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Tai and Matt spent months searching for a way to bring Tk and Kari back.

Izzy researched all they knew about the Digital World, the place where Tk and Kari disappeared to.

Sora, Mimi, and Joe all stayed hopeful.

Davis, Yolei, and Cody knew nothing of the Digital World, and assumed that Tk and Kari had run away.

The loss of their daughter brought Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya back together. They are still praying for Kari's return.

Mrs. Takaishi was beside herself with worry. Mr. Ishida, however, knew that the two were safe in the Digital World.


"Can you believe it's been a year?" asked Matt. He and Tai walked slowly along the sidewalk, thinking about their siblings.

"I know. I hope they come back one day. I…"

"Tai! Look!" shouted Matt, pointing to the beach where two lone figures stood, hand in hand. Tai and Matt ran down the steps to the beach and collided with Tk and Kari. The four all cried at the sight of their siblings. Tk and Kari smiled.

"We're back."


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