The Tale Of Two Fighters

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Summary: Leo and Lili have been enemies since they started highschool. When they get lost during a field trip to Italy, they have to put aside their differences until they can find their class.

AN: The way I set up the story is that every two chapters is technically one chapter. Because the first chapter would be in Lili's point of view and the second chapter would be the same thing except in Leo's point of view.

"Wait a moment. Before you go, Lili, your father wanted me to double check your homework." my butler sebastion said, as I was reaching for the door. I closed the door and headed back to the kitchen where Sebastion was and dug through my backpack.

It was awfully messy in there but I managed to find my homework folder. I handed it to my most trusted and only butler. He skimmed through it.

"I'm sorry about this Lili, but you know how your father gets. Even because of your grades lately." I only half listened.

I never use to have a problem with school. I was perfect. But for some reason I can't seem to comprehend what my teachers are saying anymore. And I feel dumb when everyone gets up to turn in there finished test when i would still be on question one. I never understood what my problem was but I promised daddy I would do better.

He even said that if i manage to get a B, then he will buy me these brand new go-go boots that just came out in France.

"Good job. I'm so proud of you. You did your studies." I manage a smile before I put my folder away and said my goodbye to Sebastion. Then I headed for school.

I climbed into my red mustang that my daddy bought me for my sixteenth birthday last week. Then I headed for my friend Ling Xiaoyu's house.

Ling moved to America the same time as I did. So we were both the new foreign students. That's how we became friends.

I pulled up in front the little house where Ling lived with her grandfather. I knocked on the door and her grandpa answered.

"Hello, Grandfather Wang, is Ling here." he looked at me like I wasn't supposed to be here. Then his eyes popped open over his glasses.

"Today's Thursday isn't it?" he exclaimed.

"Ling's not up yet?" I asked him. I was beggining to lose my patience with him.

"I'll get h-OH! OW! OHHH MY BACK!" he fell onto the wooden floor and howled. I rolled my eyes and walked around the old man so I can wake up my best friend. She was sleeping in her bed peacefully. I hated to wake her up right now but we had school, and she wouldn't appreciate sleeping the day before the big field trip.

Tomorrow, our class was going to Italy from Friday through Tuesday. Me, Ling, and our other best friend Miharu were going to have the time of our . Learning about Rome, meeting italian boys, staying up all night talking about the day. It was something I never did.

Sure I visited Italy before. Twice actually. But it wasn't the same going with your father and Sebastion where they made sure you didn't wander off. Or only going there and staying in the hotel won't be there to supervise me. So I can do anything I want.

"Ling." called out shaking her. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at me. hen at my uniform. Then next thing you knew she shot out of bed.

"SCHOOL! I'M GONNA BE LATE!!" she cried as she scrambled to get her stuff ready. She yelled out the door in chinese at her grandfather and Wang responded. In the next two minutes she brushed her teeth and dressed into the school's the same time. I was quite impressed. I had to wake up early in order to be able to put on my uniform shirt.

She ran out the door with me following close behiind. When we were in the car she was breathing hard.

"Are you alright?" I asked. she held up a finger.

"Give me a moment." she gasped. I giggled at that. Ling always made me laugh. The next stop was Miharu's house.

Miharu came to America a year after Ling. Apparently they were best friends in China. At first I was worried i would lose ling to her, but she was willing to share.

When we pulled up at her Apartment (she lives alone) she was alreadyb waiting for us outside. She climbed into the back.

"Morning." she cheered.

"Morning!" we said back.

Miharu's apartment was only a couple of blocks away from the school, Mishima high. So it wasn't a long drive.

"What are you going to wear for the trip tomorrow, Xiao?" Miharu asked. Xiao thought for a sec.

"I don't know. Maybe you guys can come over and help me pick." An idea appeared in my head.

"Guys, why don't we sleepover at my house. Then we can get on the bus together." my friends screamed in excitement.

"My gosh, that is a super mega awesome idea!" Ling sqealed again. As I turned into the school a screech of tires caused me to stomp on the brakes as a screamed next to me.

"Oof!" I groaned as we shot back in our seats.

"Is everyone alright?" Miharu asked.

"I'm fine."


I looked behind me at what cause the commotion and i gritted my teeth as I saw the person behind the wheel.

Leo Kliesen.

We have been enemies since the first day of High School. She shoved me purposely in the hallways and didn't even apologize.


"Excuse you!" I accused as I adjusted my backpack. She looked at me like I was supposed to apologize.

"What was that supposed to mean?" she asked me. Well duh, if you push somebody it's your fault. Everyone knows that.

"You pushed me!" I yelled. She rolled her eyes.

"You should get your facts straight before you accuse people." I retorted. I did a double take. She accused me of pushing HER.

I walked up to her and pushed her to the ground. "Oops." I said. She glared up at me. She stood up faster then I can say Stay Away then shoved me back.

