A/N: Here you go! The end of Part 2 out of my 4 part series! Yes…this one is the tricked out musical version. The songs they sing are "How Lucky You Are" and "Alone in the Universe" from Seussical and "Light" from N2N. Plus a little reference at the end to "It's Possible" also from Seussical. Here you go! Reviews please?!?!?!?

Disclaimer: I don't own N2N, or Seussical, or Extreme Makeover, or any other reference to musicals/ TV shows. I'm just a fan who enjoys messing around with the character's minds…haha….

*P.S* Maria is not from West Side Story, just in case there was confusion. Maria is my friend, so are Discount Drugmart and Joe.

Scene 10:

*In Alaskan jail cell*


Natalie: WOULD YOU SHUT UP?! It's bad enough we're freezing our asses off in Alaska, but now we're in JAIL!

Diana: I LIKE PIE!


Diana: Who doesn't like pie?

Natalie: Alaska…

Diana: Right…

Natalie: *Big depressing sigh*

Diana: When the news is all bad, when you're sour and blue…

Natalie: Mom, stop singing!

Diana: When you start to get mad you should do what I do.

Natalie: No.

Diana: Tell yourself how lucky you are

Natalie: I'm not lucky!!

Diana: Why decry a cloudy sky? An empty purse, a crazy universe? My philosophy is simply things could be worse!

Natalie: How could things possibly get any worse?

Diana: So be happy you're here, think of life is a thrill!

Natalie: NEVER!

Diana: And if worse comes to worse, which we all know it will!

Natalie: Too late…

Diana: Thank your lucky star you've gotten this far!

Natalie: Or you could just thank the author…

Diana: And tell yourself, how luck you are! How lucky, how lucky, you are!

Natalie: ……….

Diana: *Big toothy grin*

Natalie: *angry mumbling*

Scene 11:

Sour Kangaroo: Ok, so for out first order of evil business, we will scout out things that we can destroy.

DD: How about that house over there that people are building?

Sour Kangaroo: That's genius!


*Cricket chirps*

Wendla: No.

Sour Kangaroo: SHHH! Look! There's our first target!

*all watch neighbors run past the house while looking at the giant eyes on the front*

DD: But what are we gonna destroy it with?

*All look at Roxie*

Roxie: What?

*Five minutes later…..*

Roxie: *in cannon* Are you guys sure this is safe?

Wendla: It's perfectly safe! *under her breath* Not….

Sour Kangaroo: Ok, DD, pull the trigger!

DD: ….ok…

*Roxie goes flying and darts through the house*


Me: See?! We're done!

*Roxie come flying through. House collapses*

Gabe: *muffled under the debris* You're lucky I'm dead.

*Ty enters, whistling*

Ty: HOLY #$%$%&^$&!

*All pop out of debris*

Maria: That was fun! Can we do it again?


Joe: Um….the house collapsed.

Ty: That's IT! I QUIT!

Discount Drugmart: Me and Joe must mourn our loss….

Joe: Bye.

Maria: Um…I'm not gonna be blamed for this so…BYE!

Henry: I swear if Natalie breaks up with me for this, it's your fault.

*All leave except me and Gabe*

Me: Why's everyone mad at me?

Gabe: Maybe cuz you just destroyed all our work.

Me: But-!

Gabe: Good day to you.

Me: But, Gabe-!


*Gabe leaves*

Me: WAAAAAAAAAH! I'm alone in the universe. So alone in the universe. My own planets and stars are glowing. No one notices anything. Not one person is listening. They don't have any way of knowing that I HAVE WINGS! YES I CAN FLY! AROUND THE MOON AND FAR BEYOND THE SKY!

*Bright light!!!!!*

*Enter Kristin*

Me: GASP! Kristin Chenoweth?!

Kristin: Yes, it's me! Your very own fairy godmother! Sort of…

Me: But I'm all alone in the universe.

Kristin: It wasn't your fault.


Kristin: Wow…your self-esteem is as little as a jack-rabbit flippin' pancakes in a boiling day in the middle of July in a pair of boots.

Me: Can we stop it with the Southern metaphors?

Kristin: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. But look! We need some light. First of all we need some light. You can't sit here in the dark and all alone. It's a sorry sight. It's just you and me. We'll live you'll see.

Me: But this doesn't help!

Kristin: I said YOU'LL SEE!! *Does the Cheno-note*

*little birds and woodland animals help to rebuild the house. As everyone returns!

Me: DAY AFTER DAY! Give me clouds and rain and gray! Give me pain if that's what's real!

Discount Drugmart and Joe: It's the price we pay to feel!

Maria and Henry: The price of love is loss.

Ty: But still we pay!

Everyone: We love anyway!

*Gabe enters, being forced in by the woodland creatures*

Gabe: NO! Don't make me! *Hears music cue* And when the night has finally gone and when you see the new day dawn, you wonder how we wandered for so long, so blind. The wasted world we thought we knew, the light will make it look brand new-

All: So let it….let it…let it shine! Shine! SHIIIIINNNNEEEE! Day after day! We'll find the will to find our way knowing that the darkest skies will some day see the sun.

Sarah Palin and Everyone in Alaska: When our long night is done-NO PUN INTENDED!

Me and Gabe: There will be light!

