Hey guys, it's Song! Here's another little drabble for you! This one will probably be a two-shot, perhaps longer, depending on how interested I get. Reviews make me very happy, and constructive criticism is always welcome! Enjoy!




"Hmm?" Light Yagami's eyes abruptly refocused as he realized Ryuuzaki was talking to him. "What's wrong, Ryuuzaki?"

"I get the feeling that I should be asking you that, Light. You've been staring at me for the last fifteen minutes. Are you alright?"

Light blushed. "I'm fine. I was just thinking."

"No need to be so secretive Light. I know, you're mad because I'm the only one eating cake."

"No, really, I'm…"

"Here," Ryuuzaki said, pushing his strawberry shortcake at Light forcefully.

"I'm fine, Ryuuzaki. Really."

"I insist. I love sharing."

"Sorry, but I really don't like sweets."

Ryuuzaki stopped abruptly, staring disbelievingly at the auburn haired boy. "You don't like cake?"

"Yes, Ryuuzaki. That would fall under the category of sweets."

"Cookies? Pie? Meringue? Parfait?"

"Those too, Ryuuzaki. Honestly…" Light stopped. Ryuuzaki's eyes were dangerously wide, and he stared intently at Light. He ran his gaze over Light, starting at his hair, and slowly working his way down.

Light blushed. "L..."

"That explains a lot." L interrupted.

Light opened his eyes wide, shocked. What?

"What explains what, Ryuuzaki?"

Ryuuzaki looked mournfully at Light. "It explains why you look how you do."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Light exclaimed.

"Nothing at all, I was merely stating that Light's appearance is impressive because he does not eat sweets."

"It isn't just that, Ryuuzaki. I go to the gym and stuff. My DNA probably helps as well."

"Exactly. I was just ruminating on the fact that Light-kun works extremely hard at maintaining his appearance. So much, in fact, it seems suspicious."

"What?! Ryuuzaki, you can't be serious. I'm suspicious because I like to look nice? You're completely insane."

"Not at all, Light. In fact, the fact that you work so hard at making yourself look perfect is a sign of a desire to cover your faults. It could be something as innocent as an unfortunate mole, or something… much more severe." Ryuuzaki looked hard at Light's face.

Light hurriedly backed away. "Ryuuzaki, knock it off. I do not have a… a mole!" Light looked utterly revolted.

Ryuuzaki chuckled. "It is amusing, Light, that you would latch on to that part of the sentence when I was very clearly suspecting you of being Kira."

"What else is new? For the last time, Ryuuzaki, I am not Kira. And there is no way you can accuse me of being Kira for the simple act of looking nice! As though it were rare for someone to be conscious of their looks! I don't eat sweets because they make me sick, and I go to the gym because I like sports. L, you can't go around suspecting people just because they care about the way they dress. Just because you don't care about your appearance…"

"To the contrary, Light. I do not suspect you solely because of your clothing. As you are well aware, there are several other factors." He said, ignoring the dirty look Light gave him. "As for my appearances, I find no reason to work for endless hours maintaining my appearance, when there is no point."

"What do you mean, there's no point?"

"Light, look around you. It is sad that someone of your intellectual level cannot see it. There is no point in working to look nice, for three reasons. First, a detective does not need to look 'nice' to adequately perform his duties. Second, there is no one here to see me. Why work to look nice if no one will see you? Third…" Ryuuzaki paused a moment. "Even if I worked for hours like you… even if I scrubbed and brushed every day of every week… no matter how many crèmes you rub on me…" L hung his head. "I will never look as good as you. As you said, it is in the genes."

Light looked incredulously at Ryuuzaki. The greatest detective of the world, conqueror of villains, upholder of justice and all that is supposedly good… was self-conscious of his looks of all things?

Ryuuzaki stared hard at the ground, attempting to look nonchalant. He had done it. He had shown weakness to a Kira suspect. It was not a life-threatening weakness, but… L did not like showing weakness of any kind… and knowing Light, he would find some way to turn this against him…"

"I could argue with all of those reasons." Light's voice lightly began.

Ryuuzaki glanced up. "By all means, feel free."

"As for the first one, there IS a reason for a detective to look good. Aiber has to look good to convince his victims that he's genuine. Consider how effective of an interrogator you could be if you could manipulate your suspects like that. Your looks can make you either more or less threatening, depending on how you work it."

"Light-kun seems to have given this a large amount of thought," l stated, but Light just glared at him and kept talking.

"You even tried to make me use my looks to manipulate Misa. What if you could have done it yourself? Knowing how to portray different people can also come in handy when you have to get out of a sticky situation, such as when we had to rescue Matsuda. We dressed like paramedics, remember? It isn't quite the same thing, but you understand the general point there… knowing how to dress well is a useful thing for detective."

L looked like he was about to argue, but Light continued.

"Second, there is always a reason to take pride in your appearance. Dressing professionally makes other people take you seriously. In the Kira case, it isn't such a big deal because we know you are L and how good you are. We have no choice but to cooperate with you. But it won't always be this way. After the Kira investigation, it is entirely possible you will want to get hands-on on a case again. But next time, you may not want them to know you are L. How will you command respect in a group of trained police officers without your intelligence and status as L? You will have to make them believe you are a strong and capable leader. Dressing well would enable you to do that. And I'm sure that Matsuda and the others on this case wouldn't mind if you brushed your hair and put on socks, either." Light paused for breath.

"Admirable logic as always, Light." L interrupted. "There are, of course, a few points I could argue with, but now is not the time. As usual, your reasoning is infallible. He glanced around to make sure no one was around. The others had left a few hours earlier, leaving the two of them to continue working, but L didn't want to risk them walking in at an inopportune moment. "However," he continued. "There remains, the third reason. I am sure you cannot argue this point." He smiled sadly.

"I could."

L's head snapped up.

"I think you could look really good, Ryuuzaki," Light said, "I mean, I don't know if you could look as good as me… I've been primping and pruning this hair and skin for years… but I think I could definitely, with some work, make you… presentable."

Ryuuzaki stared skeptically at Light. "I highly doubt that, Light."

"I don't," Light frowned, grabbing Ryuuzaki's hand. Without a word, the younger man tugged the detective down the deserted hallway and onto the elevator.

L, who had (strangely) not put up any resistance all the way down the hallway, began to protest. "Light, I don't see any point in this. I do not believe any significant improvement could be made to my appearance, nor do I particularly care that it should be so. I work perfectly efficiently as I look now, and I believe this time would be better spent looking for evidence against Kira." He reached for the control panel to stop the elevator.

Light caught his hand. "And I disagree. We've spent enough time looking for Kira today. I'm tired of talking about Kira, and I think this will be an interesting diversion." He stopped when L frowned at him. "And if you honestly don't care what you look like, what's the danger in letting me have some fun?"

L grimaced. "Very well."

Light grinned.