Chapter 10

"There's Terra SAM!" Junko cried joyfully, pointing. As Skye was "holding the Uhdivator", she smiled triumphantly. "I really think we're going to make it!" she said, almost in disbelief.

"I can't wait to see what it does!" Aloe squealed with excitement.

Finn stared at Aloe in astonishment. "You mean you don't know what it does?" he asked.

"The crystal's been on the terra for as long as I can remember," Aloe replied. "No one's EVER known what it did."

Moments later, all approached Terra SAM and landed. "YEAH!" Junko cried. "The crystal is safe now!"

"Time to find out what this Uhdivator does!" Skye cried, letting the crystal land in the center of her palm. Melodie glanced at it thoughtfully. "But…how do we activate it?" she asked.

"Leave all the worrying to me," Piper said, taking the crystal from Skye. "After a few days, I should have it all solved."

"Mission accomplished, everyone," Aloe said, putting her hand up for a high five. Everyone put up their arms and cheered. All except Stork, who burst into tears of laughter and began to roll on the ground.

"What's up with Stork?" Aloe asked, watching the Merb laugh awkwardly.

Aerrow shook his head and walked towards the condor. "We never know," he said sorrowfully. "We'll never know."


Inside Stork's head, millions of zillions of germs surrounded Stork, and broke out in song and dance. "I'm germy germ," they sang in squeaky voices. "I'm germy germ."


Many days later, the Storm Hawks, Aloe, Skye and Melodie were hanging out near the stream on Terra SAM. Vera flew in circles around the terra, just for flying fun. Aloe was teaching Finn how to sing "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better". Skye was listening to Stork talk about GERMS and Melodie sat on a rock in the middle of the stream, watching the fish swim by. As a little red fish darted past her, a question suddenly dawned. "Whatever happened to…Domohowick?" she asked aloud.

Aerrow, who stood at the side of the stream, perked up at the question. "You mean, Domiwick?" he corrected Melodie.

Piper, who sat next to Aerrow on a rock, looked up from the book she was reading. "Domiwick?" she asked obliviously.

"Domiwick?" Junko echoed.

"Domiwick?" Finn asked.

"Domiwick?" Skye inquired.

"DOMIWICK?" Aloe cried out.

"D-D-Domiwick?" Stork stuttered.

Radarr shrieked and Vera snorted from above. The fish that swam in the stream made bubbles on the surface of the water. The wind whistled and a rustling noise was heard in the trees. Everyone stood still as the rustling noise grew louder and louder, until a familiar figure emerged from the trees.

"DOMIWICK!" everyone cried in unison.

Domiwick's face slightly reddened at the sight of the Storm Hawks and Aloe, Melodie and Skye. "Well, if it isn't the STORM HAWKS and the…the…KIDS," he spat out.

Aloe gasped. "You called us…KIDS?" she cried.

"We couldn't be any older," Melodie remarked sarcastically. Skye giggled.

Domiwick scowled. Aerrow returned the scowl. "What happened to you on Terra Phobia?" Aerrow asked suspiciously. Domiwick looked away. "I had some important business to take care of," he muttered.

Piper stood up and grabbed Domiwick's shoulder. "Important business, huh?" she asked.

Everyone leaned in closer to listen.

Domiwick's eye twitched. "I had important business to take care of," he repeated.

"Business that is none of yours!" And with that, Domiwick rudely pushed Piper off him and disappeared into the trees again.

Piper landed with a splash into the stream. "What the heck," Melodie muttered as she helped Piper up. Aerrow shook his head disappointedly, the disappeared to the condor. A few minutes later, he returned. "Domiwick took the Uhdivator," he reported sadly. Everyone hung their heads. "I knew it," Piper sighed.

Suddenly, engine noises broke through the sad tension in the air. All looked up as the Nightwings landed near where the Storm Hawks and SAMs were.

Darko was on Aerrow's newly repaired skimmer. When he landed, he got up and grinned at Aerrow. "Fixed it!" he cried. His grin faded when he saw Aerrow's downcast face. "What happened?" he asked worriedly. With a heavy heart, Aerrow told him.

The Nightwings all sighed sadly. Then Robin looked up. "Do you know where he is?" he asked.

At that moment, a skimmer appeared from out of the forest, flying away from Terra SAM.

"Does that answer your question?" Finn asked Robin.

"To your skimmers!" commanded Aerrow. "After Domiwick!"

Everyone jumped on their skimmers and were about to fly off when a bright light blinded them. "What is that?" Piper asked as the light slowly dimmed away.

"Find it!" Aerrow commanded everyone.


On his skimmer, Domiwick gazed at the Uhdivator crystal happily. He looked it over, wondering what it was supposed to do. It must be something wonderful, he thought to himself, or else those people wouldn't have gone through so much trouble to get their hands on it. As Domiwick stared at the crystal once more, it suddenly began to glow.

Domiwick's eyes widened. "What in the Atmos?" he cried.

The crystal glowed brighter and brighter until it hurt to look at. Terrified, Domiwick closed his eyes as the light engulfed him.