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Isabella wanted to flat out refuse Edward's request in having dessert with him in their bedchamber. But she knew that there was no room for argument. So in turn she reluctantly followed Edward to their room.

Her mind and heart were on overdrive the whole trip to their bedchamber. She had no idea what Edward expected of her once they entered. Was he expecting her to fornicate with him? No. Isabella thought. He said that he wouldn't rape her and that she was only expected to make love to him on their wedding night. If you could call it that. Isabella thought snidely to herself.

Once they reached the door to the bedchamber Isabella immediately wanted to turn around and go back the way she came, but that fantasy was short lived when Edward quickly opened the door and pulled her forcefully inside.

Isabella looked around. The room of course looked the same as it had before but it still felt foreign to her. She had a feeling that her new how would never feel just that. Home. She remembered at her father's house her bedroom was one of her most favored sanctuary's besides the meadow she would take her horses to. It didn't matter how expensive the furniture was, how warm and soft the bed and the sheets were, how warm the chamber would stay even during the most cold of winter nights, she knew it would never comfort her in any way.

Isabella was so lost in her thoughts she had realized that Edward had spoken to her. She jumped when she felt his lips at her ear.

"Where is your head my love?" Edward asked.

"O-oh. Just tired," She replied shakily.

Edward of course didn't believe her. He always was able to read people very well, and even though Isabella was particularly difficult for even him to read, he could still tell when she was lying to him. He ignored the lie though and quickly walked towards the wardrobe.

Isabella watched anxiously. What was he going to have her wear? When Edward turned around Isabella's gut feeling was right. He wanted her to wear something completely scandalous. Just by looking at the white frock in his hands showed that it was merely intended for wedded married couples. But she knew Edward wouldn't care. She knew that he wanted to see her body as much as possible. He had proved his intentions to her without fail on many occasions in just today alone!

The nightgown was made out of white silk which had long sleeves and had lace around the hem and the neckline, which was also plunged way to low in Isabella's opinion. When Edward handed it to her, Isabella realized that not only was the gown plunged too low in the front; it was also plunged too low in the back.

Isabella looked up at him appalled.

Edward had expected the reaction. He was also prepared to fight her on her wearing it or not. But damn it all he was going to get his way!

But surprisingly she didn't say anything. She just kept the same fearful expression on her face. Edward was growing tired of waiting on her to react to anything so he sighed and rolled his eyes and said, "Change into your nightgown Isabella," and motioned towards the changing screen for her to change behind.

Isabella was surprised that he would let her change behind the screen at all. But Edward just wanted the anticipation of seeing his beautiful bride to be come out from behind the screen more than anything. The anticipation was the best part in Edward's opinion.

Isabella felt sick to her stomach while slipping out of her clothes behind the screen. Even though he seen her bare breasts more than once, she still felt nervous about exposing so much of her flesh to him. She feared that she would never get use to it.

Edward was getting impatient with how slowly Isabella was changing into her night ware. He himself was only wearing silk night pants to bed. He wasn't one to wear long cotton frocks and a cap.

"Isabella, do hurry up!" Edward said in an impatient tone.

"I'm trying!" Isabella said back, quite snottily in Edward's opinion. "I'm having a hard time untying my corset!"

Edward sighed and rolled out of bed. He went over to the changing screen and froze when he saw her. She was in nothing but her corset and stockings. Edward had seen her like this before but he knew he would never get enough of looking at her beautiful milky skin that looked absolutely stunning in contrast with the black velvet corset and the black stockings and garter.

Edward saw the faint blush on Isabella's chest flare when he noticed him appreciating her delectable appearance. That blush went straight to his manhood and it wasted no time starting to harden.

"Turn around," Edward said in a raspy voice.

Isabella obeyed and slowly turned away from his dark lustful stare. Was he going to take advantage of her already?

When she felt the coldness of his hands on her back she slightly jumped away, not wanting him anywhere near her. She couldn't help but picture being on her knees in front of him and how horrifying it was when he was close to her.

