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Chapter one:First Sight

Charles Swan was sweating bullets into his new white powered wig, waiting for his landlord, Master Mason. He was very behind in his debt and he knew that trouble would follow Master Mason's arrival.

Charles was a proud man and the number one patrol guard in the small town of Forks, Washington. Whenever the Indians planned another invasion, he was the man who put them in their places. He made the people of Forks feels safe, and he prided himself in that.

His biggest joy was his daughter Isabella Marie Swan. She was breathtakingly beautiful with her creamy white skin that other people needed products for; long waves of mahogany hair fell over her full breasts and reached her slim waist. At seventeen, she was one of the most desired young women in Forks.

Charles smiled at the thought of Isabella's many suitors. There was Sir Michael Newton, Sir Eric Yorkie, and Sir Tyler Crowley. All of them very handsome and very wealthy.

Isabella did not want to accept any of these men. She wanted to marry for love, not money and simply knew that she would not be happy with any of them. Charles had always hoped that she would marry one of those gentlemen to get him out of the deep debt he was in, but to no prevail.

He had raised Isabella on his own, for her mother Renee had died at Isabella's child birth.

Charles glanced at the grandfather clock in his study and took a deep breath. Mr. Mason was ten minutes late. He hoped that he never came.



Isabella's head whipped around and she saw her housekeeper – Mrs. Cope – running through the stables, towards her.

"Yes?" Isabella asked.

She waited patiently for Mrs. Cope to catch her breath. Mrs. Cope's hair was in disarray, almost falling out of her white bonnet. Her white apron was smudged with dirt and her dress was wrinkled.

When she was finally done panting she said, "You have forgotten your frock."

Isabella smiled and slipped the red frock over her white gown and brown waist apron.

"Thank you Mrs. Cope."

Mrs. Cope frowned at Isabella and put her hands on her hips.

"And just where is your bonnet Isabella?"

Isabella's face turned chagrined.

"Well Mrs. Cope. It's such an unusually warm day today and I thought I would leave my bonnet behind so I could feel the wind flow through my hair."

"Aye Miss Bella," Mrs. Cope said, calling her by her nick name. "I know your father would be rather unhappy if you went about town without your bonnet on," Mrs. Cope smirked, "As well as you sittin' astride a horse."

Bella blushed at being caught.

Mrs. Cope smirked.

"Aye! Caught you didn't I? I know that you were going to try to ride into town sittin' stride that beast! You know that proper young ladies do not sit on a horse like a male!"

"Oh Mrs. Cope. It's just so much easier and much more comfortable."

"You're not supposed to be ridin' fast on that beast anyway! There's no need to be straddlin' that thing. You should be ridin' it at a slow pace, side straddle. "

Bella bowed her head in shame.

"Yes ma'am."

Mrs. Cope nodded briskly.

"Yes Miss Bella. Now," she said patting her shoulder and leading her away from the horse, "let's go back inside so I can tie yeh hair up so I can but it in your lovely red bonnet."

Bella nodded obediently.


As they entered Bella's bed chamber, Bella noticed that her bed was only half made.

Realization flooded Bella's mind.

"Oh Mrs. Cope. I am terribly sorry for forgetting my frock and causing you to have to stop your work."

Mrs. Cope rolled her eyes and flipped both her wrists.

"It was nothing Miss Bella." She walked over to Bella's vanity and patted the beautiful chair facing it. "Now come sit so I can pull your hair back."

Bella wanted to object and say she could very well do it herself, but Mrs. Cope's voice was authorities and left no room for argument.

When Bella sat down Mrs. Cope started brushing her tangled hair with her gold leafed metal brush. Bella winced when Mrs. Cope would yank it through a knot.

"My Lord, Miss Bella!" Mrs. Cope exclaimed. "What have you done to your hair?"

Bella blushed.

"Twas the wind," she replied

"You very well know that if you would have tied your hair back in the first place, this wouldn't have happened don't you?"

"Yes Mrs. Cope," She said quietly.

"Good. These tangles are punishment enough for you to remember next time."

