"normal talk""talking to Kyuubi-Zanpaktou's speaking"

"summons/demons/gods talking"

'normal thinking'

'gods/demon/summons thinking'

"statement or hypnosis"

Naruto chronicles arc

Chapter 3 : the return

(AN: I've decided to be evil and make you wait until I reveal what happened to the group in the uncharted forest. Guess what It's a…TIMESKIP )

It was a misty morning in Konohagakure no sato, and Izumo and Kotetsu were BORED out of their minds! This was the third time this month they got stuck with early morning gate duty. And why was it so bad you may ask? Because besides the fact that there was NO'ONE on the roads at this time of the morning, they were forced to listen to Maito Gai and his deranged mini-me rage on about the 'spring time of youth', that crap took it's toll, so there they were sitting in those booths and scribbling 'bored' over and over again in different ways.

"Hey Izumo?" Kotetsu asked in a bored voice.

"Yeah what is it?" Izumo asked in an equally bored voice.

This time, Kotetsu's voice got slightly perverted. "Did you hear that the Hyuuga heiress has been making every guy with any real power in the academy bow to her, before making them worship her feet? I mean seriously, she thirteen and she's got every guy there whiped so hard that when she's around them! She makes that Uchiha kid that usually broods with an superior avenger complex turn into her own personal toy!"

"Yeah, if you ask me, she gets it from her mother, I remember how I used to get around that chick, she was hot enough to turn heads, even if you weren't paying attention to her!" Izumo said grinning perversely remembering the last time he had seen Hisana, that chick was seriously hot, and Kami did she know it and flaunt that fact.

Suddenly a large cloud of dust was approaching before passing them. "COME MY ADORABLE STUDENT, WE HAVE JUST THREE MORE LAPS AROUND OUR YOUTHFUL VILLAGE TO DO BEFORE WE FINISH UP TO MEET OUR YOUTHFUL TEAMATES!" they heard Gai bellow from the distance.


Kotetsu and Izumo let out a sigh of relief, those two were creepy, last month when they caught Tao Mizuki and Inuzuka Hana making out he pulled out a huge stamp, which had 'un-youthfully lustful' printed on it and stamped both their Hitai-ate in spandex green permanent ink! Both guards shuddered when they thought of that, no matter how good for training, spandex did not look good on guys.

And then, far out in the mist something caught their attention, walking down the path were two people. Both blonds. One had long hair, the other unruly and spiky. But what they both thought looked weird was both of their ears were pointed, the one with the straight hair was carrying a bow and two swords on his back with a quiver of arrows, he was wearing a forest green cloak covering himself from the morning chill (think of a teenage Legolas) . But the spiky haired one caught their attention the most. Wearing a black poncho that went as far as his abs, revealing no under shirt a large katana protruding from the top and the bottom on the side. On both sides were another, shorter katana and an O-katana. He were slate coloured cargo pants and black boots, but what really caught their attention was the shine coming off his arms.

Continuing to walk Legolas talked with Naruto in elvish. "So what is this place like?"

"For me, hell, for others, it was pretty nice, I wonder how Al, Ed, Winry and Oji-san are."

"They will be fine my friend. Oh look, I think the guards would like to see our papers," Legolas said gesturing to the nearing gate.

"Halt, show us your identification and travel papers," Izumo said walking out of his booth and gesturing for them to give. Naruto just took the scroll from the inside of his poncho. The guards looked at each other as if they were nuts, there were no pockets in that thing.

"Pocket seals," Naruto answered their unasked question.

"Do you have bracers on or something kid?" Kotetsu asked squinting trying to see the blonds hands behind the poncho.

" 'Kid'? You really don't remember me you two, do you?" Naruto asked in a deadpan voice.

"Uh…who are you?" both asked at the same time.

"I'm the kid you two dragged on a panty raid on that chick who smells like snake nine years ago," he said lowering his eye lids.

"Panty raid on Anko…" Izumo said adopting a thinking pose.