Edward slowly untied the delicate strings of the corset watching it slowly open to expose the smooth expanse of his beloved's back. He wanted nothing more to lick his way down it but he knew that Isabella wouldn't like it. Despite his despicable behavior he was actually trying to make Isabella fall in love with him. He just tended to forget to act like a gentleman…

After he was done untying the laces on Isabella's corset he reluctantly left to go sit on the end the bed once again and wait for her.

It still felt like forever but finally Isabella's beautiful figure appeared from behind the screen. Both their breaths hitched at the same time but neither of them noticed. They were both too busy ogling one another. Isabella ogled his bare chiseled chest and muscular arms, while Edward lustfully stared at Isabella's long luxurious creamy legs and beautiful breasts.

He reached out for her with both arms and Isabella's legs on their own accord started walking towards him. When she reached him his arms wound around her waist and leaned back, pulling her on top of him.

Isabella squealed in surprise at the action and braised herself flinging out her arms putting them on either side of Edward's head so that she wouldn't knock heads with him.

"Isabella," Edward said in a whisper, "You are so beautiful." He leaned slightly up towards Isabella's lips but at the same time wrapped one of his hands around the back of her neck and pulled her towards his lips so he could forcefully bring her lips onto his.

Isabella knew better than to fight. She reluctantly at first kissed him back, but when he gently stroked the back of her neck it sent a jolt through her entire body and she heatedly kissed him back more willingly but were quickly interrupted by a knock on the door.

Edward pulled back and sighed with annoyance. He gently rolled Isabella off of him and set her down next to him on the bed. He then stood up from the bed and walked to the door and opened slightly ajar so that he would only show one half of his body and his face, making it so that the person behind the door could not see Isabella with hardly any clothes on.

It was his butler Felix bringing the dessert he requested. Edward noticed Felix was trying to discreetly look passed Edward to see his future bride. This shook Edward to the core with anger and an irrational jolt of jealousy.

Edward quickly snatched the tray from Felix's hands and spat out "Thank you Felix that will be all!" and slammed the door in Felix's face.

He quickly spun around to face Isabella's beautiful confused face. She bit her lip when he started to approach her with the tray, in which Edward inwardly groaned at the small little gesture Isabella was unbeknownst enticing him with.

When he stopped in front of her he lowered the try low enough so she could see the contents on it. There was plenty of delicious bright fruits along with many dark brown squares.

"Isabella," Edward said, "Have you ever had chocolate?"

Isabella's eyes widened in both excitement and surprise.

"Chocolate?" She said in astonishment. Isabella had only heard of chocolate being in the European countries. She never dreamed that she would ever have sitting right in front of her on a radiant silver tray with beautiful fruits.

Edward smiled brightly at the look on Isabella's face. It was the first time he had ever seen her with such a look. The whole time she was at the Mason manor she had either a forlorn expression or a scowl. He had never seen her happy before. He would give her all the chocolate she wanted if it kept such a smile on her face.

"Yes chocolate," Edward answered. He walked to the side the he decided he was sleeping one (which was the right) and set the tray down on the side table next to the bed.

He sat down on his side of the bed and held out his hands once more. Isabella hesitated before she slightly crawled towards him and put her hands into his. He gently pulled her towards the head of the bed so they could both comfortably relax their back against the pillows.

Edward reached towards the chocolate and held it out in front of Isabella's lips.

"Are you ready for your first taste of chocolate?" Edwards asked. Isabella nodded eagerly which made Edward grin again.

He slowly brought it to her lips and watched as her delicate tongue and teeth took in the chocolate while her lips light brushed against the tips of his fingers.

Edward's heart skipped for a fraction of a second at the touch of her lips on his fingers. The stirring in his groin grew tenfold from when he first saw Isabella's creamy legs in her night wear.

"Mmmmm!" Isabella exclaimed at the taste.

Isabella closed her eyes to savor the sweet delectableness of the chocolate. She had never tasted something so delicious and sweet in her life! It was even sweeter and tastier than her favorite fruit!

Edward had to quickly turn his attention to something else. The sound of her moan was going to make him explode if he continued to watch her enjoy the chocolate.

He turned around to give Isabella something else to eat. He decided to forgo the chocolate for now until he could calm down enough to give her another piece.

