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Day Seven: Epilogue: It All Comes Together

"So, what you're saying is that we all live in an universe that is watched from another universe like a stack of manga and exploited in varying ways, creating other universes similar to our own, to satisfy the desire of its fans."

The trio nodded, the other occupants in the room mirroring the action, having heard and accepted the same explanation long ago.

"And in one of these universes, which is consequentially ours, you were sent on a mission by this fan community to gather material needed for the betterment of their loyalty and prosperity."

Again, another nod was his reply. Yuusaku leaned forward in his seat and put his head in his hand exasperatedly. Somehow, this explanation sounded so unbelievable and far-fetched that it actually seemed plausible. He turned to the other occupants of the room, all of them still frozen in the middle of the tasks they were doing when he barged into the basement of the Kudo mansion.

"And I suppose you all believe in this incredibly unconceivable theory?"

They all nodded at once, making him face-palm again.

Even though most people (and most noticeably his wife) would describe him as lazy and not inclined to move much from the library section of the house, Kudo Yuusaku was a mystery writer and father of renowned detective Kudo Shinichi, so not noticing the increased number of daily occupants of the house would be quite impossible for him.

At first he thought nothing of it, presuming his wife decided to go all out, now that their son was out of the house on a suspiciously prolonged vacation, and invited over a few of her good friends that Yuusaku was fairly sure he didn't want to meet.

That notion had been disrupted when one day he saw Ai-chan from next door trudging through the thick layer of snow, folders (of the formal research kind might he add) in hand, into his house, with a winded Agasa following her, arms full with varying pieces of technology. He'd later searched the rooms of the Kudo house for any sign of mentioned equipment, but he came up empty-handed.

Until he remembered he hadn't searched one room in the whole house. The basement.

So when he was sure a meting (for it could only be a meeting of some sort) was taking place, he descended down the stairs and opened the door fully intent on finding out what the big commotion was all about.

And boy did he find it out.

Apparently the whole female population of his son's life decided to gather here, in this room (and it was a very large room) filled with monitors, control panels, computers and work desks littered with many important looking layouts and folders.

And apparently it all had something to do with his son's love-life.

He face-palmed again.

A delicate hand rested on his shoulder, and he looked up into the sympathetic eyes of his wife, who was holding a note pad in the other hand. "Don't try to fight it Yuu-chan, just accept it. I know its quite silly sounding, but the evidence far out-weights the common sense."

Yuusaku blinked. "Evidence?"

"Why yes of course," she grinned at him. "But may I first introduce you to these three ladies that made this all possible by confiding in us their important mission?"

She gestured towards the three girls that had grabbed him as soon as he opened the door of the basement and sat him down on the same stool he was sitting in now, explaining to him their situation before he could even comprehend what happened. The girls each saluted as Yukiko counted off their names. "These are Tsuki-chan, Alice-chan and Teah-chan. And as you probably got from their rushed explanation, they're on a mission here."

"From another universe." Yuusaku deadpanned. The girls nodded.

Yuusaku watched the girls silently, still somewhat unconvinced. "So, where's this evidence you spoke of?"

"Oh, I'll get it!" Teah chirped and eagerly wandered over to a small set of displayed photos on a table (some even hanging in frames above it, though Yuusaku couldn't tell their content from his angle), before turning around and calling. "Do we need the heavy evidence from the safe or are the ones lying around just enough?"

"I think those lying around are enough Teah-chan. I'm afraid my husband would die of heart-attack if he saw the heavily guarded ones!"

Teah pouted, but still chirped happily. "Okay!"

Yuusaku raised an eyebrow at the other two girls. Alice helpfully explained the situation to him. "She's just excited. There's some material that we picked up from one of the universes we'd been in before that heavily interests her, so it's understandable she's in hyper fangirl mode. She'll cool down, I promise."

Yuusaku nodded as if he understood. They didn't need to wait long before Teah came back with a stack of folders. What confused Yuusaku, however, was the reaction of everyone else in the room.

Upon seeing those folders held into the hands of the fangirl, all of the females in the room squealed gleefully and abandoned their tasks at hand (Yuusaku almost bolted at the sight Haibara Ai squealing, but reigned himself) to seat themselves on various spots on the ground, eagerly looking up.

The mystery writer blinked as he finally got a good view of the party. There were Shinichi's school friends, Sonoko and Ran, as well as a girl he recognized as Nakamori-keibu's daughter (she was sitting next to pretty girl in black clothes and hair with a peculiar sheen of red), Sato-san from the first division, Miyamoto-san from the traffic department, Ai-chan and…

Yuusaku blinked.

"Kuroba-san? What a surprise to see you here."

