Well, this is going to be a large scale Naruto fic, OBVIOUSLY. If the description didn't give it away, their will be a Bleach x-over in this, but its not QUITE the kind you're all used to, trust me. This story will remain 85% Naruto, with a mere 15% splattering of bleach here and there. Read and review! Vote on the poll for the pairing too!

A grumpy Naruto, blond hair sticking out haphazardly, yawned in the early morning light, before he opened the door to Tsunade's office, and was met with a glare. "You're late."

He glared at her, his bleary eyes betraying his sleepiness, as well as his desire to go back to sleep. "Well, EXCUSE me for being tired at Five O' Clock in the morning!"

She exteneded her hand, and in it was a scroll. "Just read this gaki, and then you might wake up a little."

He looked down at the parchment he had just been given, and sighed as he read it, even though he just felt like keeling over and going back to bed right now. "Fine, but this had better be good, or I'm telling Ero-senin about that new hotspring you've been keeping a secret from him...

Ignored was the massive amount of killer intent that was sent his way.

He read aloud to himself, nonchalantly, voice heavy with sleep, as he scratched the back of his forehead. "In the shadows of evil, five noble princesses will rise from the shadows of fear. They stand up to fight a great evil. But one of the five will disappear at the end of the great journey. I seek them, and protection for them, once they are found?" After reading it, a rough blond eyebrow rose, confused by it, as he looked back to Tsunade.

"Eh? What the hell is this supposed to mean, grandma?"

Tsunade restrained the powerful urge to smack him upside the head right then and there. "Are you really that dense, Naruto?! This is an S-ranked search/escort mission! The client's asking for only the most highly skilled trackers and bodyguards from the Leaf Village!"

Naruto tilted his head to the side, realization dawning in his eyes. "Hey, if this is an S-rank mission, then is this what pervy sage was all worked up about last night?"

Tsunade nodded sagely. "Good. It looks like all that training actually sharpened your mind as well."

"Watch it," Naruto hissed venemously, but she could tell he was too tired to carry out any threat whatsoever, judging by the bleary look in his eyes. The yawn that followed didn't really sound all that intimidating either.

Sighing, Tsunade decided to stop beating around the bush."Naruto, I'll just cut to the chase. Not only do these princesses need protecting, but unfortunately, they need to be found as well."

"Wait...we don't even know where they are?"

Now it was Tsunade's turn to be somewhat sheepish.

"That's the problem. We only know what country they reside in. Other than that, we have nothing to go on, not a name, and only the vaugest of descriptions when it came to appearance. If not for the substantial fee the client paid in advance, we wouldn't be taking this mission at all."

"So....what's this got to do with me."

Tsunade silenced him with a baleful glare.

"I'm getting to that. Right now, we can't afford to spare any of our Jonin, Anbu, or other highly skilled shinobi, so... you're going with Jiraiya. In fact, I'd like you to bring at least two other Chunin with you. And just so you know, you have five hours to pack your things."

She said all of this within an instant.

For a moment, nothing happened, then blue eyes widened to the point of extrication. Wordlessly, Naruto dropped the scroll, which unraveled as soon as it hit the ground at his feet. His shout of dismay/surprise could be heard throughout the village:


"Just think of it as another training trip." Tsunade suggested.


Next time: Where to start? Where to go? This Mission begins!