He quickly grabbed the reddest strawberry that was on the silver tray and turned around and saw that Isabella was still savoring the chocolate. How the chocolate hadn't melted in her mouth by now he didn't know.

He cleared his throat to get her attention.

Isabella opened her eyes again and saw that Edward was holding her favorite fruit in his hands. He slowly put it in front of her mouth and Isabella started to inch towards it.

Edward watched her full red lips wrap around the strawberry and he lost it. He had thought watching Isabella eat chocolate was erotic; he wasn't prepared to how sinful it looked when she ate a strawberry.

He attacked Isabella with his mouth and wrapped her into his strong arms, pulling him tight against his strong body. He tasted the strawberry flavor as well as Isabella's flavor when he rolled his tongue against hers in a tango of lust.

He had to touch more of her. One of his arms let go of Isabella's small figure and ran up hip, her ribs and up to her perfect breasts.

Isabella turned her head away from him to get some air, but Edward lips quickly found the sweetness of Isabella's neck.

"Oh Edward!" She moaned while he sucked at the flesh of her neck and squeezed the roundness of her breasts.

"Edward!" She moaned again. "Edward…. Edward….!" The moans were slowly turning into shouts.

"EDWARD!" Isabella shouted, snapping Edward out of his fantasies.

Edward slightly jumped and blinked rapidly. He looked at Isabella's confused expression and then down to his hand which now only held the green stem of the strawberry he fed her.

Edward cleared his throat and turned his face away from Isabella to reach for the tray of dessert. He felt that feeding her was turning into a bad idea. He set the tray in between them to prevent him from attacking her like he had in his fantasy.

They ate in an awkward uncomfortable silence. Edward kept his eyes focused on the tray in front of him to avoid watching Isabella eat. He noticed that she was mostly grabbing the chocolate as opposed to the fruit. He smirked slightly. She loved the chocolate.

It was Edward that had finally spoken.

"What did you think of my family?" Edward asked with a strained voice.

He looked up at her and noticed that she was still chewing. Thankfully when she was done she didn't grab for another chocolate, and instead answered his question.

"They are all very nice and beautiful," Isabella said. "Rosalie especially is."

Edward nodded but grimaced at the same time.

"Yes she is," Edward agreed harshly. "I actually met her through my mother. She had hoped that I would found her appealing enough to look at to marry. She wanted beautiful grandchildren and felt that we would make the most beautiful babies in all of Washington. But I had absolutely no interest in her,"

Isabella looked at him curiously.

"Why is that?" She asked.

"Because she is vain and arrogant," Edward answered. "Luckily Emmett was there at the time my mother had introduced Rosalie and I. He too is vain and arrogant. But, as you saw today, he is also very goofy. He is one of the kindest people I know. Besides Carlisle."

Edward ate a piece of an orange.

Isabella nodded in agreement. "Yes Carlisle is very charming and kind. So is his wife,"

Edward scowled a little at the knowledge that she though Carlisle was charming. Why couldn't she have thought that about him?

Maybe because you forced her to suck you off? His inner voice told him. Edward quickly shut it out.

"Yes. I always viewed her as a second mother," Edward cleared his throat once again.

"There is something I've been meaning to ask you but I feel like it's an inappropriate question," Isabella said, casting her eyes away from him nervously.

"What is it?" Edward asked cautiously.

Isabella fiddled her fingers together, a nervous habit as well as biting her lip.

"I was wondering," Isabella said, "Why Jasper is so tan?"

Edward understood Isabella's confusion. She was referring to Jasper's bronze skin, something that only slaves or people that had hard labor as a life style had.

"Jasper is a blacksmith Isabella," Edward answered.

Isabella licked her lips, still confused. "Yes but how does he have the means to support Lady Alice?" Isabella asked. She bit her lip nervously. She felt awkward and out of place asking these inappropriate question.

Edward didn't seem disturbed by her questions at all.

"Well," Edward said sitting up a little straighter on the bed. "Alice met Jasper at his family's small blacksmith business. It was instant love at first sight for them. When Carlisle saw how in love the two were, he invested in a large business in the city so that Jasper could provide for his one and only daughter."

