She was sobbing, pleading with him. He was right. He was always right. She could admit it now.

She should have known that he was perfect. She should have never tried to leave him behind. She should have never left him for someone so worthless. She had gotten distracted by her high school fairy tale fantasies yet again. She had met another 'Nate knock-off' as Chuck liked to call him. She had thought he would be her prince; that he would be the perfect gentleman that Nate had never grown into and Chuck could never be.

She had thought that she could finally get what she had dreamed of. She had forgotten that with Chuck she had more than that. She had gone too far in a fight and thought that the latest blonde-haired, well-behaved, attractive male she had met would be the perfect replacement for the bad boy who should have been a temporary phase in her life (though everyone knew that he wasn't, except for her).

But she was back, because she realized it now. She realized what everyone else saw; Chuck was her future. He was her prince. He was her one and only. She had just been too blinded by her childish dreams to see that together they were perfect; no one else could be better for her.

And he was just standing there, glaring at her. He had always bent over backwards for her, giving in at the slightest pout, or even the hint of a tear forming. But now he couldn't do that. He couldn't continue to let her abuse his feelings; they were too fragile.

He looked at her tear-stained face and shook his head, "I should have known," he sneered, "you've always had a weakness for the slow, pretty boys, and I could never be that. I should have known you would get distracted by the first Nate-look-a-like that came along."

"Chuck," she pleaded, "I didn't-, it wasn't like that! I just-," she paused and she looked down as she sighed, "I screwed up, Chuck. And I'm sorry. We were fighting, and he reminded me of what I had always thought I wanted when I was younger and I just-, I'm sorry."

She looked up at him pleadingly, and he just snorted, "You apology means absolutely nothing to me now, Blair. It doesn't matter how I feel about you; Chuck Bass is no one's second choice."

"You're not my second choice!" Blair cried, "I want YOU, Chuck! No one else; just you. Forever. There are no excuses for what I did. I never should have left you for him. I realize that now. But I can't take it back. I can only apologize."

She took a tentative step towards him, reaching out to touch his arm, but he backed away, lifting his hand to stop her as he looked away, "Too bad your apologies mean shit to me now."

He turned and walked out of the apartment, closing the door behind him without a second glance (he couldn't risk seeing her break down, he didn't know if he could leave her if he saw her truly broken).

Once he was gone, she crumbled to the floor as her sobs overtook her. She had really messed things up. She was supposed to be the angel and he was supposed to be the devil. Who would have guessed that the angel would be the one causing the devil so much pain? Who would have guessed that the angel would be wishing desperately for the devil to walk back through the door?

"I always knew you were a sucker for the slow and pretty ones, I'm sorry I couldn't be that, but your apologies mean nothing to me now, no your apologies don't mean shit to me now." - 'Angel' by Flight 409