Hello my dear readers,

Unfortunately this author's note (like the many we've seen from other author's) is nothing that any of us want to see. I've decided to discontinue this piece due to a number of reasons, including life constraints and the dimming interest I hold for the Twilight series. I tried to revive my interest multiple times, but most likely just ended up causing more harm in the end.

Do not lose faith however! Even if I'm abandoning this story, I do intend for it to live on. I approached SeventhSINwrath the writer of the oneshot that served as inspiration for this story and asked her if she would like to continue the story in my stead. Happily she accepted.

From what she's told me it'll be a little bit before she picks up the piece, and I'm sure she'll make some changes to the storyline to fit her own muse. Don't fret however, she's a wonderful writer and I think she'll do exceptionally well, most likely even better than me.

I do plan to write a few more Twilight/HP stories in the future, oneshots that won't threaten to take years to complete. I've started a Riley/Harry story in response to Excentrykemuse's challenge listed on her profile, hopefully that will help compensate for things.



P.s: This author's note will be removed within the week, and instead be posted on my profile.