Bella didn't respond and continued to endure the pain of Mrs. Cope pulling and twisting her hair to the top of her head. She was about to put her bonnet on her head when Bella stopped her.

"Mrs. Cope, I shall like to do this part myself if you don't mind."

Mrs. Cope stared at Bella for a while, contemplating if she should let her or not, but Bella's beautiful stare and innocent doe eyes were her undoing, and she nodded her approval.

Bella smiled brightly and quickly got up.

"Goodbye Mrs. Cope, I shall see you soon," she called from behind her.

"Good Miss Bella," she said, smiling as she watched the girl's retreating form.


Bella walked the hallways of her house and passed her father's study. She started to pull her bonnet over her face when she saw the front door open, when her foot caught in her dress, causing her to fall forward.

Bella shoved her arms forward, ready for impact when a strong pair of hands caught her.

Bella gasped in surprise, immediately looking up at her savoir.

What she saw surprised her.

In front of her was a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. He was absolutely dashing. He was wearing the most exquisite clothes. A black wool coat covered most of his white silk shirt which was tucked into black breaches. His stockings were white and his shoes black with a slight heel.

Everything about him screamed "rich".

But nothing captivated Bella more than his face. His jaw was chiseled and his eyes a striking green. He wore no wig, showing his natural, reddish-brown hair that was tossed into all directions.

This man was, in one word, beautiful.

When Bella had finally snapped out of her ogling, she noticed that this man was still holding onto her arms tightly and gazing down at her with a dark stare. His gaze frightened Bella. It was very intense and full of secrets, but also something else. Something that she didn't know about, but constantly flowed through the minds of even the most respectable gentlemen.

She gulped and tried to straiten herself up. When she righted herself he had let go and Bella stepped back a foot and looked down at her feet.

"Please do forgive me sir. My foot had caught in my dress."

The man didn't respond.

The silence caused Bella to look up at his face which hadn't changed from his dark lustful expression.

They stood facing each other in silence for what seemed like forever, until the man slowly walked towards her.

Bella started to back away, but when she saw the man cock and eyebrow, she stayed put.

When he reached her they were standing so close that Bella's breasts were barely brushing his chest. Bella looked down at their touching chests and gulped. She tentatively looked up into his face.

Her breathing became shallow as the man looked at her with so much desire. It made her knees weak. She wasn't sure if it was from desire or fear.

She saw his eyes slowly retreat from hers and glance down at her slightly exposed breasts which were touching his soft white shirt. He smirked before bringing his eyes back to her embarrassed ones.

Bella's heart started to race faster than it already was when he slowly brought his hand up to caress her partly bare shoulder. His hand continued to travel down to her collar bone and up the side of her neck until it reached her hair.

Bella breath hitched both in shock and confusion. She felt a slightly tugging then the soft brush of her hair cascading down her back when loosened from her bun.

Her mouth dropped.

What an odd thing to do.

When his hand retreated from her long tresses he brought it to the bottom of her chin, pushing it up so that Bella's mouth closed.

He started to lean towards Bella and brushed his soft, pink lips against the corner of her mouth. He then rubbed his cheek against her so that those same lips were at her ear.

"Much better," he whispered.

He pulled back and brought one of Bella's hands up to his lips.

After placing a soft kiss on it, he whispered, "Go now."

Bella blinked, slowly coming out of her shock, and without a moment's hesitation she fled from the beautiful man.

The man couldn't help but chuckle evilly at Bella's retreating form.


The man walked until he was standing in the doorframe of Charles's study. He brought up his hand --- the same one that had held the lovely maiden's hand- and rapped quickly on the doorframe.

Charles looked up and his worried face showed surprise.

"Mr. Mason! I was expecting your father."

Mr. Mason gave him a curt nod.

"Yes my father has recently passed away."

Charles nodded in return, but more kindly.

"My condolences."

"Thank you. But as you probably know, my father has passed his fortune and all his land down to me. I am trusting that you have your rent's pay?"

Charles looked down nervously, fiddling with his hands.

