Hanabusa Aidou lay atop of the dorm bed in his pajamas, staring at the ceiling. Classes were over, and the grandfather clock was soon about to chime faint sound of running water droned in his ears, for his roommate Akatsuki Kain was in the washroom, taking a shower. He was eager for Kain to come out, to keep him company. Aidou couldn't stand being lonely for even a second, he was always adored by his fangirls or followed around by his manwhore, Kain. Out of pure boredom, he began to shift himself in bizarre positions on his bed. Back against wall, feet in air. Head over edge of bed, feet against wall. Face buried in pillow, knees bent. He twisted and turned, stretched up and curled. Anyone who would've seen him right now would've thought that he was high.

"What the hell are you doing, Hanabusa?"

Aidou's eyes lit and his face perked up at the sound of Kain's deep, smooth voice. He looked up at him, noticing that he was dressed only in pajama pants. His bare chest curved in to reveal a set of tight muscles, and yet he had a skinny, toned body. A towel was tossed over his left shoulder.

"Akatsuki! What took you so long? I was dying of boredom," Aidou told him, flailing his arms in the air dramatically. Kain raised an eyebrow at him, and proceeded to plop down on the edge of Aidou's bed. His hair was dripping wet and in his face, his breathing was a bit shallow from inhaling too much steam in the shower. "Dry my hair," he instructed Aidou, thrusting the towel at him. Aidou got up off of the bed and stood in front of the sitting Kain, hands on hips. "What, are you a little kid that you need someone to dry your own hair for you?" he questioned, teasing the wild boy.

Kain lowered his head and pressed it against Aidou's stomach. "I just like it when someone else does it. It feels ... relaxing," he mumbled. Aidou laughed, and gave in to the orange-haired vampire's request. He began to dry Kain's hair with the towel, the soaking strands regaining their wild shape with each rub. After a minute or so, Kain put his hands on Aidou's waist.

Aidou paused. "Akatsuki?" he asked. But the boy bent before him didn't say anything. And then, without even lifting his head up, Kain explained, "You were shaking me too hard. This helps me keep my balance." Aidou blinked twice. Kain's hands flexed, but did not fall from Aidou's waist. "Oh," Aidou said, resuming his task of drying Kain's hair dutifully.

Minutes passed, and Kain's hair was finally one hundred percent dry. Aidou chucked the towel into the laundry basket, and then stretched his arms, which were feeling rather sore. Kain got up and ran a hand through his hair, inspecting it. Seeming satisfied, he walked over to his wardrobe to pull out a pajama shirt.

"What, no thank you?" Aidou said sarcastically.

Kain turned around to face him. "Huh?"

Aidou crossed his arms. "Well, I busted my arms for you, pal." he said, frowning. Kain looked a little confused, but eventually strode up to Aidou again. "Hanabusa," his orange eyes sparkled brilliantly, "stop whining." Aidou let the frown fade away and in turn replaced it with a mischievous smile. "I can whine all I want to," he stated, puffing his chest out and looking at Kain square in the eyes. "Not in my room," Kain said irritatedly.

"It's my room too," Aidou pouted.

"You're so annoying," Kain groaned.

"And there's another thing," Aidou added, "you NEVER stop me when I'm doing something bad." The simple joke was slowly escalating to a heated level.

"What? I do."

"No, you just like to see me get my butt kicked by Kaname-sama."

"Hanabusa, if you don't stop whining, I swear I'm going to---,"

"Going to what? What are you gonna do, Akatsuki?" Aidou's tone was sour, testing. He was provoking Kain.

Kain didn't answer, but he leaned in close to Aidou. "Oohh, scary," Aidou mocked him, "a scary vampire! I want my mommy."

Suddenly, Kain bent over and grabbed Aidou's legs, slinging the blonde vampire over his shoulder. Aidou did not expect this, and was completely in shock. When he came to, he started bamming his fists on Kain's back. "Let me go, you stupid bastard!" And although Aidou couldn't see Kain's expression, he was pretty sure that the wild vampire was smirking. Kain started moving towards the door and Aidou saw the floor blurring beneath him, feeling rather dizzy. "Come on, Akatsuki! Let go of me," he begged, to no success. Kain placed his free hand on the doorknob and turned it, opening the room door. He paused by the doorway and set his roommate down in the dormitory hallway. "You're so mean, Akatsuki!" Aidou said, wondering why Kain had carried him here.

Kain only smiled. "Goodnight, Hanabusa." He ruffled up Aidou's hair, and closed and locked the door.

Surely he's joking, Aidou thought. So he sat crossed-legged in front of the door, just waiting for the door to open again so surely. After five minutes had gone by, Aidou realized that Kain was not joking.

He leapt to his feet and started pounding his fists on the door. "Akatsuki! AKATSUKI!" he cried, turning the knob over and over again desperately. He was making quite some disturbing noises. A door down the hallway opened and Ruka stepped out, dressed in a black nightgown. "Locked yourself out? You are such a MORON," she said, putting emphasis on the word 'moron'. Aidou spun around, glaring at her. "Shut up," he said, not in the mood to explain to her that it was Kain's fault. "What?" she called out. She couldn't hear him, he was too far down the hall. "I SAID SHUT UP!" he yelled. The words 'shut up' echoed down the hallway, causing yet another door to open up. The door at the very end of the hallway... Kaname's room. Ruka quickly shut her door, but was probably pressing her ear against it to hear what was going to happen next, aka Aidou's impending doom.

Aidou gulped as Kaname stepped out of the door and looked at him with a serious face. "Why are you yelling, Aidou?" His eyes grazed hauntingly into Aidou's, even though he was at the end of the hall. Aidou sensed a tension in the twitched. "Sorry, Kaname-sama," he bowed, "but Akatsuki locked me out." He hoped for some pity from Kaname, even a slight bit of compassion, but as always, there was none.

"Goodnight then, Aidou." He shut the door.