Here goes nothing...

So, I've done a lot of thinking lately, and well I have come to a conclusion. For starters, I will not be going back and forth between 2 guys, it's so Bella Swan. Second, I've come to realize something very important in the decision I am going to be making soon. Which one will I see more? Which one will I be be able touch, and let hold me, more? Because, hell, if there's no physical contact in our relationship, I'm not so sure I can keep it up much longer.

Though there were two voices speaking in my mind contradicting one another, I could only think of what was to come of what I was doing. Right this second, I was walking towards the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my senior year with, & possibly go off to college with, while having him in mind. It might not seem like something big for other people -well, many people actually - but it was very important to me. For many reasons. I think everything through (lie) before I do things... Or rather I like to think of the best way to get things done.

My steps felt like they were growing in volume, and pace. I felt my palms shaking ever so slightly, as I perspired cooly on my forehead.

I walked up to the tall figure with the thick, beautiful hair that was blowing soundlessly in the wind. I tapped his shoulder.

"Hey can I talk with you?" He turned around, his eyes glancing first on my collarbone, then widening, but then eventually landing on my eyes. A soft smile appeared on his lips.

"Of course." I took a deep breath getting ready to talk.

"I know how I have been very undecided lately as to who I want to be with, but I am absolutely positive about who it is now. I just hope that he feels the same way." I paused, letting the words sink in a little bit before I continued. Before I started up again, I felt his hand slide into mine, making me smile too. We looked like a young couple, falling in love with each other all over again. The moment was almost too private for such a public place it was taking place in.

"I love you. And it's as more than the love of a friend that cares for someone. I love you with all my heart. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, and I now understand that you feel the same way. I was so blind not to notice this before. Everything about you and I, makes me smile. I know it won't be simple, nor easy, but I know that we can do this." I watched his face brighten instantly, and his hand make it's way towards my cheek. "We can do this." I repeated.

It happened all too quickly, I almost didn't process it. Freddie's moist lips smothered mine in the way I've been longing them to do so, and I felt as if everything was in place once more. We were back, and there was nothing stronger than the feelings we had for each other. This time, there's no pretending. No complications. Everything will work out, and it's a promise that we have made to each other, with this kiss we are sharing right now. Did you ever notice how brisk the air can be on a October Day in England? Stinging, cold, and heartless is the wind on such a day that one can feel only it in the absence of warmth. But our bodies together, now moving in perfect sync, made everything else oblivious. Our bodies together giving us just the right amount of heat to keep us more than comfortable.

The moment ended all too quickly as we needed to inhale a bit more of that chilly air. "I love you," He whispered to me caressing my cheek once more pulling my body closer to his, yet again.

My cheeks flashed a scarlet red, and that's when I knew. I made the right choice. "It's you. It's always been you," I almost started crying as I spoke to him. I knew deep down, that this was what was meant to happen. Him, holding me in his arms, the one place I was fit to be in, forever. All it took was the help of a best friend. If I never met Andrew, I doubt I would be as happy as I am right now. It was true, I did need Andrew. But, I confused the need for a deep feeling of madly in love.

Good thing I got that all straightened out.

"I know. Just wish it didn't take so long for you to finally figure out." And he kissed my lips again, the tender, yet passion filled kiss made my heart flutter. Damn, I thought fairy tales were dead... :)

Thanks mom.

Thanks Drew.

I guess that's it... It may be short, but hey, that's kind of what people wanted. I have a tad bit more material for a sequel already, but it's still all up to you guys on whether you want one. Thanks everyone who read, & thank you to all those people who review. Special thanks to J.E.M2010 for always reviewing, & giving words of support or wisdom. Thanks, you're the best :D I hoped you all liked it... cause honestly, I think I might be a little bit tired of watching that movie every day.. haha :D

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