"Nine years ago…"

'spiky blond hair,' Izumo looked over his head

'unnaturally deep blue eyes,' Kotetsu squinted looking at the twin azure orbs

'Unusual tan-ish skin,' both thought, and then it hit them like a ton of bricks.

"NARUTO?!" they yelled pointing a finger at him

Legolas looked at Naruto the two Chunin and back to Naruto and then spoke. "Are you sure these two are really Chunin Naruto, they seem a bit, eccentric…" Legolas's tone was full of scepticism.

"Leg, unlike an elves mind, human heads get unreasonable in our line of work, and they have to get something to focus away from the killing. These two *he points at the two in front of them* go on panty raids of the sexy and dangerous Kunoichi of Konoha," a look of remembrance crossed his face. "Oh and thanks again."

"For what?" both asked.

"For leaving me there, when I woke up the next morning I was a human teddy bear for Hebi-san," he smiled wildly.

Both guards eye's widened and then flew back in a geyser of blood.

"Um, Naruto, what happened?" Legolas asked confusion in his voice

"That my friend is what happens to a perverted human male when he thinks something extremely perverted without restraints."

"Ah, I remember it happening to Ed-san, the Anbu unit and Hiruzen when they came to Eillism Moiré,"


Naruto and group were walking surrounded by Elven archers, around them, many elves gathered to see the new group, one particular walked out in white silk dress that showed off her generous curves, making the more…imaginative of the group grin lecherously before flying back in a geyser of blood. This earned strange looks from the Elven population.

--end flashback--

"Yeah, Sharell has a great figure for a 78 year old" Naruto mused as they walked past the gate and into the village. "A bit too old for me though,"

"I understand, you want someone to love that is your race," Legolas said in an amused voice.

"Race? You think I care about race? Leg, you may be insightful in practical matters, but you know nothing about love."

"What do you mean?" Legolas was confused, he was sure Naruto only liked humans, and was lustful for other races.

"Leg, I know I'm lustful when I see a lady I like, but love and lust are two different things. Lust is the wanting of something, just to try it, if you like, you keep going after it, and when it gets boring well you leave it. But love. Love my friend is the feeling of completeness, the want…no. The NEED to be with the 'one'. Eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, fat, thin, tone, personality…race. These things will mean NOTHING when you find love." Naruto spoke softly, his eye's sage like.

"You may only be thirteen Naruto, but you have wisdom far from what should be expected from one your age."

"Thanks Legolas, always aim to please. But next time you hear me speaking philosophical crap, " he paused here to take a huge wooden mallet from his poncho. "Do me a favour and whack me over the head with that mallet," when he said that they both chuckled. Heading down the main path to the Hokage tower.

--Hokage tower _ Second floor _ Hokage's office--

Sarutobi Hiruzen was NOT having a good eight years, oh no. The night he came back with the Anbu and the Elric's without Naruto, the council, civilian and Shinobi had DEMANDED him to go back there and bring Naruto back. Their reason? 'He must be raised in a atmosphere that breeds absolute loyalty to Konoha and it's principles'. Sanctimonious whiney bitch's, they just wanted to make sure he was submissive to their authority. And when he declined, they started dumping their paperwork on him, oh the humanity! Then the Uchiha massacre happened, Itachi apparently being driven insane between having to choose between his loyalty to his clan or his loyalty to his Kage, which led to him killing off most of his clan but Sasuke, his mother, and a few of his younger cousins. This resulted in Sasuke being the Oldest and most messed up of the last Uchiha's to claim an 'avenger' status, and with the council and villagers feeding his ego, he has gotten a superiority complex nearly as big as the Hokage mountain, which Uchiha Mikoto has been trying to take care of subtly, which has not been going well. Hiruzen just took a long drag of his pipe. Things were not going smooth- "I don't CARE if you're here to see the Hokage, he's working hard right now and is not to be disturb-ACK!" he heard his Anbu behind the door yell. The next thing Sarutobi knew, his door was sent flying and the Anbu with it.

