Wow I'm sorry guys. It's been over a month since I last updated. Totally without warning. Well, since it really has been a while, how about a recap.

Leo and Lili were enemies and school, and their class is going to Italy for as class trip. What was meant to be a weekend of fun turned into a survival when the two fall down and cliff and into the hands of Michele Buoronni, a mob boss who escaped from prison recently. During the counted days the two teenagers got closer and learned a little bit about themselves. Leo had just devised a plan.

I think it would be better if I wrote this in 3rd person.

"Somebody! Anybody! hurry it's an emergency!!" cried a young man. A group of Michele's men heard the cries but tried to ignore them. But they decided that it was best to see what was going on with their prisoners.

When they entered the metal doors a man with spiky red hair about seventeen grabbed hold of one of the guards bawling his eyes out.

"The girls! Their hurt! I think a snake bit them." The man the boy was clinging onto shoved him down and approached the two blondes laying corpse like on the ground. He recognized them as the most recent prisoners. He kicked the german softly and another man checked the Lili's pulse to see if she was breathing.

Then a sharp kick was aimed at his back from one fo the other prisoners. A man nearby the door took out his gun and closed the door slightly.

The next thing you knwo the men were duck taped and tied.

"Cony, Filberta," Leo commanded. A tall lean young man about sixteen with blonde hair and a lot taller young woman with tan skin and wearing a tattered gown with messy brown hair stripped two of the mens clothes and pulled them over their own.

Filberta tucked her hair under one of the prisoners hats to hide her long hair and wore sunglasses. The two escaped towards the stairs as scope out.

"Tina and Scely head out and hot wire exactly ten cars." A woman with beautiful dark black hair in a gothic outfit and a chubby kid with glasses gave Leo a funny look. "There's twenty people here so there's enough." The two took her word and followed the other couple.

"Galton you stay here with the others until we tell you." The german demanded. A muscular man about eighteen nodded, tightening the knot on one of the ropes. Lili searched the tied up men- who were squirming and screaming causing Galton to slap them- and pulled out walkie talkies.

"We'll reach you with this." Galton accepted the talkie. Lili turned to Leo. "I hope this works."

"What's going on up there?" Niccolo asked Cony and Filberta, assuming they were working for him.

"Nothing, just the prisoners causing a ruckus. But, we got them." Cony didn't face him as he spoke. The italian was suspicous but headed to Michele's office.

VROOM! VROOM! A couple of men nearby saw the escapees and headed towards them. Tina used her rather rusty streetfighting skills and stun them with her punches and kicks.

Leo and Lili heard the cars and headed towards the front door, as expected men were heading to the door. Lili flipped in the air and stomped on one of the guys heads. A man aimed the gun at her and leo threw one of Michele's men in front of Lili. The two swept up the men from the front. Leo grabbed her talkie.

"Galton hurry and get the others."

The place was practically shaking as fifty people ran down the stairs and trampled the reamining guards. They climbed into their designated cars and their drivers sped off. Escaping. They were free.

Only two motored cars were left. Leo and Lili, hand in hand ran outside to wear the remaining prisoners were left.

"Are you sure you don't want us split up?" Scely asked, adjusting his glasses.

"We got it from here." Leo told him.

"Leo! Lili!" it was Tommy running towards the two. he grabbed onto to Lili's dress.

"I'll come with you. I want to mae sure your alright." Lili smiled at the young boy.

"We'll be fine. Go on." she patted his head and gave him a gentle push towards the car. "hurry!" she told him. Tommy climbed into the back and the car sped off. The last two took the last running car. And they sped off.

"What now?" Lili asked her partner.

"We head to the train station. Our class is heading back today and we have to make it before it leaves us." just then a bullet barely missed Lili's window. the passenger looked back and saw a nice silver mercades folowing them. A three guards, Niccolo and Michele (though you could barely see him.)

It's the Ultimater Showdown!! In chapter 19. The next chapter will show what was going on back at the hotel. I'm a bit rusty so don't worry I'll do better.