The woman turned to him with a smile. "Ah, Kudo-san. It's been a long time since we last saw each other, ne? I'm just glad our families found some way to bound together once again."

Yuusaku wanted to inquire further about the cryptic statement, but he was silenced by Alice's announcement. "Okay, who wants to see some pictures~?"

A round of squeals and whoops was the only answer she needed.

"Okay, hold the folder Tsuki-chan, while I present them to our audience-"

"Hey, why do I have to hold the folder?"

"Because I very well said so, now hold it up!"

"You can't-"

A subtle cough from Teah made them aware of the impatient audience more than used to their antics. Alice just pushed the folder into Tsuki's hands, causing her to seethe but let her sister off with the deed. For now.

"Now, as I was saying, let us begin! The first picture at today's meeting is-" She held up a picture, large enough for everyone to see. "Our dear Shin-chan getting his neck thoroughly marked by Kai-chan!"

In the midst of ensuing squeals and coos, most noticeable being the very high one from Teah, Yuusaku choked on his spit. The picture in itself was off a very good angle and quality, even though it was dark outside. It was a testament to the professionalism of the stalker that took it. Yes, stalker, because he was sure as hell his son would have never allowed a picture like this to come out in the broad day-light.

It depicted his said son on an abandoned roof-top, which was normal enough, if it weren't for the white cape of a certain phantom thief KID almost shielding him from view. The material was being billowed away in the cool breeze, the picture managing to capture a view of white covered hands being wrapped around his son's waist, KID's mouth on Shinichi's neck as the other held his eyes closed, head inclined in the direction of the camera.

Suddenly he knew he had dug his own grave, just like Shinichi all those months ago with the Black Organization, by snooping around too much and pushing his nose into business that should have been left untouched. His jaw continued to stretch impossibly wide with each passing picture, with him occasionally twitching at a too loud squeal here or there, until the show came to an end and the group returned back to their tasks.

A hand waving in front of his face brought him out of his shock, and his eyes focused dazedly on his wife. She stared at him concerned. "Yuu-chan, are you alright?" She turned to Kuroba-san. "You think we broke him?"

The woman just waved it off. "Of course not. As if he'd break from something as mild as that. The girls didn't even get to the interesting pictures from the safe."

'Mild?!' The mystery writer shouted inwardly. 'I just saw my own son getting molested by my deceased best friend's son! Who is also KID!'

'But,' his mind supplied. 'You didn't get to see even one of the 'guarded' photos, so be happy.'

And he was. Immensely so. He just wanted to bolt from there as soon as possible. But first he needed to get some answers.

He addressed Kuroba-san. "So, you're here because our sons…"

She shot him a smirk, confirming that she indeed was Kuroba Toichi's wife and a good friend of Kudo Yukiko. "Yes, I'm here to get our sons together."

Something was fishy about that statement. "Get them together? But aren't they already…?"

Here Yukiko broke him off. "And that's the point of it all, Yuu-chan. These girls travelled to our dimension because they knew what would happen and offered us to help them gather material for their community. And in exchange, we could observe as our boys got together and learned to love each other. And the others are here for fun and black-mail. We needed some help with the equipment."

Feeling a massive sweat-drop coming on, he turned to regard the other occupants of the room, namely Nakamori-keibu's daughter and Sato-san. "And them? How are you sure they won't tell KID's identity?"

"They won't," the three adults turned to the fangirl trio approaching them. Tsuki was speaking. "The oath of a fangirl holds more water than their obligation to law, and besides, they both agree its high time both Shin-chan and Kai-chan have some happiness in their life after the tragedies they had to go through."

A solemn air descended upon them, but it was soon broken by Teah chirping up again. "So, want to watch the video footage of last night's New Year kissing scene on the grand balcony of the Kudo summer home? We have some time before we have to go, but until then…" she let the sentence hanging in the air as a grin grew on her lips.

Yukiko sighed sadly at the trio. "It'll be so boring without you girls here," she perked up again, a grin mirroring theirs on her lips. "But all those pictures-"

"Don't forget the blackmail!" Sonoko and Ran shouted, having overheard the statement.

"-and blackmail, it'll last us for a lifetime!" She squealed. "Now, shall we?"

The girls readily agreed, and soon the whole population of the room was attached to a large screen on the far wall of the basement. Yuusaku didn't know nor did he want to find out how they managed to squeeze it through the small entrance door. He just fled out of there, running for his life.

He would lock himself in the library. And if his son asked, he had no idea about the blackmail being produced and multiplied in the very basement of his own house. He just wished he could wipe those photos out of his memory.

No father was meant to get so intensely involved in their child's love-life. None.

The Real End

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