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A Mio and Ritsu Fanfiction

Mio's Little Revelation

After a crazy band session with the usual group, two girls were sitting in a room thinking of stuff to do for the summer. It's been a little while since Mio and Ritsu did something interesting. However, it didn't mean that their current lives were boring. There was just a need for a drop of spice in their relationship.

"Nee Mio.. I'm bored.." Ritsu was playing around with her partner's long silky hair. Tying butterflies, creating shapes and making dead knots.

"Ritsu!! Stop making weird stuff out of my hair! You're gonna ruin it." With a sigh, Mio frowned and turned around. She jerked back immediately, attempting to avoid the collision with Ritsu's huge forehead.

"W-Wha.. Ouch! ... Mou.. Ritsu… Don't stick your head so close, you have a hard skull you know that?" Yet another sigh was let out, signifying the distress of the bassist.

"Ah! I'm sorry Mio.. Hee.. There.. I'll give you a rub and a kiss and everything will be alright." Ritsu put on a big kitty Nya~~ smile after landing a smooch on Mio's forehead.

She reached out her hand as Mio inched closer.

"And Mio.. Don't sigh too much.. You'll lose twenty five seconds of your life every time you sigh. That means we'll be together twenty five seconds lesser! And I don't want that.." With a cheeky smile, Ritsu patted Mio on the head, stroking her hair.

Mio blushed lightly as she enjoyed the pampering of her love. It felt fuzzy and warm. Just like hiding in a thick blanket during winter. Little snuggles, hugs and kisses fell upon those two. Just for a second, Mio wished every moment would feel like this. She would happily ascend to heaven with no regrets.

"Hey Mio.. I'm curious.. And I want to know more about your tastes." Ritsu suddenly sat upright and faced Mio. On the other hand Mio awoke from a dreamy spell as her soft comfy pillow released her grip.

"Nee.. Do you like soft and light kisses or wet and extreme ones??" Ritsu was perked with curiosity as she looked deep into Mio's dark eyes.

"Wha-What?! Why do you ask?" Mio immediately averted her gaze from the brunette, her face filled with embarrassment.

"Mio... come on.. Tell me, won't you?" Ritsu prodded as she tried to turn Mio back to her, to no avail.

"N-No! I'm not saying anything." Mio pouted and hid her rosy cheeks while facing the floor.

"No?? Aww.. That's too bad then. Then I guess I won't be able to give you kisses for some time if I don't know your preference.." She had a slight hint of disappointment on her face. Just enough to make Mio lower her eyebrows and wrinkle in despair.

Struggling with a response, Mio barely uttered a sentence. "B-But why does it matter? I love everything about you, so no matter what you do to me.. I-I'll be happy."

"Oh really..??" That usual snickering face had crept its way up Ritsu's face.

"Tell me Mio! I insist on having an answer!"

"Oh! How are we having dinner tonight? Shall we eat out? Or get some delivery? How about—"

"Mio! Don't divert the topic! Answer me~!"

Suddenly, Ritsu stood up. And with a bright smile on her face, she bent down again, looking at a furiously blushing Mio, as red as a fresh ripe tomato.

"Ahhh— I know.. I'll add an incentive for you. I'll do your bidding for one day if you give me an acceptable answer. How about that? Ha! You can't possibly pass up that offer, can you? I know you've been dying to tease me all along. I might have stumbled on some of your dirty little secrets.. Heh heh.."

"I-It's nothing!! And I have no secrets! W-Wait.. Did you just say anything?" Mio shot up in surprise.

"Yes. Anything you say.." Ritsu's eyebrow twitched. "Ehh.. There are some exceptions of course.. Like you know.. Impossible things like run a hundred laps or give you a million yen or something like that.. Ahaha.. But!! A promise is a promise. I'll do whatever you say. A man never goes back on his words!"

"Ritsu.. You're not a man.. You're a hyperactive, nosy and curious kid!!" Mio bolted back with a death glare.

"Oh yea.. I forgot.. Hahaha~ Alright alright.. I promise I won't go back on my word!! Pinky swear!!" Ritsu's pinky then stuck out and hovered along Mio's line of sight, when it was quickly grasped by another of its kind.

"Well.. O-Okay.. I-I think I like ta-taon a little more.." What Mio let out was a soft whisper, barely audible.

"Sorry I didn't hear you properly.. Would you mind saying it again? Louder please~" Ritsu was starting to feel evilly curious. If any one looked at her now, they would probably notice some horns on her head.

"TONGUE!! TONGUE!! MOU!!! Ritsu you idiot!!!" Oh, this time it was loud and clear. Filled to the brim with embarrassment, Mio turned away, fidgeting and wriggling all about.

"Ouh.. Mio.. That's so bold of you! Heh.. Really?? That means it's a wet then.. What a nice surprise.. Heh heh.."

Mio was still avoiding her partner's gaze as uncontrollable giggles could be heard.

"Y-You're just like a lecherous old man!!" A depressed and half angered face revealed itself.

"Okay okay.. I'm a lecherous old man.. And what does that make you? A desperate old woman? Ha!!" Just then, Ritsu stood up and ran, as there was a ball of fist targeted at her head.

"You!! Come back here and let me hit you now!!!"

"Not gonna~ Lalala~"


"Uwaahhh!! No.. Don't!! Wait! Be careful! Y-You're gonna fall on me!! Wa—"

Writhing and heavy panting could be heard. They shared the same ache as both figures plopped against the bed, with the long haired girl landing on top.

"Mio... I... I-I'm gonna suffocate soon. Mio.. Release me.. Pwease.. P— Haah… Oh God, I thought I was going to die. Haah haah… Hey.. You put on some weight, didn't you? I don't remember you being that heavy— OUCH!! That hurt MIO!!"

Ritsu gave a sad puppy look as Mio threatened to get another one of those heavy punches on her head.

"Okay.. I'm sorry.. Haha.. You're light.. So very light.. Nee.. Don't be angry anymore Mio sama~ I love you alright? I love you so much~" Ritsu reached out an embrace as Mio came crashing down with an abrupt kiss followed by a hug.

"Ritsu, you idiot."

There was a moment of silence before one of them spoke.

"So.. What were you gonna ask me to do for my part of my promise?" She stroked Mio's head gently as they lay against the setting sun.

"Hmmm.. I-I want us to have a role play.. I've been thinking that it would be kind of.. kind of interesting."

"Ooh!! A role play! I haven't done that since we're kids I think. Haha. Okay. What do you want me to play as? A prince?" Ritsu attempted a 'prince charming' smile.

"You look like an idiot." Mio playfully smacked her head, frowned for a second and continued.

"I.. I.. I want you to treat me as your servant!"

"Wha-What?! Servant?! Maid?!"

"—And.. Maybe order me around for a bit.."

"S-Servant?!! And I'm the master?! Ehhh?!!! … Mio.. You like being subjected to torture and teasing?!! You.. You're a masochist!!!" Ritsu was now gaping, with her mouth hanging out wide.

"N-NO!! I-I just thought that being a maid would be fun! It's not what you think! Fine.. Don't do it. I'll change my mind—"

"Heh. No can do.. What's said is said. You can't take it back~" Ritsu grinned widely.. Her thoughts already drifting elsewhere..

"Well.. Okay then, Mio.. Since I'm staying over tonight, we'll start the game the first thing tonight! Right after dinner!"


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Well this idea came pretty randomly to me. It's pretty naughty to imagine those two like that. Ahh.. Oh well.. I guess the next chapter would be a little bit more "SExciting"..

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