Hey guys! Sorry to spam your Notification things like this, but I just want everyone to check this out!

I made a new Death Note writing challenge, and I just wanted to give my readers a first-dibs opportunity to get at it, as well as giving the thread a little boost on the forums list (you guys are great writers AND great advertising! Whodathunkit?)

Anyway, Your challenge is to write a L*Light story based on a plotline that YOU DON'T MAKE UP. Its given to you by a random plotline generator. Wait wait, don't close the browser window yet, its actually not dumb.

It's an exercise to put you out of your comfort zone, to stretch your abilities. Isn't that what a challenge is all about? I want each and every one of you to at least attempt this challenge. It's a great way to improve your skills.

At least give it a shot. For the full requirements, as well as to tell me you're participating, go to forum,fanfiction,net/forum/Death_Note_Writing_Challenges/75103/

(just replace the commas with periods and add a http and you're all set!)

That page is actually my forum for all death note writing challenges, so if you want to post a challenge of your own, please be my guest! The more posts and topics, the higher my forum and challenge will get, which means more people will see it! So post away!

Thanks so much! You guys are great readers and I can't wait to read some of the great stuff you'll write! Hurry hurry to the site above!)

Good Luck!