A/N: This is a Tarot based Merlin project, wherein I make a Merlin themed Tarot card for each of the Major Arcana (I might do Minor Arcana later, depending), and write a short fic to go with it. I will post one a week, every week, until the entire deck is through. :) (That's the plan, anyway, but then, things rarely ever go to plan for me).

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The Fool

A new beginning, a fresh start, infinite paths, and taking a risk. Both the beginning and end, life and death, he is the symbol of endless possibilities, and the ability to go in any direction.

Shouldering the pack on his shoulders, Merlin smiled as he crested the hill, and stopped for a moment to just watch.

He'd heard of how beautiful Camelot was, but until now, he hadn't believed it could be this beautiful. He took in a deep, sharp breath as he saw how big it was. Much bigger than any town he'd ever been to on the rare occasion of his mother's travels.

Much, much, much bigger.

The white stone of the castle gleamed in the sunlight, tall spires spearing into the sky atop large towers, and while Merlin knew castles were forts of war, he had trouble believing it of this one.

His mother's words to be careful, as magic was illegal in Camelot, floated through his head, but really, a city this beautiful, beheading innocent people for magic? That was impossible, Merlin was sure of it.

"Camelot Palace, here I come," he muttered, setting off down the hill. He wasn't just headed for the city – he was headed for the palace. He didn't really know his uncle, but he was eager to meet the man – he's heard great things about Gaius.

Yes. Seeing the city, he could truly believe his mother when she said great things would happen here, and that Merlin was destined for them. Even that stray dog following him was agreeing with him, if that incessant barking was anything to go by.

Feeling a spring in his step and light in his heart, Merlin set off for the city, towards what he could swear rang of destiny, even if he was never sure if he should believe-

"AH!" Merlin yelped out as he slipped and found himself hanging off a small cliff. Apparently, the hill cut off rather abruptly, leading to a half-cliff-half-ravine that went down about a hundred feet.

Sighing, Merlin looked up to see the dog whining down at him.

"Thanks," he muttered, before using his hands and feet and hoisting himself back up, immediately starting back on a much safer route towards the gleaming city.

Well, no one ever said great people didn't have their moments.

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