This one was a challenge to myself, to try to break my writer's block:

Put a South Park reference into the Whoniverse, with no crossovers.

RIP Isaac Hayes.

"How could you.... what- EARRGH!" were the last words of Th'arck the Monstrous, just before he dissolved in a screaming ball of light.

Jack and Rose looked back over their shoulders after a few stunned seconds, to see the Doctor, arms folded, staring at the same spot they had been with a somber expression.

"Doctor," said Rose, "that... man said he had extensive plans against any interference."

"Yeah, well, plans," said the Doctor. "The enemy always have 'em." His eyes darkened. "Sometimes work, even. Not this time, though. Not against me."

Jack cleared his throat. "I had a few words with his Minister of Intelligence, er..." The Doctor turned his gaze to him, a contemptuous 'Words.' Right. written across his face. "Seems to me, he'd planned for that too."

"Cut it short, what are you talking about?"

"He said that his Emperor had plans 'against attacks from crazy creatures and fairy tales'," said Jack. "He mentioned the Time Lords as one of those."

"You didn't have a plan, did you Doctor?" said Rose.

"Course I had a plan! Worked too, didn't it?"

"Get captured, run in, smash the backup altar, and hope Jack did what you told him not to? You call that a plan?!" Rose's voice rose in anger, especially since the Doctor had turned his back on them and started strolling back to the TARDIS mid-sentence.

Jack stepped forward. "Doc-"

The Doctor turned suddenly. "Look, it's about quality over quantity, all right?"

Rose blinked. "What?"

The Doctor rolled his eyes, took a deep breath, and looked at her. Dropped his voice an octave.

"It's not how good I make it, Rose, it's how I make it good."

In the stunned silence, he grinned and dove back into the TARDIS, with a shout of, "Now come on!"

"Did he just say what I think he did?"

"Oh, I think he did," said Jack, with a leer toward the doorway. "Mmm-hmm."

Rose frowned and gave him a playful punch in the arm. "Oi! Hands off!"

"Who said anything about hands?"

Another swat from Rose, and they were on their way into the TARDIS, shutting the door behind them.