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Lovely Sundays

By Despereaux

Prince Naveen of Maldonia loved his wife. He loved how beautiful she was, inside and out. He loved the small jesters she does with her hands when she was happy, sad, nervous, or even mad. He loved how she would tie up her hair during the middle of any task she was doing because it would, "get in the way."

So, he thought it made perfect sense for him to grab her from whatever she was doing. He would hug her, kiss her, and if luck was on his side he would drag her upstairs to their apartment and fool around for a while. He loved to touch her. To feel her supple skin under his hands, to feel her full red lips against his, and to feel her heart beat a dance with his. His life with Tiana would and will always be perfect and never dull.

Naveen would grin to himself when she would squirm away from his touch, when he hugged her, or when she would blush and hiss out, "Not here, Naveen!" He enjoyed teasing her and enjoyed his daily bantering with her as well.

However, if he had to choose one day out of the week that he enjoyed more, it would be Sundays. On Sunday, bantering and teasing were his favorites because during those Sundays his wife would let go. She would relax and let the warmth of their love take over her for once.

Sundays had become his most treasure days since meeting Tiana. There would be no customers to serve, and no Tiana working her lovely arse all day. Instead, it was just him and her and occasionally some family or friends visitors.

Luckily, this day was not one of those days. He had her all for himself. Naveen fixed his vest, adjusted his cap security on his head, and straighten himself up. "I am one good-looking man." He said as he posed differently in front of the mirror.

It was Sunday, almost to seven in the evening. He made a special dinner for him and Tiana on the roof. Since marrying Tiana, he learned more than just mincing-mostly because she didn't let him sit around while she cooked. He had a simple meal for them ready, and felt shy and excited at the same time as he thought about having her all alone for dinner after six days of sharing her.

He heard it was suppose to be a clear night, no clouds in the sky and that there was going to be a full moon. From the position of the restaurant, they would have the perfect view of the moon and the stars tonight. Naveen earlier told his wife to get "doll up" as they say here in America, and still felt his heart beating erratically when he saw her smiling at him. She asked if he had another surprise for her and he simply told her that she had to wait.

To which she responded with, "Fine, I'll get all pretty for you, it had been a while since I ate one of your meals." She teased and ran away when he tried to capture her in his arms. Yelling at her that she ruined her surprise, but he still had his silly grin on his face as he went to the living room and saw her there.

She raised a winged eyebrow, a coy smile on her lips. "You took your sweet time, didn't you prince charming?" She walked up to him with a delight twinkle in her eyes. She wore a pretty light blue dress her mother just gave to her yesterday. It was a short sleeve, scrunched up perfectly at her small waist, trimming of a dark blue design outline at the bottom. She had those lovely white Mary Jane shoes, white diamond earrings and her hair was let loose and curled at her shoulders. "Am I 'doll up' enough for you?"

Her lips touched his cheek innocently and he frowned at her playfully. "Ah, my dear wife." He kissed her fully on the lips, "You have no idea how much I am happy to know you care so much."

"Well, I thought if I fixed myself up. I want to look nice for my surprise." She grinned at him. Moving closer to him and looked at him. "So?"

"A-ah, yes. Please, come with me." Taking her hand he led her upstairs, outside and when he looked at Tiana she had a suspicious look on her face. "My love, no need to look so doubtful. I assure you shall love you gift."

"Oh it's not that,"

"Hm? Then, what is it?" He asked as he placed his hand on the knob of the door.

"I don't think that's a good idea…" Tiana was slowly pulling at her hand

"Why not? It is-" Opening the door Tiana let out a small gasped when the cold winds and wet bullets hit them. Naveen stood there as Tiana hid behind him, and told him to close the door but he couldn't. He was shocked. All of his hard work for this perfect Sunday evening was ruin. All because of rain, and not little bit of rain. It was a storm outside.

Soaking his planned out dinner. From behind him, he head giggles and turned to so Tiana gripping her side as she laughed even more. She let out small snorts and got louder when she saw his face. He pouted and waited for her to calmed down, and once she did she smiled. "Ah, poor baby. All of your hard work," she teased. He was about to respond to her when she draped her arms around his shoulders. "How about we skip dinner, and I'll give you a reward instead?"

"Okay," He said and grinned when her lips molded against his. And his last thought before he entered their bedrooms was, "How I love Sundays."

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