Hey guys! I have also made this story, based exactly on the characters from Wild Child. All the names will be the same.

I have decided to start the story off from where most people saw them in the credits. This story will be written from multiple points of view. Hopefully i will do my best not to confuse you too much. Anyway, enjoy!


So here i am. Sitting on a blowup chair on top of the cold pool water, sitting next to my 4 best friends in the whole world, and my boyfriend. Ever since i went to Abbey Mount, i truly think i have changed into a better person. Maybe it's just me, but i actually think that i am completely like my mother. Surrounded by my friends, having a boyfriend who cares about me, and being a leader on the lacrosse team at my school.

"So what do we next 'ere in L.A. Poppy? I can't think of anything else! Nails, hair, shopping, swimming, and you even took us to some fashion show." Kate said quite matter-of-factly.

"Well, Trouble, i am enjoying every moment we spend together so you just keep leading us to whatever might come ahead." My amazing boyfriend Freddie commented. I was absolutely thrilled when i was told that he could come see me for the summer. Well, most of the summer anyway. Then right before we had to go back for school, he was supposed to go back to England and be there for a while. I was dreading that moment ever since the second i heard it was going to happen.

I tried to look over my head so my eyes could meet him, but the sun seemed to blind me to a point where my mind just figured it was worth it. Of course my body thought otherwise. In my lame reactions my entire body flipped over. One thing led to another, and there i am. In my own pool holding my breath and praying that i left my phone outside of the pool and instead of on my lap. I heard laughing from above the water as my body slowly started to ascend upwards. Gravity pulling me up, as some would say.

"Ha-ha, Poppy trying to cool off?" Drippy seemed to be the one who was the funniest of all of us. Yet, she seemed out of it most of the time. Maybe that was where her humor came from.

"Now why'd you do 'hat?" Julie questioned. She was laughing too, and i assumed her question was more of a question that wasn't looking for an answer.

Freddie looked at me with sparkling eyes. Well it looked that way. Maybe they just appeared to be looking that way because my vision was semi-blurred from the chlorine in the water. Then i saw a cheeky smile pull up on the corners of his face. I didn't need 20/20 vision to see that beauty staring me straight in the face. I swear i was in love. Just looking at that boy, i knew i'd fallin'. And fallen way hard.

"Come here," i heard him whisper. I was the only one that it was directed to. I actually was also the only one who heard it. Kate and Drippy were busy looking through a magazine i had given them a while back, and Josie & Kiki were laughing about some song that they were listening to. No doubt it was a 'Weird Al' song i showed them. Apparently they had never heard of him before! Ha! He's only just the funniest man to ever make parodies of other peoples genius music.

I slowly made my way towards the edge of the pool and put my arms up on the edge pulling my body upwards a tad bit. Freddie leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I let the taste linger there for a moment before i licked my lips. He laughed at my gesture then gave me an explanation as to why he had kissed me. I didn't feel like i needed one though. I love when he kisses me. It not only makes my heart race, but it makes me smile. Smile like when i used to just have mother-daughter dates with my mom.

"I think you deserved that after flipping over into the water after you wanted to look at me. But i must say, you do look quite enthralling all wet." He hinted that i looked more attractive while wet? Hmm, i see that the boy is growing into a man. PERV. Haha i love him so damn much it hurts.


"Sooooooooooooooooo, what will it be? Chocolate, or Vanilla." Of course it would be US, standing here in the longest dairy queen line i have ever seen in my life. Maybe the line was only there because Drippy was taking FOREVER to figure out which kind she wanted. Drippy loves Chocolate, but ever since i made her try some Vanilla ice cream, she has become addicted to it. She can't even walk into my house without checking to see if we have any Vanilla ice cream left.

"She'll take a Chocolate thanks. I'll have a chocolate milkshake too thanks." I tried to order fast so the people behind us wouldn't get mad. It was only me and Drippy out to ice cream today. Kate, Kiki, Josie, and Freddie were out exploring sites. Drippy wasn't feeling well so i decided to take her out for some ice cream. I wish Freddie was here though. It's really like there is a whole in my heart when he is gone. Like how it was since my mom left. But then i met the best girls in the world, made them my friends, and fell in love. That whole seemed to almost dissapear. But when they are gone, and my mum is gone... well, it seems that whole just gets bigger and brodder.

Well, the first one is just basic, and it will be setting up things for the future. So I guess you can call it a 'fill in' but I assure you, the chapters get much longer as time goes on :) thanks for reading! review for any questions or concerns...or ideas? :D

~Emily~ /drpepperluvgurl :D:D