin again, especially after the positive pregnancy test. What did this mean for their future? Could it be possible to bring a baby into this strange equation? Assassins, Government officials, Interpol Agents, crime lords and now a baby? Changing diapers in between dodging bullets? How the hell could it work?

Eventually her exhaustion got the best of her and Nika fell asleep. Sometime later, Nika had no idea how long it had been since she fell asleep, she opened her eyes and noticed her door open with a figure standing in the hallway with the light behind them, concealing their face. Blinking several times, Nika groggily woke. The candle had long died out and left the room in near darkness.

"Nika." The voice said.

Instantly recognising the tall silhouette with the bald head, Nika sat up and tried to focus.


"You're awake." He spoke softly in a subtle tone which made it difficult for Nika to decipher whether she really was awake or dreaming.

He took a step into the room and came closer. Nika noticed he was wearing his long black coat which was buttoned up completely but still saw the bright red tie. Nika climbed out of bed and walked towards him. This time she restrained herself and approached with caution. She meekly reached out and put her arms around him. She put her face against his chest and breathed a sigh as she confirmed to herself that it really was him and not a dream. He was real, physical and alive there with her. 47 put his hands to his hair, felt the softness of it and how it was springy to the touch.

Before she could get too comfortable, he broke the embrace and turned on the light which was when Nika noticed his face. He had been in a fight and 47 had the marks to prove it. He had some bruising and swelling, as well as a cut lip. The assassin removed his black coat and Nika also noticed the blood on his arm which had absorbed into his white shirt.

"You're bleeding!" Nika gasped, wanting to help him as walked into the bathroom.

"It's only a flesh wound, no arteries or veins were hit." He dismissed her concerns with a swipe of his hand.

His white shirt which was usually crisp and clean was stained with blood and grime and smelled of clean sweat. He took off his dress shirt and revealed his white tank top underneath. Nika took out a first aid kit from underneath the sink and placed it on the counter top for the assassin before leaving him alone. She heard the bathroom door shut and the shower start up before walking out to the living room and sitting on the couch in front of the fire.

The flames had died down leaving warm smouldering embers behind. She was nervous and tense and wondered if he had sensed it in her. Should she even both telling him? She only took one pregnancy test, what if it was wrong? There was no sense telling him if she wasn't sure. Even if she was pregnant for sure, would he want her to carry it to term? Even with all these confusing thoughts going through her mind, one thing, she realised was clear to her: She wanted this baby. Even with the one test she somehow knew that it was true. She was pregnant with a man named 47's baby. What should they call it? 48?

It all sounded so absurd in her mind but surprisingly a small part of her was happy. She only hoped 47 would feel the same way. She never thought she'd have the opportunity to have a baby and become a mother. Bellicoff had preferred to beat her rather than fuck her.

47 stepped out of the shower after washing the dried blood and grime off his body. He towel dried himself off and dressed in his usual white wife beater shirt and black sweat pants. He wrapped a simple white bandage around his arm wound where he had been slashed with the knife from Armand's bodyguard. Luckily it wasn't deep and didn't need stitchers. 47 walked out and saw Nika in her pyjamas curled up on the couch.

"Have you eaten?" He asked her.

She turned around. "Yes, I had something earlier."

47 walked up to the bar and poured himself a scotch from the crystal decanter into an old fashioned glass. Nika couldn't help but notice how amazing he smelled, clean and musky. 47 took a small sip before adding some logs to the fire and stoking it back to roaring life, filling the room with warmth and light. Nika was dazed and quiet. She didn't know what to do, she was incredibly nervous. 47 sat down on the couch near her but not right next to her. They both sat silently, staring at the fire, and 47 continued to sip his drink.

"There's something different about you." 47 remarked. "I don't know what but I can sense it. Do you need a cigarette? "

Nika pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them to her and rested her cheek on her knees. She could feel herself cracking and she began to tremble.

47 put his drink down beside him and turned slightly to face her.

"What is it Nika? Did someone hurt you on your way here?"

Nike could feel the tears rise and prick her eyes, stinging them and making her try desperately to blink them away. Her whole body began to wrack with silent sobs. 47 seemed patiently perplexed.

"Did someone hurt you Nika? Answer me…" He put his hands on her shoulders, trying to make her uncurl her body and get a straight answer out of her. Nika didn't want to and tried to resist. The tears were flowing freely now and soaking into her pyjamas.

"Nika, what's wrong?"

She managed to pull her head up with a tear stained face and saw the concern in his eyes. After all he had done for her; the least she could do for him was be honest.

Nika took a deep breath, managed to control her sobs and find her voice. "I'm pregnant."

Nika could not read any distinguishable expression on his face. 47 gave nothing away. He always thought and took time before responding. He sat back and took another sip of his drink.

"Are you sure?" He asked quietly.

"Yes." She wiped her eyes.

"Are you crying because you're pregnant and you don't want to be?"

"No. I want this baby. The question is do you?"

47 didn't answer her and Nika was once again annoyed by his lack of emotion. She stood up and walked back to the dark bedroom. She was tired and thought it best to let 47 adjust to the news. She had already had a few hours to think everything over; he would also need some time to think about things. Nika definitely was pregnant, her hormones had made her even more emotional than usual and she just wanted to bawl and cry til there was nothing left. Nika lay down on the bed on her side and put her face in her hands. She restrained herself and didn't want 47 to hear her crying anymore.

Suddenly she felt 47 lay down beside her from behind.

"I'm sorry." He said soothingly. "I've been in many different situations before but nothing like this."

"Me neither." She whispered back in the darkness.

47 put his arms around her and maneuvered her around so they faced each other. He pulled her towards him and wrapped his muscular arms around her and she felt completely surrounded and safe. "I will take care of you, Nika… . . . both of you." There was no other place she wanted to be except in his arms. Their bodies together felt like two pieces of a puzzle interlocking perfectly. Nika felt his warm skin and clean breathe on her.

She sighed and rested her head on 47's chest. "What about the baby? What will we do? How will we live?"

"A day at a time." He said cryptically.

47 tilted her chin up and pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss. "I love you."

For the first time in her life, Nika felt happy, truly and beautifully happy and complete.

"Thank you 47."

"For what?"

"For saving me." She replied.

"You give me too much credit. Perhaps I should be the one thanking you."

They held each other tightly as night gave birth to morning and the expectant couple ventured into their futures, whatever it held.

The End.