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Creepy Crawlies


La Despereaux

In one more week Tiana's Palace will finally be open and ready for business; Naveen already knew for a fact that if he couldn't find his wife any where he will always be able to find her in her restaurant. He knew she was excited and as well as he, he loved the way Tiana's face would lit up when she talked about her dream and he loved that she included him in her dream.

With a smile he entered the momentarily close restaurant and was welcomed with the heavenly scent of sweetly fresh baked goods and honey. Naveen's stomach grumbled and his mouth watered as he set his tracks to the kitchen, determined to steal at least one sugar coated beignet from his beautiful Tiana when she wasn't looking. He straighten his shirt over his powerfully built body-something he noticed his wife liked even if she does not like to admit it-ran one hand through his teddy brown hair, and as he passed a mirror he flashed himself a alluring grin. "With these good looks, I can certainly charm a beignet from my lovely wife." He told himself.

Or at least that was his plan before he heard a loud shriek coming from the kitchen-that belonged to his wife-followed by pots and pans being thrown down on to the floor. Then, alas, there was the rare cry of help from his self-helped Princess, "Naveen!"

His gut twisted and turned at the cry, it was extremely infrequent when his Tiana would cry for help and he could only imagine the worst possible situation-like the charismatic shadow man coming back. But before he could let his mind wonder anymore on the subject his leg muscles tighten, pumped up with blood and he raced towards the kitchen's door. His hands blasted through the swing metal doors and he was ready for any type of fight to protect his love, to defend her, and to make sure nothing dreadful had happened to her. "Tiana, what is it!"

"Dear Lord, the corner Naveen!"

"The corner…" All of his energy left him and replaced with bewilderment. A little tousle mouse looked up frightfully at him, its nose twitched along with its whisker, beady eyes blinking at him while holding a piece of crumb between its paws. "It is a mouse…" Naveen said as he silently tried to figure out why his wife screamed. But after a few seconds he gave up and slowly turned his head towards his wife, wanting at least some sort of reason for her outburst over the little mouse, "Tiana is it that-what are you doing?" Naveen stared at first, then began to chuckle and that quickly turned into a loud laugh as he saw his usually composed and fearless wife on top of a table, her back pressed against the wall, black inky curls in a mess, a saucepan in her hands, and eyes wide and terrified over-what he suspected-the little mouse. "Achidanza!" He laughed louder, slapping a hand over his knee as tears started to sting his eyes.

"Naveen stop your laughin' and get that mouse out of my kitchen!" Tiana unconsciously backed up a little further, gritting her teeth as she tried to look away from the mouse.

Naveen only stopped laughing when Tiana started to threaten to throw the pan in her hand at him. "But why are you so scared my Princess, it is only a little mouse that happened to want a piece of your delicious food."

"If it wants my food, it can get a taste outside and not in my kitchen." She said but choked out the last part when she saw Naveen getting closer to the mouse. He grabbed it quickly and swiftly, and Tiana was amazed that he didn't even squirmed as the little mouse twitched in his hands. But she did let out a little shrieked when he walked closer to her with the mouse and a mischievous look in his golden brown eyes. "What in heaven name y'all think you're doing?"

"Me? Why nothing at all my Princess. I just wanted to… show you this little hairy mouse that you are quite terrified of." He couldn't help it, he knew he is going to reject teasing his wife but he couldn't help it. It was not everyday Tiana would shrink away and tremble in fright, so he would only like to cherish this moment for a few more seconds. "It is only but a little mouse."

He saw her shake her head, arch her herself further away as a small cry came up from the bottom of her throat. Getting closer to her Tiana wanted to run away, that or grab the nearest broom to hit Naveen over the head with. However she didn't want to risk the chance of the mouse getting lose and crawling all over her restaurant. "Naveen, I swear another step closer and I'll…I'll-"

"I'll stop only if you tell me that I am the most handsome man in the world, that you love my charming good looks, and you are very pleased that you are my wife." He gave her a captivating smile, and wiggled his eyebrows at her. "And then after I got rid of the mouse I would like to hear how much you love me, this is the only way I will take this pesky mouse away from your present, my Princess."

Tiana hesitated and shook her head back and forth slowly; she only gave in to her husband's ridiculous request when he was only two feet away from her. She knew she was going to increase the size of his already suffocating ego with her answer, but she wanted that rodent out of her kitchen, "Fine then! Naveen you're the most handsome man in all of Nar' Leans, I love your good looks, and I love the fact I'm your wife. Now get the mouse out of my kitchen!" She cried and squirmed away.

"In New Orleans? No. No. No. I said in the entire 'world' Tiana." He smirked as she squeaked out his last request, and couldn't help but chuckle loudly as he took the mouse out back and let the little animal go. It jumped out of his hands and scurried away from him, and Naveen still couldn't believe that it was that little creature that caused her to scream. He would have never thought that his wife would be afraid of mice, but he loved that he learned something new about her. It made this warm feeling arise inside of him, almost as if it did not matter how many days, moths, or years that will pass his wife will always be filled with many surprises that he will never be bore with her. Every single day with Tiana seemed like a new adventure in his life.

"Is it gone?" He heard Tiana's light bell of a voice chime as he walked over to the sink and washed his hands.

"Of course it is, Tiana. I did promise to get rid of it, did I not?" He dried his hands and pivoted around to face his wife. He was about to demand that she continue with their second half of their deal, but stopped when he saw she was still on top of the table, "Why are you still on the table?"

"Because that mouse might have some friends still runnin' 'round here," She hissed, her warm chocolate brown eyes gazed over the polished marble floor of her kitchen. "I think we should call a type of pest control…"

"Nonsense, there are no more mice here, Tiana." He reassured her. "Now come down from there." Tiana was still unsure and Naveen, being an impatient man that he was, went up to her and pulled her face down for a scorching kiss. Their lips meld together as one, moved lovingly and tasted one another before he pulled back and took her into his arms. One of his arms was under her knees and another was wrapped around her upper back, "Now my Princess, you are filled with many surprises, that you are. I would have never thought you get so scared so easily."

"You're not going to leave me for that, are you?" She teased back as she cuddled closer into his arms, still looking around the room just in case she saw another furball scurrying around the floor.

"Of course not, this just makes you much more interesting, and sure enough, it makes me love you even more to even think about leaving you. Where else in the world am I supposed to find another woman to warm my heart the same way you do?" He carried her out of the kitchen and upstairs to their house, "Nowhere, I can grantee you." He didn't miss the red on her cheeks and her eyes averting away from his because of her embarrassment. He then carefully entered their bedroom and placed her on the bed. "You still have not told me how much you love me." He reminded her, and placed her down on his side of the bed before he brought both his arms around her and pulled her along.

"I love you with all my heart, Naveen. Now and forevermore, not even death can make me stop loving you." She said with a smile and arched further up to kiss him on the lips. "And I'll even love you more if you call for someone to check if there're anymore creepy-crawlies in my restaurant."

A thunderous laugh escaped him. It lit up his face and made his chest shake. Tiana almost wanted to laugh herself but didn't dare to, she wanted to only focus on his joyful laughter, "If you want my beautiful Tiana, I would personally make sure that there are no more 'creepy-crawlies' for you, only if you tell me you love me one more time."

"I love you, Prince Naveen." She whispered to him and nuzzled her head on his shoulder.

"And I love you my Princess Tiana."

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