"Well not exactly My Lord. You see, I have come a little short. And I still have to provide for my young Ward. All I want is for her to be happy and I try to give her as many things as I can."

Mr. Mason cocked and eyebrow.

"And for yourself obviously," he gestured towards his hair. "That's a new wig, is it not?"

"W-well, yes but my other one was looking rather shabby."

"Charles. I don't condone this behavior. This may have worked on my father but it will not work on me."

"My Lord I do apologize greatly. I will do anything for my daughter. I have been trying to find her a husband to help me pay my rent, but I can't stand to see her unhappy, and she doesn't want any of her wealthy suitors."

Mr. Mason didn't answer. He quickly looked away so that Charles would not see his wrathful jealous glare. He should have known the daughter would have many suitors. She was surely beautiful and he knew he wasn't the only one that would notice it. Only a fool would be oblivious to his daughter's beauty.

He glanced around Charles' luxurious study. It was obvious that his daughter wasn't the only thing Charles spent his money on. He had fine quills, furniture and a huge globe. But what caught his attention the most was the enormous portrait of Charles and his daughter above the fire place.

As he stared at the portrait, the need for Charles' daughter grew greatly. He knew he would kill the man that would receive her heart. He couldn't let her be taken by anybody else. Suddenly he knew what to do.

"This is your daughter, is it not?" Mr. Mason asked, referring to the portrait.

Charles glanced up, then back at Mr. Mason.

"Yes that her. Her name is Isabella. She has just turned seventeen."

"She sure is..." he smirked darkly, "Lovely."

Charles saw Mr. Mason stare and gulped nervously.

Mr. Mason pivoted so he was facing Charles.

"How about a deal Charles?"

"A-a deal?" He paused as he contemplated this. "Wh-what kind of deal?"

Charles's eyes widened at Mr. Mason's dangerous smirk.


As Bella rode into town with her bonnet covering her newly tied up hair from when it was pulled out when she noticed many eyes on her. Most of them male.

She knew she had many suitors, but was not proud of it. None of these men were the kind she wanted. All of them were wealthy and pretentious and she wanted nothing to do with them.

She knew she and her father were in a great debt with their land owners, and she hated disappointing her father by not marrying a wealthy man, but she knew that the debt was mostly due to her father spending their money on material things just to make her happy.

When she arrived at a shop where her friend Angela kept, she swiftly hopped off her horse and tied her horse to a nearby post.

"I shall be back later. If you behave you may get an apple," Bella said to the horse as she patted its nose.

When she went into Angela's shop she was greeted by a hug from her friend.

"Hello Bella."

"Hello Angela. How are you?"

Angela was a quiet girl about the same age as Bella, with tan skin and dark curly black hair. She wore spectacles that were a little too big for her, but she still looked lovely all the same.

"I am wonderful. The shop is going very well. How about you?"

"Well my father is meeting with our landlord again today. I don't think he'll be able to get pass him this time."

Angela gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I really hope for the best."

Bella smiled.

"Thank you Angela." Bella looked around. "Where's Ben?"

Angela rolled her eyes.

"Oh that silly husband of mine is always reading. You'd think him being the head of the house; he'd be runnin' this shop."

Both the girls started giggling at his laziness.

"Yes well, how about I help you out by buying something? I promised Velvet I would buy her an apple anyway." Isabella shrugged.

Angela giggled. "Okay. I'll give you our finest Apple."

Angela turned to look at her display and quickly retrieved a perfect red apple from the pile. She turned around but tripped, causing the apple to fly through the air.

Surprisingly, Bella was able to catch it in her pale hands which were cupped as if to collect a handful of water.

Bella chuckled.

"I guess we are both being rather clumsy today, huh Angela?"

Angela blushed and chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Angela asked.

"I of course, also stumbled today."

"Well that's not surprising," a voice said from behind her.

Bella turned around to see her acquaintance Jessica. Jessica was a plain looking girl who envied Bella's beauty. She too had brown hair, but hers was rather more of a chestnut as opposed to Bella's mahogany color. She had a rather nasal voice and a surprisingly small mouth considering how much she gossiped.

