He is a SHE?

By: Ladey Heartly

Disclaimer: I do not own the; Naruto characters but I will add some twist and turn to spice up the story. And I wish I justified the series.

Pairing: ItaNaruSasu

Yep the main pairing is Itachi and Female Naru pair.

Summary: Itachi is the cocky son of a very rich family; his parents wanted him to get married so they always set him on a blind date, so he can choose at the girls. But Itachi certainly doesn't want to get married despite his family's requests so to stop his family for marrying off: he decides to hire Naruto as a false "lover" so that he can escape the blind dates arranged by his parents. – But little did Itachi know that Naruto is actually a SHE.

Because he's unaware that Naru is a girl, Itachi starts to question his sexuality. In one instance Itachi almost took out a knife and stabbed himself.


Itachi lay down his bed, tired after he went home from his blind date, yes another blind date that his parents set him in he growled in annoyance all of the girls he dated was too flirt and annoying.

He doesn't know why but he is getting tired of this.

Why his parents is so eager to marry him off. Oh right it's because I'm getting older. But for crying out loud I'm still 27! Talking about his parents too eager to see their grand child from him but he still don't want to get married!

"Hey, Aniki how's your date?" Sasuke asked his brother brows raised as he sat beside his brother's laying form while setting his glass of root beer over the night stand. Itachi sighed deeply before turning his look over his brother with his tired onyx eyes.

"One word, annoying" Itachi answered tiredly

Sasuke smirk, Why Aniki? I heard from mom and dad that the girls that they set with you were all beautiful and first class models." The younger Uchiha said while drinking his root beer.

"They are worst…and please can you tell mom and dad to stop this shit? I'm getting tired of this…" Itachi said feeling that his body was too heavy and all the problems around the world is on his back.

"Why don't you just follow what they said and marry some gorgeous models." Sasuke suggested looking at his overly exhausted brother.

"Don't you understand Sasuke…I don't want to get married I'm still young at the age of 27 I still have a bright futures to come and I don't want to destroy it just because I get married." Itachi explained as he rolled over the bed so he can look and talk with his younger brother face to face.

"But mom and dad were getting old Aniki. And they want to see there grand children with you." Sasuke interjected as he put his empty glass of root beer at the side while Itachi rolled his eyes. "Talk for your self… you still single right? Just marry someone and have children with her."

This is Sasuke's turn to roll his eyes, "Shut it Itachi it will never gonna happens…girls just wanted me for my money and my looks so I don't want to…but ow I can help you with your problem."

Itachi turned to look at Sasuke with interest, "So, tell me…how you can help me?"

"Why don't you pretend to be a gay and hire a "Lover" so you can escape the blind dates?" this suggestion made Itachi's eyes twitched.


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