I stood on the edge of the cliff, my toes curled around the end. I took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. The scents of the mountains surrounded me. Despair overwhelmed me as I thought of the precious one I had lost. My hair whipped around my head as the wind blew from the east. I closed my eyes and let my sorrow overcome me so I would not be afraid, and leapt off the cliff. I felt as though I was flying, but then I felt the impact, and pain exploded in my entire body. I let out a scream of agony, the pain close but not as strong as the pain left by my poor baby's death, and I slipped into unconsciousness.

Awhile later, I awoke to a fiery pain in my neck, so much worse than the fall, the hole in my chest from my son's death. I opened my eyes wide and let out an ear piecing shriek of agony, and I saw two angels standing next to where I lay. One was tall and blond, the other younger with bronze hair. Both had golden eyes. The bronze haired angel spoke to the other, and the blond one-stepped forward.

"Esme? Can you hear me? My name is Carlise, and this is Edward, we're trying to help you." He whispered staring at my agonized face with his own kind of agony in his eyes as id it hurt to see me in pain.

The fiery pain got worse and I could not respond to his beautiful musical voice.