Meltdown in the Park

A Gilmore Girls fic by Gigi

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Chapter 3: Just Peachy

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As soon as the door to Luke's apartment above the diner closed behind them, Luke spun around and cupped Lorelai's face in his hands. An unsure smile rested on his scruffy face, and his blue eyes sparkled with questions, namely asking her if she was absolutely sure about what they were doing. In answer, Lorelai leaned her head forward and met his lips in a gentle kiss.

Relief passed through the diner owner at the kiss, but he kept it soft and sweet enough that when he pulled away, Lorelai was smiling coyly. "Now, now, that won't do," she whispered before grabbing his collar and pulling him down to kiss him again much more fervently than before. His hands found purchase on her waist as he backed the brunette into the door. "Ouch!"

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Luke asked, a little out of breath. His hands refused to move from her waist. If anything, his grip tightened as if he were afraid she would disappear if he let go.

Lorelai simply moved slightly to the left to keep the doorknob from digging into her back and laughed. "I'm just peachy." With those three words, her lips were on his once more, and he pushed her farther into the door, sliding her up inch by inch until she had to bend her neck to keep their lips touching. A frustrated murmur sounded from Lorelai's throat when her hands' exploration of Luke's back were interrupted by his annoying leather jacket. Why did he even buy that stupid thing anyway? she thought to herself indignantly. Oh, right. I bought it for him.

Luke pulled back from the kiss at her groan, staring at her. Words wouldn't form on her tongue, so she tapped on his jacket and kissed him again, slipping it off his shoulders. His hands shot right back up as soon as they were free, one returning to her waist and the other caressing the skin of her neck.

After a few more seconds, Luke detached his lips from Lorelai's before trailing kiss down her neck and collarbone. He heard her breath hitch and he reluctantly ceased his ministrations in order to look her in the eye. "Are you absolutely sure about this?"

Her only answer was, once again, by kissing him deeply. After that, Luke showed absolutely no hesitation in reaching for the zipper of her dress, eliciting a small giggle from the inn owner. "Luke!" she exclaimed with a mock-scandalized expression painted on her face. A tiny scowl alighted on his, and Lorelai heard something resembling, "Shut up," leave his mouth just before his lips found hers once more.

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