(PART 1)

Naruto sighed, why this is happening to her? two days ago she was nearly violated by non-other than Uchiha Itachi! Thanks to her bestfriend she was saved from the clutches of his older brother. Anyway she decided that Itachi needs beating when they see each other again on their parents party next week. "He'll see! I'd give him a divine retribution!" After all he deserve a punishment for trying to harassed her!

"Oi what's wrong with you Naru?" the blond jump off his seat when she felt Kiba squeezed her butt automatically in her reflex she gave him a karate chop. "WHAT THE HELL KIBA WHAT ARE YOU TOUCHING THERE HUUUUH?!" Naruto screamed angrily at his dog lover friend who started to laugh obnoxiously.

"Argh that hurts Naru!" Kiba said while massaging the lump on his head.

"Its because you're a pervert!" Naruto huffed as she hug herself while stepping away to prevent herself from being a victim of Kiba's way of friendship which is skin ship. 'What's with these guys and their urge to perv! Really I can't understand how their brain works!'

"You guys still at it?" Shikamaru said yawning as he entered the dojo with his girlfriend Ino and bestfriend Chouji who anyway has a bag of chips sling on his shoulders.

"Hey hey guys can't you two just get along?" Chouji said while munching a mouthful of his lays chips he cradling on his arms.

"Oi Chouji don't bring in food! We're here to practice not to eat!" Kiba said disapprovingly.

"Just let him be! You know Chouji when it comes to food It'd be troublesome to handle him if he become hungry.." Shikamaru said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"Well that kindda beats the whole idea of us exercising while Chouji eats..." Naruto said sarcastically as she starts to warm up.

"Oi anyway where's Sasuke-kun? He should be here I mean he never miss a judo lesson since he doesn't want to be beaten by you right Naru-chan?" Naruto twitched hearing that bastards name. 'That Sasuke behind my back is dating my younger sister! Imagine to just walk inside our apartment seeing my bestfriend kissing my sister! What would you feel?'

Flash back

Naruto's PoV

I just finished practicing judo from our family owned Dojo just near the market so on my way home I bought ingredients for me and my sister's dinner. Yuu will be home at 6pm so I still have an hour to prepare food. As I arrived home I could see that the lights on our apartment is on.. oh maybe Yuu is home that's good she's home early. She could help me prep the food since I'm kindda lazy to prepare it myself. I walk inside the apartment quietly I knotted my brows when I saw a two silhouette by Yuu's room. 'No way! Did Yuu brought a guy here?! The thought of my sister bringing a guy here makes my blood boil since I'm kind of over protective sister and I will really scrutinized any boy who comes on my sister's way. I stomped my way to my sister's bedroom ready to 'interrupt' their activity when I saw a familiar duck butt hair I squint my eyes just to make sure I'm not seeing things my eyes widen like saucers when I saw Sasuke my effin' bastard as a bestfriend towering my sister kissing her! Eww I could even hear the sucking sounds on their kiss. Okay! That's it the reaper of evil just unleashed from my whole being I'm suuuure as hell that I will give Uchiha fucking Sasuke the beating of the lifetime!

"UCHIHA SASUKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER!" I said as I could feel my body producing an evil aura.

"Oh hey dobe..." I heard Sasuke said uncaringly.

"Um.. neechan..."

"FUCK SHIT SASUKE OUT OF MY HOUSE! WE'RE THROUGH DON'T EFFIN COME BACK HERE!" I shouted at Sasuke's face and literally grab Chibi Sasuke by his collar and kick him out of the house. Not minding that my sister is begging me not to end Sasuke and I's friendship.


"I HATE THAT FUCKING GUY! IF I SEE HIM AGAIN I WILL CUT HIS B !$ and HIS $#$$ !" Naruto shouted a series of curse words only dedicated for her 'bestfriend' turned 'ex-bestfriend' Uchiha Sasuke. "Okay maybe I overreacted but hell he effin kissed my sister! MY sister! grr! I told him to not lay his hand on Yuu since I know Sasuke he is number one playboy! And I don't want my sister to be hurt... anyway I don't care anymore that teme if he wants us to be friends again then he should find the way to make it up to me! He should stop pursuing my sister!" Naruto thought angrily.

"HUUUWHATT?! No more SasuNaru?!" Ino said scandalizing the very idea.

"SasuNaru?" Shikamaru and the others asked in unison.

"Hey this fanfiction is ItaNaru right?" Chouji said while opening another pocket of chips.

"Shut up Chouji!"


"We need to make Sasuke-kun and Naruto reconcile! coz seriously I'd die I love SasuNaru!" Ino said crying animatedly. While Shikamaru sweatdropped, "This story is ItaNaru remember Ino?" he said sighing.

"I don't care!"

"Oh geez! I don't like what yer' thinking Ino..." Kiba said as he see the glimpse of mischief on Ino's eyes.

"Its operation Hush Hush bring the two eternal bestfriend's together!"

Shikamaru sighed, "This is gonna be a loooooong day..."

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