"How many is that now Legolas? I lost count after thirteen," A teenager with spiky blonde hair and three katana placed at on both his sides and his back.

"Twenty four so far Naruto," Legolas said walking in behind him.

'Wait, Naruto?' Hiruzen looked over the spiky blond. 'Unruly golden locks, check. Twin azure orbs, check. Whisker marks, check…' Hiruzen smiled to himself softly. Maybe Naruto would find an easily missed solution to HIS problem.

"Damn, Yoh Saru-oji, your Anbu are slipping something serious, I only kicked the rabbit here and he was down for the count," Naruto yelled softly. A small fond smile tugging his lips upward.

"Yes Naruto-kun, I know, the council are lowering the standards for our Shinobi and Kunoichi. And has been dumping this horRID PAPERWORK ON ME FOR YEARS!" Hiruzen almost roared in frustration, before calming down in embarrassment. "Anyhow, I was wondering if you could fix my little… problem."

"Sure thing Saru-Oji, but when am I going to be a Shinobi?"

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but you have to take the genin test like others, I can't show favouritism by bumping you to Chunin. But there is a test later this morning, and I will be glad to draw up a entrance form for you.""Thanks Saru-oji."

"Did you manage to learn all those jutsu and alchemy techniques The Elric's and I left you?" Sarutobi questioned.

"Yep, mastered, re-invented and redid," Naruto grinned proudly

"Very good, so. Academy starts at 8:50, that means you have two and a half hours to burn. Till then do whatever you like short of mass murder," Hiruzen joked only to see the sullen look on Naruto's face. "And maybe wear a shirt and gloves to cover your arms and maybe a face mask, fangirls are the Bain of all male Shinobi," Hiruzen said in a sage voice.

"Right, I have a couple of shirts and I can pass these things off as gauntlets, but the face masks…I got nothin'?"

"Inu?" Hiruzen called.

"Hai, Hokage-sama, what do you wish?"

"Inu, would you could give Naruto here one of your facemasks, I am sure he would like to avoid the horror that is known as fangirls for as long as humanly possible." Hiruzen said intertwining his fingers and smiling.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Inu said, before reaching into his shuriken pouch and pulling out a navy face mask and tossed it to Naruto who caught it with ease. "Here you are, Naruto-san, good to see you back in the village. The Anbu force misses your pranks."

"Thanks Inu-nii-san, don't worry though, I got a big one that will involve under wear, flagpoles and a major clan," Naruto couldn't hold back the maniacal cackle any longer. "!!"

Realizing what he just did, he put on the face mask and walked away. Legolas just bowed and looked at them to explain. "He's gotten that way ever since he started doing more daring and diabolical pranks." he bowed again and left to follow his friend.

"Wait Naruto! What about my problem!" Hiruzen almost cried.

"Your Shadow knows the answer Old Man," came the replying yell.

"Shadow? Knowing an answer? How the…" and his eye's widened before making an inverted Ram seal. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" four clones arrived in a puff of smoke. "Alright then, you!*Points to the clone on the far left* Sort the in coming. You!*points to the middle left clone* sign the paper coming from the in coming. You!*points to the middle right clone* Stamp the paper and put in the out going. And you!*point's to the far right clone* Sort the out going. You will do this orderly. You will do this correct! And together, we will beat the horror know as…MORNING PAPERWORK!" Hiruzen finished standing up proudly.

The clones just looked at the original before the middle left asked. "And what will you be doing?"

"As of tomorrow, reading Icha Icha paradise and transferring the memories to you at five minute intervals. But as of today? I will be doing two hundred stupids bangs," he announced. The clones all winced and nodded and went to their designated tasks. The original, just went to the wall leaned his head back and thrust forward. "STU*bang*PID, STU*bang*PID, STU*bang*PID, STU*bang*PID, STU*bang*PID, STU*bang*PID" the self punishment continued for a good 5 minutes before it was replaced by a groaning that everyone awake in the village could hear, and was wondering where it came from.

