Bottou-chan's Blanket Fic
Genjuro & Shiju's
Mission in the Mountains:
A Blanket-Fic Poem

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All right... here I am, trespassing on Someone's territory. But I can't get predictable, ne? ;o)

Shiju and I-- the mangy mutt--
Were walking in the snow;
On a mission we had gone,
As we were told to go.

Unfortunately for us, a hare
Shiju's path did cross--
My pet set out in hot pursuit,
And soon we both were lost.

Nightfall came too suddenly,
Before we found our way;
Instead, we found a cabin small
In which we two could stay.

Alas and alack, no firewood
Or matches could be found;
The only source of warmth I saw:
A blanket on the ground.

Upon which, my pet did pounce
And for his own did claim;
For that I knew I would not stand,
For Shiju was to blame.

I snatched away the blanket dear
And said to him with scowl,
"The blanket's mine, you lousy thing!"
He took it back and growled.

My ire sparked, I snatched it back;
"You mangy little cur!
You'd leave your master to freeze to death,
While you were warm in fur?"

That seemed to be his very plan,
For showing no remorse,
My own creation took it once more;
I stole it back, of course.

And so we two, the man and beast,
Fought till we were quite warm--
And thus managed to survive the night,
Though the blanket became torn.

When morning came, I shrank him down
To more manageable size;
Regretting I hadn't done so before
We shredded up our prize.

And with my pet in pocket safe,
I put us on our way;
Making mental note to ask
A human partner from Kurei.

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