All: There will be light! There will be light! When we open up our lives, sons and daughters, husbands, wives can fight that fight! There will be light! There will be light! There will be light! There will be…..LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: That was so much fun! Thanks, Kristin!

Kristin: You're welcome! Now I have to go hold a protest to get into the Wicked movie!

Ty: Guys! The Goodman family is on their way home!

All: YAY!

Gabe and Henry: Ugh…..

Scene 12:

*in the limo thing*

*Everyone sits in silence.*

Natalie: Um-


Natalie: ok…

Diana: Thanks for bailing us out of jail, Dan.

Dan: Don't mention it. No, I mean really. Don't.

Diana: Who knew that Sarah Palin was really so pushy…

*limo pulls up to a crowd of people they don't know*

Diana: *whispering* Who are all these people?

*Dan and Natalie shrug*

*Ty goes to open door, but Natalie pushes it open, crushing his face and breaks his nose*

Me: Tee-hee…he got hurt!

Ty: *muffled* Bus dwiver! Moob dat bus!

*Bus moves. Reveals the house all done with the eyes on the front*

Natalie: um…

Me: *smiles big*

Gabe: That was her idea.

Diana: Hi Gabe!

Dan: *to Natalie* Do you see anyone?

Natalie: *to Dan* Not a soul.*makes a mental note* Mom in jail equals more insanity than usual.

Ty: Go see da west ob your house!

*All shrug and walk in*

*in living room*

Dan: Um…nothing changed.

Gabe: What? EVERYTHING CHANGED YOU &#$%*$^%$%$*&^%!

Me: Gabe, don't use that kind of language in front of your father!

Gabe: Why? He can't hear me anyway…

Me: True…

*in Natalie's room*

Natalie: No…………

Me: Do you like it?!

Natalie: Um, who are you?

Me: I'm your brother's girlfriend!

Gabe: *from downstairs* NO YOU'RE NOT!

Natalie: Uh…yeah…sure…

Me: I did this room!

Natalie: Adam Lambert?

Me: No silly! It's a homage to everyone named Adam! Adam Lambert, Adam Pascal, Adam Chanler-Berat!


Me: Adam Brody, Adam Sandler, and Henry!

Natalie: But he's not an Adam.

Me: Well, yeah, but we did that for personal touches!

Natalie: I don't know if I should be flattered or disturbed…

Me: Be both!


Me: You carry a lot of your brother's mannerisms, did you know that?

Natalie: Well, not-

Me: Except for his style. And his charm. And his body. And his eyes. And the way his hair flips up in the front when he's angry…

Natalie: You've been…talking to my mother…?

Me: OH! NOT YET! Thanks for reminding me! Oh, by the way, Henry isn't as fun as he sounds. He just hates me.

*I leave*

Natalie: So….many….unwanted thoughts….

*in a different room*

Ty: And here's da mastah bedwoom.

*They go for the door, but I pop out*

Me: HI!


Me: Well, technically, I'm not a kid. I'm just short.

Diana: Well, we do not discriminate against height in this household. Right Dan?

Dan: *face palm*

Diana: So why are you in our doorway, short person?

Me: Well, I helped to build your house! It was my idea to paint the eyes on the front…

Diana: OMG! That was genius!

Me: Thanks. I know this sounds awkward, but I'm dating your son.

Diana: You're dating my son?

Dan: Oh, God, now there's two of them….

Me: Yeah.

Gabe: *still from downstairs* NO SHE'S NOT! DON'T LISTEN TO HER! SHE LIES!

Me: Wow, Gabey, that sentence was very manipulative….




Me: He's just in denial…

Diana: Aren't they all?

Dan: Oh, dear Lord…

Scene 13:

Ty: Well, dat was da worst tb show I'be eber done.

Gabe: You can say that again…

Ty: That again.


Me: So you really LOVE IT?!

Natalie: Define love.

Me: YAY!!!!!! Oh. Here's Henry back. Sorry, we put him a cage.

Natalie: Why?

Me: He bit me.

Natalie: WHY?!

Me: He calls it self-defense…?

DD: Oh, hey there.

Me: Hey! Where've you been throughout this shindig?

DD: Oh, I was off being evil again…

Me: Cool.

DD: We want to apologize for making you alone in the universe.

Sour Kangaroo: How true, yes how true, said the Sour Kangaroo. And from now on do you know what I'm planning to do?

Me: What?

Sour Kangaroo: I'm gonna protect this house with you! AND THE YOUNG KANGAROO IN HER POUCH SAID-!


Diana: Hahahahaha! It's a kangaroo!

Dan: Do you still see anything?

Natalie: Nope.

Me: Soooo….Gabe….

Gabe: What?

Me: What are you planning to do when the story ends?

Gabe: I dunno…get some tacos?


Gabe: No.

Me: Please?!

Gabe: Never.

Me: Ok.

Maria: Hey guys! Meet my new boyfriend!

*Enter deer*

Me :Um…Maria, that's a deer.

Maria: It's Dexter the Demented Deer!

Me: BWAHAHAHA! Inside joke….

Gabe: Um…ok…?

Me: We should probably wrap this up…

Gabe: I'm fine with that.

Me: Can I hug Henry first?

Gabe, Natalie, and Henry: No.

Me: Ok!