She was incredibly jealous of Bella, because the latter had the attention of Michael Newton.

"Yes," Bella said ignoring Jessica's rude comment. "Luckily a man was there to catch me from my fall."

"A man?" Jessica asked, her eyes brightening.

"Yes. I've never seen him before so I don't think he's from around here," Bella answered. There was no way she could ever miss a face like his.

Jessica's face fell.

"Well that's too bad. You'll have to introduce us."

Bella put up her hands. "I don't know his name Jessica. We just kind of... stared at each other. Then I left after thanking him."

Jessica pouted.

There was a small silence in the room before Bella said, "Well I must be going."

She dug into her apron pocket and handed Angela two coins.

"Thank you Angela."

"You're welcome Bella. Come back soon!"

Bella waved and left the store.


Upon entering her home, Bella passed her father's study. But before she got too far she heard her father call, "Isabella, may I talk to you?"

Bella paused and she entered her father's study.

When she got in there she noticed her father sitting in his green velvet chair and that man who had caught her fall earlier that day was standing close to him.

"Yes father?" She asked.

Charles nervously gestured to the seat that was on the other side of the desk.

"Please sit down," Charles sighed, "You'll need it."

Bella started to get anxious at her father's expression. She did what her father had asked and slowly walked towards the chair and sat down.

"What is it father?"

Charles cleared his throat.

"Isabella. This is Edward Mason," he said, gesturing towards the young man next to him.

"How do you do Miss Swan." Edward bowed slightly.

"He is now the owner of our land Isabella for his father, Edward Senior has passed," Charles continued.

"My sincere apologies," Bella offered.

"Put your hair down." Was Edward's only reply.

Bella furrowed her eyebrows in confusion but complied.

"What is it that you wanted to tell me father?" Bella asked turning back to her father.

"Well, as you well know, we are behind in our debt-"

"Oh father, if we have to move I don't mind-"

"No Isabella...I'm afraid it's far worse than that." Charles paused and took a deep shaky breath at his daughter's concerned face.

"I have been let off the hook by the late Mr. Mason for far too long, and I'm afraid that I am so far in debt, that I will have to go to jail."

Bella's eyes widened in horror. How could this be? Where could she go?

"Father is there nothing you could do? Have you tried to sell anything?"

Charles shook his head.

"I'm afraid Mr. Mason wants his money today."

Bella turned towards Edward with eyes full of tears.

"Please," she begged." Is there nothing we can do?"

"This is actually what I want to talk to you about, Isabella."

She turned her head towards her father once more, more anxious than ever.

"Mr. Mason said that he will not send me to the authorities... on an account that you'll... be his bride."

Bella sat still for a moment, not fully believing the words that just came off of her father's lips.


"Mr. Mason wants you to be his bride. I will not make you do anything. But this is the only way I'll be able to stay out of jail."

The tears were now rolling down her cheeks. She had to marry this man to save her father?

She looked at him with tear filled eyes.

All she saw was the dark mask that he was wearing when she first encountered him.

She knew that she couldn't love this man. This man was blackmailing them in the worst kind of way. But she couldn't risk her father being in jail. She knew if he went to jail, that Master Edward would probably force her to be his bride anyway.

With a deep sigh she made her decision.

"I'll do it."

"Isabella," her father reminded weakly. "You don't have to do this."

"I know," she said strongly. "But I love you too much to risk you going to jail."

She turned towards Master Edward and said, "I accept your proposal my Lord."

Master Edward smirked.


He turned towards Charles.

"Charles. I would like Isabella to come home with me tonight. Please have a maid pack all of her things. But first I would like to have tea with her in the parlor."

Bella turned towards her father who was looking at Master Edward.

"Yes sir." He looked at Bella. "Isabella please go to your room and change into your finest dress."

Bella stood up and said, "Yes father."

She started to walk towards the door, but before she crept out she did a small curtsy. Only then, when she left the room she let her sobs wrack her body.

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