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"What?! She's canceling it?!"

"Not only that! AGAIN! I tell you! AGAIN!"

"You have got to be kidding me!"

"Well she's the 'Ice Queen' after all!"

Blah, blah, blah. These statements came from the insolent students of the ever so popular Shikon High. The exclusive school for the rich and only for the rich. Its every parents dream to get their children into this school.

The owner of this school is none other than Aida Higurashi. Wonder why she called it Shikon?


She used to be a priestess. Her ancestor was Midoriko. The bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a sacred jewel used for purification and granting wishes. So that's why it became the Shikon High. Owned by the well-known and richest group in Japan and recognized by the world, The Shikon Group. (AN: Familiar ne?)

Actually, the school was built because of her husband, Kyoya Higurashi, for his son and daughter. The school is complete of the facilities you can imagine and it is a boarding school. They have their own rooms in dormitories and also, there's a system of money management for the students to learn on the basics of saving. The students are only allowed to go out and visit their parents or relatives when it's time for vacations.

They can also shop for their things in Shikon Town. This town is complete of the things the students needed if they wanna buy something from food, furniture and a whole lot more! The nerdy part of this school is the National Library of Shikon for everyone including the teachers and other employees.

Now that's settled, Kyoya's oldest, Kagome Higurashi, is the one to take over the Shikon and manage it not only in Japan but in the other parts of the world. While his youngest, Souta Higurashi, will help his sister take over the business.

So, let's get down to business. The commotion is about the Christmas party to end the year. It's been canceled.


And it's because of their so cold-hearted, future owner of the Shikon group, Student Council President, Kagome Higurashi herself. She always hated Christmas. Let alone the happy faces of people while celebrating it. She won't even let her mom pass through that happiness. Wonder why?

'Cause she lost her father.

EXACTLY at Christmas.

And ever since then,

She never smiled...

Never again...


"Hey Kags, happy in ruining the student's lives? AGAIN?"

"Shut up Sango."

"Yeah c'mon it's only for this Christmas!"

"Shut up Ayame."

"They're right. At least once would be nice right?"

"Shut up Rin."


Kagome stood up from the leather chair she's sitting at and glared at her supposed to be "friends". The three girls just looked away, knowing that they can't do anything. Even with their wealth.

"Really, every time the year ends, does this have to happen? I mean what is so important about this Christmas you're talking about? There's no such thing as a Santa Claus either." Kagome said being the cold person she is.

"There is a Santa Claus and I can prove it." Sango hissed.

"Children are you not? He's just a mere image of being unethical towards the minds of runts." Kagome spat.

"He is not! And don't talk as if he's just one of your pesky slaves!" Ayame exclaimed.

Kagome raised her eyebrow. "But he isn't. Correct me if I'm not mistaken but I never said that he was my slave."

"That's the point! He's not your slave! Yet, your making him looks like one!" Rin joined.

"Be that way. Really. I don't know why every year we have to fight about this. Look, I'll just go out and doze off somewhere. Just call me if you need something." Kagome headed for the door.

"But we need you! The new transfer students are about to come!" Sango followed her.

"Oh that? I don't understand why they have to transfer schools in the middle of the school year. That would be hard."

"Yes it is."

"So can I go now?"

Sango sighed.



"What if I don't like it there?"

"Inuyasha Takahashi! For the tenth time! You are going to this school!"

Inuyasha pouted. Aww how cute. Well, he is going to do a lot of those. Soon enough.

"But mom!"

"No buts! Besides, your friends agreed to transfer with you!" Izayoi shouted.

He just sulked in his seat and looked out on the fast view of the scenery. Why the heck does he have to go to that school anyways?

'Because it's elite, for the rich, and definitely not for the poor.' Inuyasha thought and then sighed.

"Hey mom?"

"What is it this time?"

"I'm bored."



"So, where's Kagome?"

"She won't answer her phone."

"Where does she often 'doze off'?"

"Anywhere. So, I think we can't find her that easily."

"Find her! Now! They are on their way!"


Sango sighed. She had been scolded again because of Kagome. Even though it's not her fault, she's been scolded. 'Where could that Ice Queen have gone to?'

"Hey Sango."

"Aya, please let's just find Kagome."


So the three girls headed for where Kagome would be. They went to the forest, the park, Shikon Town, but she's nowhere to be found. So they decided to take a rest near the school gates since there are a lot of places where Kagome can 'doze off' there...

The trees.

"You know, if only Kagome is not my friend, I would have left her." Ayame said.

"Hmm... Hey! Look! Are those the cars of the transfer students?" Sango stood up. Terrified.

"Oh no. Kagome isn't here yet." Rin was biting her nails.

"That's okay. We'll just say that she's tired from all the work and took a rest though she really wants to come and meet them!" Sango suggested.

"Yeah! That's right! It's the perfect plan!" Aya and Rin agreed.

Just then, the four black cars passed through the open gates and suddenly four boys went out of each.

"Uh... Sango?" Rin called.

"Yes Rin?"

"Don't tell me..."

"Yup. The four wanted youngest bachelors in town."

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