I see you true colors, shining through
I see your true colors, and that's what I love you
So don't be afraid, to let them show
Your true colors, your true colors
Are beautiful like a rainbow

The sound of a flushing toilet: not music to Emily Prentiss' ears. It had been a long while where she could make it through the day without throwing up, and shortly thereafter her naivety had left with a flush of the toilet.

She had told herself that she was sick with the stomach flu, which no one else seemed to have. She told herself that she was just getting sick, which didn't happen that often. Then she remembered JJ and what she had been like in her first few months of pregnancy.

It had been a rough journey coming to terms with the truth, with the fact that she may be honestly pregnant. It had been a onetime thing. A night spent in his bed. It hadn't even been a night, and there wasn't even a bed. Her and her boss had fallen into each other's arms in a drunken stupor, ending up in a closed office.

Christmas parties were grand.

Sighing, she got to her feet and left the stall, heading for the sinks and to wash her face. Hopefully no one in her team had noticed anything amiss, her sudden departures, and her inability to eat anything or drink anything other than ginger ale. She had noticed Hotch giving her odd looks when she would return, but she had shrugged them off, recalling their conversation about that span of time.


"Prentiss, we need to talk." His voice was laced with quiet concern and something that she couldn't describe.

"Yeah, I agree."She hoped that he wouldn't say 'a mistake', but she was preparing herself for the worst, that those were the words he had chosen. She would agree with him vehemently no matter what he said, but she hoped that she didn't have to agree with mistake.

She was in love with him, the broken man that he was, and no matter what he was, she was deeply in love with him.

"About the party." She used to be able to read this man, profile him, but suddenly nothing. Maybe love truly was blind.

She simply nodded, not trusting herself to say words for fear that she would throw herself on her knees and beg him for his undying love, and confess hers.

"I'm not saying that it was a mistake," God she hated 'buts'. "But, it's not something that can happen again. Or something that can affect or work together."

Rehearsed words, and the strange ability to lie very well shone through the sense of utter disappointment she felt and plastered a smile on her face. "Okay." She usually prided herself on her ability to compartmentalise, but now she felt her boxes collapsing upon each other and he resolve to stay strong falling with them.

He seemed surprised by her quick agreement, and his brow rose in speculation.

"You are right Hotch. It shouldn't have happened, and it won't happen again."

Luckily JJ walked into the room saving her from having to run away from him. "Guys, we've got a case. BAU room in five."

Hotch nodded, and Emily took it as her cue to leave quickly while she still could, salvaging herself from crying in front of him. He had her heart, an intimate moment from her, and she refused to give him more of herself, when it couldn't happen again.


Splashing some cold water onto her face, she nearly jumped out of her skin when the door slammed open. Grabbing her gun quickly and pointing it at the intruder, she lowered it quickly when she saw that it was JJ.

"Geeze Emily!" JJ practically yelled, her own hand hovering by her gun when she came face to face with the barrel of Emily's gun.

"Sorry Jayje." Emily re-holstered her gun, and placed on hand protectively on her stomach. Though nothing was showing, Emily knew of the baby growing there, and the urge to protect it was overwhelming considering that it was a mixture of her and Hotch.

JJ's eyes flashed to her stomach, but quickly looked back to her eyes, and Emily could feel the blue orbs searching her face, trying to read anything there.


"Emily, is something wrong? Or right?" JJ had moved into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, locking the bolt, effectively locking Emily into whatever conversation was about to happen.

Suddenly desperate to escape, Emily took a step away from JJ the need to throw up having nothing to do with the pregnancy nausea she was fighting. Just as she was about to speak, JJ whipped out her blackberry and started texting someone.

Hand still laying flat on her stomach, Emily weighed her options. She had a few inches and probably ten pounds on her friend, and wildly grasping at straws she knew that fighting her way past one of her best friends would invite more questions than answers.

Just as she was coming up with Plan B a knock sounded through the room, and surprisingly JJ turned and opened the door allowing Penelope into the room. Once the door was locked again, her friends turned on her and backed her into the corner.

"Okay sunshine," Penelope began, her endearment lost in the seriousness of her voice. "We know the truth, and we want to know it from you."

"Emily, we are your friends, you can trust us with anything." JJ's voice added, understanding threading her words.