--Hyuuga compound _ Heiress's room--

Hyuuga Hinata, just walked out of her shower, water trickling down her half naked and well developed body. Today she would become a genin, and then, she would get more devoted slaves across the Shinobi natoins. She already had every boy in their age group, well, minus one. Shino, no matter what she tried, always seemed to be able to resist her. He was the only one who hadn't been entrapped by her Aiyoku Byakugan, and it infuriated her to no end. She had remember seeing him without his jacket on and he somehow had the body of a Greek god! It must have been the intensive training, mixed with the bugs that inhabited his body.

And an even more annoying thing, the Aiyoku Byakugan didn't seem to work on any of his clan mates.

Huffing in annoyance at the memory she took solace in the fact she could walk all over her male classmates (literally) and teachers and still have them under her feet. All of the other girls despised her for this same fact of course, but they were no trouble, all useless fangirls for that arrogant Uchiha, or girls who just didn't give a damn. Sasuke, at least was rookie of the year, who she made a mental note to dominate later. Picking out clothes that was from one of the few Kunoichi she respected, Mitarashi Anko. Pulling on the fishnet body suit, and forgoing any undergarments, she pulled out a lavender mini skirt and trench coat and dawned them each on.

Walking out of her room, she passed her mother, who gave her a smile. "Have fun today sweetheart."

"I will Kaa-san, you know how it is," she smiled back.

"Oh yeah, I know what how it is," she pulsed her Aiyoku Byakugan for emphasis.

"WHAT THE HELL?!!!!" the shout came from the front gate.

--Hyuuga compound front gate--

The Hyuuga branch family guards were standing there, minding there own business, grumbling about not having any under garments to wear this morning.

The ground started shaking and suddenly a massive pillar of glass burst from the ground, at the top standing with his arms crossed, was a man wearing a black poncho and a navy face mask, with his arms crossed under his poncho, which was flapping wildly in the high altitude winds. Bellow him, to the right, a flag that looked like… the Hyuuga family underwear?!

But besides the fact that this unknown nin had stolen their underwear, there was a symbol on the undergarments that was known to almost all of Konoha, Iwa and Kiri. The symbol of the infamous Suiton jutsu masters, the most feared Kenjutsu users far surpassing the seven swordsmen of the mist. The greatest masters of the art of pranking. The Uzumaki blue swirl.

But this was not the swirl they knew of, no this had what looked like wind spinning behind it as a six point shuriken.

Only three words came to mind…"WHAT THE HELL?!!!!"

Soon enough the whole family came out to see there underwear sown together.

"Hyuuga Hiashi and Neji, I ask you this!" the blond teen yelled.

"Why on earth would you wear PINK THONGS?! Honestly, you two are an embarrassment to mankind! What kind of sissies where thongs? And Hisana?"

Hisana narrowed her eyes. "The furball says 'hi'. And Hyuuga Hinata. A bit young for black lace aren't you?" and with that, he jumped backwards only to be caught in a flash of cloudless lightning. When the flash ended… He was gone. Hinata licked her lips hungrily, she would make the nin hers.

--Shinobi Academy _ Room 206--

Umino Iruka shook his head. The Hokage had given him an enigma for the graduation exam, he was sitting there in the corner of the classroom legs on the table, some book on seals coving his face, his poncho flapping lightly in the breeze of an open window. Soon enough, one of his students came in, Aburame Shino, the only guy who wasn't infatuated with Hyuuga Hinata, sadly the infatuation extended to nearly all male teachers.

Shino raised an eyebrow, there was someone in his seat. Walking up to the guy he let a single Kikachu bug out to investigate, it landed on him and was about to chow down on his chakra when one of it's wings were caught by a pair of chopsticks.

The chopsticks brought it to the boy's now uncovered blue eyes. "Sorry little one," the blonde said in a soft voice. "My chakra is poisonous to you, go back to your host now," he said releasing the hold of his wings and let it fly back to Shino. Who absorbed the info of what happened.

