Meltdown in the Park

A Gilmore Girls fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Failing

A/N: Hello! I was looking through my list of fics and noticed that I had never finished The Incredible Rising Lorelai, which was my first fic ever. I decided that, so many years later, I would revise it and abbreviate it. This is that revision, and I know exactly where I'm going with this, so rest assured that this fic will actually be completed. Remember that Lorelai and Jason are not together in this story. Enjoy!

Lorelai Gilmore hobbled over to Luke's truck, her feet in pain and her confidence shattered, and smiled weakly to herself. He's wearing the clothes I bought him, she thought to herself. He looks nice in them.

"Hey, Luke," she stammered when she finally reached his truck. In her emotionally distressed state, all she was able to focus on were his clothes. She bought them for him a long time ago, three years ago, to be exact. She distinctly remembered how shocked his then-girlfriend Rachel had looked when she walked in on Lorelai dressing him. Judging by her reaction, you would have thought I was making out with him or something. Lorelai mentally slapped herself. Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, you cannot be thinking of kissing Luke!

"Lorelai, are you okay?" Luke peered into the brunette's face worriedly, snapping her out of her daze. For the first time, she couldn't seem to string together any coherent thoughts when he looked at her like that. She settled for a nod while she mentally berated herself for being so pathetically dumb. "Do you want to sit down?" Lorelai lifted her eyes from tracing his lips to gazing into his deep blue eyes, noticing the concern that floated around in them.

No, that can't be it, she denied to herself. He's married, Lorelai. Remember that.

"Lorelai, can you speak?"

She nodded vehemently, despite the fact that it was an outright lie. Obviously, she was having trouble talking, but tell Luke that, and he'd think the world was ending. "Luke, I—" Lorelai started and stopped, cut off when she looked into his eyes again. "I…" Okay, Lorelai, try again. "There aren't very many times when I find myself thinking, 'I wish I was married.'" Judging from Luke's face and her own humiliation, neither of them expected the conversation to go in that direction, but now that Lorelai had began, it was hard to stop the words pouring out of her mouth. "But sometimes I just wish I had someone to, you know, pick up the slack."

Lorelai realized by this point that she was just babbling, but Luke simply gazed at her with those blue eyes, full of understanding. He was used to her tendency to incessant talking, something that still confounded Lorelai after all these years.

Before she even realized what was happening, she had broken down. She buried her head in Luke's chest and allowed him to wrap an arm around her in comfort while she sobbed her heart out. She'd lost all control of her normal faculties, and she found herself blubbering, "I was going to ask you for 30,000 dollars at dinner tonight…"

Lorelai thought she couldn't feel worse that night, but when she heard herself cry and literally beg her best friend for money, she hit a new low.

Real smooth, Lorelai.

A/N: I wrote really short chapters when I was just starting out! This is so short! Well, hopefully it's enough of a teaser to get some people interested. Review, please!