Isabella nodded in understanding and they went back to eating in silence.

Edward once again broke the silence.

"What is it that you like to do for leisure Isabella?" Edward asked, "Besides reading of course."

Isabella blushed. She hadn't really thought Edward was at all interested in what she liked to do. She had thought that he had only wanted her for her body and to have a pretty thing on his arm.

"I love to horseback ride," Isabella answered. "Mrs. Cope would always scold me for riding astride a horse," Isabella smiled fondly at the memory.

"Of course she should!" Edward exclaimed. "It is unbecoming for a young lady to ride astride a horse,"

Edward looked at Isabella and noticed her lips turn into a line at his comment but didn't say anything. He silently chastised himself for his stupid comment.

Edward quickly thought of a way to redeem himself.

"How about I take you to my stables tomorrow? I have beautiful horses and acres of land for you to explore,"

Isabella's eyes brightened at the offer.

"Oh would you?" Isabella asked.

"Of course my dear," He said bringing his hand to hers and slightly caressing it. Isabella looked down at his hand on top of hers. It was strange to look at. It was so much larger then her own. It gave her a weird sense of security. The hand looked so masculine and strong. She knew that he could really protect her with the strong hands that he had.

She quickly pulled her hand away from his, startled by the thought that she was having. Did she really feel comforted at that moment by Edward's presence? She quickly looked up at Edward and noticed his curious eyes. They stared at each other's eyes for a moment. Isabella looked within his. She noticed that beyond his arrogance and harshness, that there was a sadness and loneliness that made her heart clench.

It wasn't until Edward brushed his lips with hers that she noticed that she was leaning in towards him. She quickly turned her face away so that his lips brushed her cheek as well.

Edward sighed in frustration. He had really thought he was making progress with Isabella. But he knew she still saw him as a loathsome man.

"I wish to retire," Isabella said, facing away from him. Edward nodded his head and picked up the tray to set it outside of their door.

Isabella quickly got under the covers and faced away from him when he slid under the blankets next to her.

"Goodnight Isabella," Edward said after turning off the gas lamp. The only source of light they had was the low dim of the fire in the fireplace.

"Goodnight Lord Mason," Isabella said.

Edward sighed. She was back to calling him Master Mason. It wasn't until he heard her steady breathing that he scooted in closer to her and wrapped his arm around her.

As promised Edward was leading Isabella to the stables the next day. Isabella was none too pleased to wake up with Edward's arm around her small waist and his hand grasping her breast as well as his hard manhood against her rear.

She screamed at him to get his "paws of her."

Edward was frazzled at the sudden outburst that had awakened his erotic dreaming of him and Isabella. In his dream Isabella was screaming for a whole other different reason and wasn't pushing his hands off her breasts. Rather in his dream she was encouraging his hands upon them while moaning as he drilled hard into her.

Edward smiled fondly at the memory and then looked at Isabella who was scowling at him as if she knew exactly what he was thinking. Which she did.

When they arrived at the stables Isabella smiled at the familiar smell of the barn with the hay in the barn and the horse droppings.

"Stay right here," Edward said. "I forgotten our cloaks," And at that he left the barn.

Isabella moseyed along inside the barn. She noticed he had all kinds of different breeds of horses and well as every color.

She went to a brown one that was chewing on some hay.

"You're a beautiful one," Isabella said to the horse while petting its nose.

"That she is," Isabella heard behind her. She jumped and quickly turned around, almost stumbling onto her bottom in the process.

What she saw nearly gave her a heart attack. It was one of the dark skin men that her father always would have to protect the city of Forks from. An Indian! A savage!

"WH-who are you?" Isabella asked nervously.

Jacob smirked at her expression. He was use to new comer's reaction to him.

"My name is Jacob my lady. You must be Master Mason's bride?" He asked.

"Y-yes." She answered. "My name is Isabella," She smiled nervously.

"Isabella," He said smiling a bright smile that left Isabella entranced. His teeth were so beautiful against his dark skin.

"Yes," Isabella said. "But you can call me Bella. I actually prefer Bella,"

Jacob smiled once again.

"Bella it is then," He said and grabbed a brush off a nearby hook and walked over to her.