"Sorry! Happy." She wanted to get smart. I'll show you smart, I thought. I grabbed her hand and twisted her whole arm over making her bend over painfully. I hopped onto her back so she can collide to the floor and turned on one foot.

A crowd was drawn by then. Thinking I was done I was surprised to find her stand up again. She stretched raising her arms up and let her back crack into place. She ran to me and grabbed my arm. She first hit me in my face, making me dazed for a second. Then she punched my stomach and lastly elbowed me and I skidded across the floor.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" yelled the crowd. I jumped back to my feet, my stomach did a kick but I ignored it. I looked around me. Cheering crowd, large space, no teachers in sight...yet.

"This is a great place to fight, don't you think?" I asked. The girl across of me gave a smug grin. She rose her arms up and her eyes lit up.

"Get ready!" she commaded. We both got into our fighting stance.

End of flashback

Leo's eyes burned into mine as we both gripped the wheel. Why did she stop. Trying to pick another fight? I asked myself.

The girl next to Leo frantically whispered to her while glancing at me. I recognized her as Asuka Kazama, Jin's cousin. I figured that they were friends since I always see them together.

Leo nodded without taking her eyes off me. her hands relaxed at the wheel. So did mine as I took a deep breath.

"Lili?" Ling asked. "I think they want us to move up." I looked at the position that our car was in. the reason Leo stopped was because without knowing, I cut them off at the entrance. I blushed at my own silly mistake and entered the entranceway so they can pass.

I felt Leo's glare still burning through the window.

"You promise to be good on the trip right?" I looked next to me in class at Ling. I blinked twice not understanding what she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Your not going to start with Leo or her friends, right?" I thought about what she said again trying to take it in. Then I slapped my forhead.

I had forgotten. Leo and her friends were in my class. Of course she's going to be coming with us. I would have to avoid her at all cost in order to enjoy the trip. For me that would be hard.


I rocketed ten feet in the air. It was just Miharu slamming a book on my desk. She didn't look too happy.

"Miharu is something wrong?" Ling asked, concerned. Miharu just let out a loud sad sigh as she sat behind me.

"My aunt called. She was in a car accident and is in the hospital." she told us.

"Is she okay?" I asked. She nodded.

"She's fine. Just a couple of bruises and broken bones. She's going to be staying at the hospital over the weekend and I'm going to China to visit her. So I can't make the trip."

"I'm sorry. Are you sure you can't make it. Maybe the teacher can let you leave early." I asked. She shook her head.

"Really, you guys have fun. Don't worry about me. We always have next year's field trip. I heard we go to Las Angelas." she smiled at us trying to brighten up the mood.


The bell rang and we were off. I ran into Jin on the way.

Eighter though his cousin was best friends with my enemy, I found him quite to my liking.

"Hi, Jin." I greeted, twirling my hair involuntarily. He just nodded towards my way.

Jin was a year older then me. So he wasn't going to be on the trip with us, sadly.

"Um...hi Jin." Ling said behind me. I almost didn't see her.

"Ling, let's hurry to the Cafeteria before all the good seats get taken." I held her hand and pulled her to the Cafetorium.

Ling, miharu, and got our trays of lasgna and sat at the last good table in the cafeteria. The other was right next to the trashcans. As soon as we set our trays down we heard, at the same time, four other trays.

I looked up and saw Asuka, Hwoarang, Steve. and right across from me, Leo. We had a glaring contest for five seconds straight.

"Do you mind moving, there's a perfect table for you right there." I exclaimed to them pointing at the table by the trashcans.

Leo and her friends looked behind them at the area I was pointing, then leo looked back at me.

"Why should we move. We were here first." she said.

"I think you need to get your eyes checked. But we were here first." I told her.

"Leo, it's alright let's just move." Steve whispered. leo rolled her eyes at her.

"But leo was right. We were here first." I was surprised that it wasn't leo who spoke but Hwoarang.

"It's just a table I don't understand why we can't just sit over there?" Asuka asked. As if on cue a big kid with glasses ran to the trashcan and THREW UP. Gross!

"Hell. No." Leo said.

"I don't want to sit there!" Ling complained to me. Like we were actually going to move. We stood there for a whole minute waiting for the other to surrender. Leo, realizing I was not moving, turned on her heel with her tray and sat at the other table.

Then Steve and Asuka followed her. hwoarang looked back between our table and theirs, then with a grimace walked towards where the others were sitting. (he made sure to move his chair all the way to Steve's side since that chair was right next to the trashcan.)

I flipped my hair and sat down at the table. It was quiet for a moment.

"Lili, if I say this will you get mad?" Miharu asked. I looked at her skeptically.

"it depends what it is." I told her. She hesitated for a minute.

"they were here first." she said. I dropped the lasgna I had on my fork.

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