"You are quite kind, most people would of squished him," Shino said in a monotone voice.

"All creatures play their part in nature, bugs are no different my friend, not many people remember this and just think of them as annoyances," Naruto replied. His voice was soft, but it held an aura of respect and admiration.

"You seem to know the balance of nature, may I inquire as to your name?"

"Uzumaki N. Mizu Naruto, and before you ask I'm not telling you what the 'N' stands for."

"Aburame Shino, I wasn't going to ask."

"Good, am I in your seat?" he asked casually.


"Oh my bad," Naruto said getting up and moving to the next chair.

"Thank you."

"So what Reason you got for sitting back here?" Naruto asked taking out a senbon and balancing it on his finger.

"Because I'm the 'icky bug boy' no one will attempt to accept me as a friend, because of this I've become completely isolated, so I sit up here. And what is your reason for sitting in the corner?" Shino asked, sadness and curiosity laced in his voice.

"I like to know where everything is, in a corner, I can see and hear everything, like the fact there will be an Inuzuka walking through the door in three…two…one," he gestured to the door as the class loudmouth, Inuzuka Kiba walked in. when he saw Naruto he arrogantly strode up. "Hey Dobe!" no answer "Hey dobe I'm talking to you!" still no answer. "Bug boy, get the Dobe to talk!" again no answer. "One of you better answer me or I'll-" he was cut off as he felt something cold and metallic rush past his mini-me's, instantly covering them against further case's.

"I like it quiet in the morning Inuzuka-san," Naruto growled he had just thrown the senbon he was balancing. The aura of respect and admiration changed to one of aggression and anger, causing Kiba to put his hands up placating and walk back slowly. "Thank you," the friendly aura was back up, and Kiba just stared at him.

"Uh, who are you?""I don't like repeating myself."

"But you never told me anything," Kiba said confusedly.

"I know, I told Shino here," he indicated to Shino with his thumb, who just nodded at Kiba. Who grinned back. "So, you'll just have to wait until the rest of the class get here."

"Uh, sure, I'm Kiba, and this is Akamaru," a small puppy with floppy brown ears appeared from under his hood and yipped. "Huh? You say he smells like fox?" he looks at Naruto. "Why is that?"

"Simple," Naruto said, a small crimson fox kit with blue eyes poked it's head out of the back of his poncho, and scurried around his head and rested on his spiky blond hair. "This here is Tak, he'll be the first animal companion when I rebuild my clan," Naruto said Eye smiling.

Kiba growled. "You do realize that's a fox don't you?"

"Of course I do, but it is not a kitsune yet like the Kyuubi was?"

"What's the difference?" he growled louder.

"Kitsune's have highly advanced chakra coils that dwarf ninken, humans and a few summon animals, that lets it absorb nature chakra. The Kyuubi was a kitsune that was exposed to bi Youki, forcing the chakra coils to absorb it changing it into a kitsune bijuu," Naruto finished his explanation. "By pumping a fox with small amounts of chakra, it's body is prone to adapt to find a way to store the energy. This process grows chakra coils, effectively changing this fox, into a kitsune, much like how little Akamaru will change over time from a small dog to a large ninken."

Kiba looked at him strangely. "You know what, for a fox-boy, your alright. Ain't that right Akamaru?" the small dog yipped and nodded his head then jumped down and wagged his tail. Tak nodded and jumped down, and they began the ancient canine ritual of saying 'hi' AKA sniffing each others rear ends while walking in circles. After this was done, they started jumping and rolling around together.

"They seem to be having fun," Naruto commented fondly.

"Yeah. And uh, Shino… sorry for all those bug comments, I was just following the crowd."

Shino looked at him for a few seconds, and finally nodded. "Apology accepted."

The trio in the back row said nothing more, just watched as the two canines played together. Soon more people came into the class and watched the bug boy, the annoying mutt and an unknown person sat watching the mutt's pooch and a crimson fox, which everyone scowled at, only to feel cold and afraid when the blond in black sent a cold look their way quickly looked away in fear of aggravating the enigmatic blond.