Isabella started to back away from him. Jacob noticed this.

"You may not want to back away from me," Jacob said.

"WH-why is that?" She stuttered.

Jacob smirked. "Two reasons actually," he said. "One being that I'm not going to hurt you and two because you're going to step in some horse shit if you back up any farther."

Isabella face turned weary to shock at his crass words. But she quickly looked behind her and sure enough there was some "horse shit," as Jacob put it, right behind her.

She stepped sideways rather than backwards to get away from. She quickly spotted a stool that was used to sit upon while cleaning the horse's hoofs. She decided to sit on that to keep a safe distance while Jacob brushed the hair of the horse she was admiring.

"This is Cinnamon," Jacob said, referring to the horse.

Isabella smiled at how he tended the horse. The way he looked at Cinnamon was so caring and loving. He obviously really loved animals.

"Jacob?" Isabella said.

"Yes?" He answered back, still keeping his eyes on the horse.

"How is that you know English?" She asked. Jacob looked at her quizzically. "I mean since you're a…."

"A Savage?" Jacob guessed.

"Yes- NO!" Isabella exclaimed. "I was going to say Indian…."

Jacob chuckled, obviously not offended by Isabella's question.

"I know English because I've worked for the Mason's since I was eight years old," Jacob said.

"Really?" Isabella asked, "Why is that?"

Jacob frowned, "I used to live in La Push along with my tribe. Master Mason's Uncle's family just happened to be on our land at one of our beaches. My father would spy on them behind the large rocks that would be on the beaches, to see if what we like to call "the pale faces," were dangerous or not. In doing so, my father slipped on a rock and landed on his back wrong, causing his spin to break.

"Master Carlisle heard my father's shouts, and since Master Carlisle is a doctor, he examined his back. I had also heard my father's cries for I was not very far away from him. I was just a couple yards east sharpening my blades to one of my spears.

"I ran towards the cry and saw the Master Carlisle was tending to him. He looked at me and started speaking in a tongue that I didn't understand, but I knew from his expression that he was trying to tell me that my father was hurt.

"I ran to my tribe and told them what happened to my father. They all came to help him. When we got back Master Carlisle tried to communicate to us that he wanted to help take care of him. None of us knew what he was saying but I could tell that he meant no harm.

"He signaled that he was going to try to lift my father, so other member of my tribe helped Master Carlisle. They took him to his carriage. I started to panic and told him in my language that he was my father. Somehow Master Carlisle understood was I was trying to communicate to him and brought me along. They in turn took me to the Mason's so I could work for them since they are providing us with shelter, food and water. I just picked up English from working around the pale faces for so long."

Isabella thoughtfully listened to the story. She quickly realized that the Cullen's were kind genuine people, even though she felt like she already knew that.

"My real name isn't Jacob. It was a name the Mason's had given since they didn't know my real one."

"What is your real name?" Isabella asked.

Jacob smirked, "Translated, it is Hunts with Wolves. My father wanted me to be a great hunter. Which by the way, I was the best at my age," He winked at Isabella.

Isabella blushed and giggled.

Jacob chuckled in turn and they both started laughing for no particular reason. They stopped abruptly when Edward returned.

Edward looked at the exchange of laughter between Jacob and Isabella. He glared at Jacob in which Jacob looked away to continue to tend to the horse.

Edward walked towards Isabella and held out his hand to help her up. When Edward had his back turned to Jacob, Isabella noticed Jacob's glare towards him.

Isabella took his hand and stood up, still looking at Jacob's scowl. Edward brought Isabella's attention back to him when he handed the wool cloak to Isabella.

She gently took it from him and gave him a quiet "thank you."

"Which horse would you like to ride Isabella?" Edward asked.

Isabella smiled and looked at the beautiful brown horse. "Cinnamon."

Jacob smiled at Isabella to in which made Edward scowl like Jacob had earlier.

"Very well," Edward said and hopped onto a black horse that was next to Cinnamon.

Jacob took Isabella's hand and helped her onto Cinnamon.

"Have a pleasant ride my Lady," Jacob said.

"Thank you," Isabella said shyly, and at that, they were off!

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