Though her friends had backed her into a corner and were accosting her about secrets, she knew that they meant well. Well enough to know that she should probably have gone to them sooner. She wouldn't tell them the truth about the father, for that was a secret that would ruin her long before a surprise pregnancy would.

"I'm pregnant." The words rolled off her tongue surprisingly easy, and her friends faces immediately softened as she was pulled into their arms. Tears started flowing and Emily felt lighter than she had since the conversation between her and Hotch about an encounter that shouldn't have happened.

"We know. We were just waiting for you to tell us." JJ's voice was light and happy and suddenly the locked door didn't feel like a trap, more of an intervention. One that she was glad for.

"Who's the baby daddy?"

Emily laughed at Penelope's question, the one question she couldn't answer. So a lie bubbled to her lips, and once again she was feeling trapped. She didn't want to tell them before she told him, and she had yet to tell him, the words 'a mistake' flowing through her head.

"Umm, I haven't told him yet. So I'd like to wait until he knows." She hoped it was that simple, that they would believe her words and not press her for more information.

"OMG... seriously this is just like 'Friends'. That is exactly what Rachel told them before she told Ross, which makes me think that it is one of our four boys." Penelope's voice had taken on its usually jovial tone, and that fact too made Emily smile.

"Morgan?" JJ had turned back to her and Emily kept her face impassive so as not to give anything away.

"Rossi? They are rather close." Penelope added.

"One Dr. Spencer Reid?" Still Emily held still knowing what was coming next. There was only one other boy left and Emily knew that she needed to stay strong.

"Wait, wait, wait. Hotch!" They said it together and both turned to look at Emily, face's alight with joy and mischief.

Emily kept her face still with a great deal of strength and determination, and waited until they moved on. After a few moments of awkward silence, it was apparent that they wouldn't move on, and Emily had to speak up, not saying anything actually saying everything.

Placing her hand back on her stomach she looked at her friends and smiled at both of them, hoping that neither of them would say anything that would prompt her to further incriminate herself. She couldn't simply plead the fifth in this situation.

"Ladies, I am not telling you anything."

They simply smiled at each other, and nodded knowingly, leaving Emily to wonder what they were thinking. That would lead down a road with more questions, and answers she wasn't ready to give.

"When are you going to tell them?" JJ looked at her, and Emily remembered learning about her pregnancy. That had been an awkward moment for Hotch, and Emily wondered how awkward her announcement would be.

"Actually I was going to do it at this morning's briefings. I've waited long enough, any longer and they would know because I would be showing." Instantly her friends hands were on either side of hers covering her abdomen and tidings of joy overtook her, and love for her friends bubbled inside her. No matter what Hotch said, she would have her two best friends with her throughout this.


Emily sat at the round table and took in her friends waiting for JJ to come in with files. Reid was spinning in his chair, describing some math theory to Morgan who looked only slightly interested. Rossi and Hotch were bent together smiles and laughter flowing between them. Penelope was sitting next to Morgan and was also slightly interested in Reid's theory, but was actually playing Tic Tac Toe with Morgan.

Within all this activity she had only eyes for Hotch and imaginings for the baby they had made. Jack, her favourite five year old, and Hotch's son, looked more like his late mother. The blond hair, blue eyes and round face were nothing like his father's dark hair, dark eyes and angled face. They shared the same facial expressions and penchant for perception; they both smiled and laughed whole heartedly, and were fiercely loyal.

She wondered if their baby would be the same.

Breaking into her musings JJ came into the room and started handing out files, and the rest of the team feel into silence. Unlike her normal morning greetings JJ immediately came and stood beside her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Before we get started, Emily has something she needs to say."

Hotch's eyes which were on JJ slipped to her and he nodded, concern written on his face.

"Well, I am pregnant."

Morgan and Rossi stood and quickly moved to her side, and enveloped her in big hugs, and Reid followed shortly after them. He offered her a clumsy hug and a soft kiss on her cheek. Reid was one of her greatest friends, and she was thankful for his soft hug.

Six of them stood together and Hotch still sat in his chair, emotions running rampant through his face and eyes. Quickly he stood and moved to her and wrapped her in his arms. The hug was short and quick and he moved back to his chair seemingly to avoid being near her.

As the team moved back to their original chairs and set about listening to JJ as she started in on the requests their team got, Hotch caught her eye and mouthed a single word, 'Later.' She didn't know if he would put it together, but she hoped that he would accept it when she told him.

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