A boy with black hair and onyx eye's walked in, saw the fox, and whipped a kunai at it, which was intercepted by a senbon, shocking the whole class. Slowly, Sasuke looked up to see a teen in a black poncho and spiky black hair, start to stand up, a murderous aura being projected that even the brain dead fangirls could read, it said : get in my way and your screwed. Walking slowly towards the Uchiha, he stopped a metre away from him.

"Why did you try to attack Tak?" he asked slowly, his voice cold and unforgiving.

Sasuke smirked, but on the inside he was sweating. This guy deflected his kunai, with a SENBON no less. "I did it because I don't like foxes," he replied.

"That's a good one," Naruto said grinning evilly behind his mask. "Thanks."

The Uchiha scoffed. "For what.""For giving me an excuse for beating that ten foot pole out of you!" he said whipping out his arm and punching Sasuke square in the jaw, sending him flying into the black board making an Uchiha shaped hole. "Shinigami!" Naruto said contently, while rolling his neck getting a load of cracking sounds.

He felt a chill of pleasure run down his back as someone blew on the back of his ear, he felt two mounds press into his back and slender arms wrap around him. And then he heard the whispers "You will be mine, Uzumaki-kun," his eye's started to dull, he just wanted to stay with those magical voices.

Hinata smiled evilly, here was a powerful new slave for her to control. Oh the fun she could have with this one.

Tak seeing naruto starting to succumb to the Aiyoku Byakugan just roared through their mental link.

"NARUTO! Benihime! quick!" the small fox roared through the mind link

"On it Tak!" Benihime shouted back, concentrating, her blade began to glow, not that anyone could see it behind her sheath.

Naruto felt like he was floating, he couldn't remember who he was, he couldn't remember who his friends were, all he could remember was his mistress, Hyuuga Hinata.

But then, he felt it. The familiar warmth, and a spectral figure wrapping it's arms around him. "Are you going to give in to her will Naruto-kun?" a clearly feminine voice asked. "Are you going to let her take away all you've accomplished?" Naruto remembered things, meeting Legolas in Eillism moiré, Tak matirializing his Zanpaktou, Learning Kenjutsu, and making his own style. The Elric's. Saru-oji. The Elven family he'd stayed with. "Are you going to let her take away your love?" Then, three figures, silhouetted against the light. Reaching out to them they vanished as he got close enough to touch their cheeks, he was plunged back into reality.

Shino was watching in disappointment, there was another guy in the clutches of that seductive witch. For some reason, his Kikachu were going haywire inside of him, telling, pleading him not to piss Naruto off…ever! Shino was surprised to see Naruto's hand twitch, shake, then clench.

"Would you mind getting off me, Hyuuga-san, I actually wish to return to my seat," Naruto's voice was monotone and cold.

Hinata narrowed her eyes, he was hers. She felt it happen, she felt him give in to the . But then something happened to break her out of her spell, and now he was free. She smiled sweetly. "As you wish, Uzumaki-kun. I'll see you later," she made a kissing motion with her lips as she walked away, her hips swaying, taking solace in the fact that she could feeling his eye's on her ass.

Walking back up he took his seat beside Shino and Kiba, who were staring at him like he was someone important (if only they new). Kiba because he just turned down a hot piece of ass and Shino because he'd just broke out of Hinata's mind control, or whatever she did, and then looked at her ass. But despite all that, he was glad to have him as an acquaintance, maybe even…a friend. Naruto just took his seat beside them as the rest of the Uchiha family walked in, the Uchiha fan worn proudly and saw Sasuke still stuck in his whole and walked up to him.

"Who'd you piss off this time Sasuke?" one of the girls asked

"Go…blow yourself….Sakana!" Sasuke managed to say, but his eyes drifted over to the corner for a second before going back on her.

Sakana following his gaze to find a new guy.

Something was telling her ninja career was gonna be good.


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