A/N: A response to this prompt on kinkme_merlin: Arthur/Merlin - Merlin likes to talk about how tight Arthur is while fucking him. He also likes whispering in Arthur's ear about it while they're in public, either to embarrass him or because he knows it gets Arthur hot.

"Merlin!" Arthur called out, holding out his goblet, eyes trailing lazily over the nobles dancing on the floor, and pondered which one to dance with, himself, to get them all to shut up about it.

Merlin slipped over and quietly and quickly poured the wine, while Arthur used his free hand to tug at his cloak.

"I hate this thing," Arthur mumbled. "Too bloody tight."

"Just like you."

Arthur froze at Merlin's murmur, as the servant set the wineskin down on the table and went about cutting up and fussing over Arthur's food.

"I was thinking about that while dressing you," Merlin murmured, barely loud enough for Arthur to hear his seductive tone of voice, and how Merlin can keep that up while keeping his expression utterly neutral is beyond him. "How tight you are when we fuck."

Right. Tight? He liked to fuck without much preparation because of the pleasure-pain of the burn, but he never thought too much about the impact it had on Merlin-

"Like last night," Merlin continued, cutting some of the meat from the serving plate carefully and putting it on Arthur's place, before starting to slice it into manageable sizes. "When we went into the armory to fuck, because you'd just won the tourney and were so...impatient. You didn't let me prepare you at all, and nearly screamed when I penetrated you."

Arthur has to fight to keep his own expression neutral and keep from whimpering at Merlin's words.

"And god, you practically screamed," Merlin said. "You told me to just push it all in with one go, and then you screamed, and I had to muffle you with my neckercheif...you got off on that, didn't you? Being so tight, like that, with something as big as me up your tight little hole..."

Arthur's legs are already parting of their own accord beneath the table, something with Merlin notices that causes him to smirk. "You really do get off on it, don't you? Thank god you do - you have no idea how good it feels, when you're sitting on, your body tightening so much around my cock, pulling me in...your arse just begging for more."

With a tight smile, Arthur nodded, trying to look like they were actually talking about the meat on the table instead of the meat in Merlin's pants.

Leaning in, Merlin looked like he was checking Arthur's food, the position placing his lips right next to Arthur's ears, his breath warming the skin there, and making Arthur's hair brush over it with a caress.

"Let's both hope you're just as tight tonight."

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