By: Reffer Lift

"Antibiotic me..."

The days were becoming increasingly longer since that day, so many years ago. Shrouded in darkness, longing to see the faces of the people he loved, but alas, could not. It was an immense pain, something he still had not accepted. Something he still didn't believe. Something he wished he could fix.

Not this one. Not this time.

And not that other time, either.

"No one's making sense today..."

He walked through the bustling town, alone. He could hear them, feel them, the people who stared at the strange man with the white cane.

"What, never seen a blind guy before?"

He wished he could say those words, but sorrow and depression do strange things to you.

Loosing someone dear, someone you love, that also does the trick.

"Dissuade me of this notion..."

He found his way to a bench, and sat down in silence.

"Lieutenant..." he quietly muttered out loud, stuck in the past. He had been doing that a lot, since that time. Wishing his subordinate, no, friend, was with him, sitting beside him, laughing about old times.

Wait, friend?

He put a hand on his face, a strange scar on it. It covered his tears.

"Damn people..."

"Creeps through my head in the darkness."

"Damn, damn life..."

"The sun goes down."

He remembered that day, so long, yet not so long ago. The day they took her away from him.

"For the murders of countless innocents, the slaughter of woman, children, families torn apart, how do you plead?"

"Don't... don't, please..."


"And then they took her away..."

At least as president, he could get away with what he did. President's Wife? Not so lucky.

Maybe if she actually was...

"Where is the wonder..."

"That holds me as one?" He quietly chuckled to himself.


"Damn war..."

He wiped the tears from his face and looked up, longing to see the sky, but alas, the darkness prevailed.

"I'm so tired of lying."

He got up, and continued his journey.

"The sun goes down..."

His light, gone. Her, gone.

"Where is the wonder, that holds me as one?"

He laughed to himself now, increasingly getting louder and louder. Who cared if people looked, he couldn't fucking see them. He couldn't fucking see anything.

He couldn't see her that one last time they were together. Couldn't see her face, couldn't see her tears.

Couldn't see her smile, that one, final smile.

Of course, his last memory of her is in a bloody mess, clinging to dear life.

Something he didn't want to, but was forced to picture that day.

"I'm so tired..."

He was laughing to himself, a stupid smile on his face, as he walked into the busy crowd.

"The sun goes down!"

Tears now streamed down his face, the face that stayed smiling. People were looking. He didn't care. Cars were honking, he kept walking.

"Where is the wonder that we once had here?"


"I'm so goddamned tired of lying..."

And now, he could see her smile again.


A/N: Angsty Royai and I have a love affair. :3