Phasing Scenarios part 1

I'm going to do a bunch of these. Below is the scene from eclipse that I'm writing from memory.

Edward stood in front of me in a protective stance that brought up horrible memories of Italian streets, red-eyed vampires and a clock striking 12:00. "Where is she?" I whispered, and he answered loudly, too loudly. That meant she was close.

Just then, Victoria herself stepped out of the trees. Beside her, a boy stepped out, young in more ways than one; he couldn't have been much older than 15, and his eyes were the brightest I had ever seen. They seemed to glow with their crimson light.

"Victoria." Edward snarled; his voice filled with hatred as he glared at her. A low rumbling growl resonated in his chest, sending chills down my spine, though she stood unfazed by his ferocity.

"Edward," she said in a high, babyish voice, not at all what I was expecting; a feline growl would have fit her better. Then she locked her scarlet eyes on mine; "Hello Bella," she smiled wickedly, "Are you ready to die?" Edward snarled at her again, staking a step foreword, shifting into a crouch.

My heart sped up and I felt myself begin to shake. But oddly enough, I was not shaking in fear, no; I was shaking in rage. A trail of heat traced its way down my spine as I watched Edward lung foreword to meet Victoria's, and Seth, the gangly sand colored wolf leapt out of nowhere to tackle the other vampire.

Edward and Victoria looked as if they were dancing: ducking and leaping, spinning and twisting as they fought. A loud yelp made me looked toward Seth's fight, where I saw the male vampire heavily punch him in his broad chest, causing Seth to gasp and cough as he struggled to suck in a breath. The vampire spun around and kicked Seth in the side, causing him to fly over my head and collide with the cliff above my head.

Showers of small shards of rocks rained down on me, scraping my arms and drawing blood. I heard a gasp and looked up just in time to see the boy vampire's eyes lock onto mine an instant before I was slammed back against the cliff face, his hands around my throat and a burning thirst in his eyes. Behind, I could see Edward and Victoria still fighting, he was unable to get past her to me.

Instincts took over, and before he could sink his teeth into my throat or twist my neck in his stone hands, I pushed outward with my hands using all of my strength, and incredibly, he flew backwards, smashing a tree in half and crashing into another.

He looked at me, absolute shock in his eyes, and as the shaking got worse, the world blurred around me and the heat trailing down my spine became a fire burning on my back and I exploded into a mountain of fur teeth and claws.