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After the encounter, all of them were back to normal but lately; Shiori has been acting a little strange. No, scratch that, very, very strange. They were eating at the same place and Inuyasha just told a joke. And believe me, it's so corny. But all of them laughed.

Especially Shiori.

It's hard to believe that she could laugh louder than Sango. I mean, Sango laughs like... well, probably louder than a microphone on full volume, which by the way is deafening. And for Shiori to laugh louder than that, it's downright peculiar.

"Hey, Takahashi..." Kagome calls out. Two pairs of eyes looked at her. "I mean, Inuyasha."

"What? Missed me?" He asked with his cocky smirk.

"Yes- I mean NO! Do you notice anything weird?" Damn this guy is an alien.

Then, he looks around, as if to check if anything was out of place. "Nope."

"None at all?"

"Uh... No."

Kagome sighed. I mean, it's not every day she can see Shiori smile and be happy like that. So as a big sister, she'll investigate on this.

Even if it meant to be happy.


"So, what's the news?"

A girl with short hair sat on a big leather chair in a business suit. She was staring at nothing and was concentrating on the phone by her ear.

"They held a meeting a few days ago. It seems that she wanted to think about the school's Christmas party." The voice on the other line said.

The woman looked surprised. "Oh really now? My daughter is thinking? I mean about that situation?"

"Yes Mrs. Higurashi. And I had just found out that our rival company, the Takahashi family, has their sons enrolled in the school. They absolutely meant no harm and the younger son is just beside the room of your daughter. She is in good hands."

Aida raised an eyebrow. "Good hands? What do you mean good hands?"

"The younger son, Inuyasha, is capable of getting close with the young lady and it seems that he can handle her attitude. You do know of your daughter's anger management right?"

"Why yes of course! She is getting soft. This Inuyasha boy, he can be a good influence. You're dismissed."

"Yes Mrs. Higurashi."


"Mommy! Let's go to Shikon Town!" Said a very cheerful hanyou.

Kagome was very observant. She noticed that her 'daughter' is showing some kind of a happy atmosphere and this went by unnoticed by her friends. Is it her or Shiori is clinging on Inuyasha?

Possibly the last one.

Kagome smiled. "Yes of course. We shall go to Shikon Town. I believe there's a street show that you might want to watch."

Shiori beamed. "Really? Thanks mommy! Hey Inuyasha, you're going to come with us right?"

Kagome stiffened. The hell? She calls her by his first name as if they're that close?

Inuyasha just nodded. He didn't like kids but not to the point that he hated them. He noticed Kagome's stiffened position while they were walking. It's like there's something wrong with her back or something.

"Hey Kago-"

"Big Brother!" Shiori shouted.

Everyone traded confused looks especially Kagome. Does this brat know manners? Inuyasha thought.

"Mommy can I call Inuyasha big brother?" Shiori looked up to her 'mommy'.

Then all eyes looked at her. "Of course sweetheart." Kagome smiled. Oh I hate this life.



The girls gave the boys a tour around Shikon Town and bought the things that might of need to them. Like food and clothing. It took them a few hours or so to finish the whole tour considering that there is a certain 'someone' who keeps cutting off Kagome when she talks about the 'amazing' things in the place.

"So you're telling me, I mean us that the Student Council takes care of everything in this place? What does the Headmaster do?" Miroku asked.

Sango just finished talking about how the Student Council does everything for the maintenance of Shikon Town. Besides, Kagome just can't talk when a certain 'someone' is cutting her off.

Sango sighed. "Unfortunately, she's the one who gives us the work."

It seems like Kagome is making them do the talking for her. But for some reason, they can't understand why. Sango and the others tried talking to her. Especially Inuyasha but Shiori always cuts him off. Shiori...

"Ahah!" Sango shouted.

"Sango dear, is there something wrong?" Miroku asked.

"No! It should be 'is there's something right?'!" Sango said.

Sango was doing the evil laugh somewhere in her brain. She now knows why Kagome can't talk. She now knows why Inuyasha can't talk. She now knows why Shiori keeps on cutting the other off. Can you guys follow? I hope you can.

Because little Shiori likes Inuyasha. -evil laugh-

Guess who said that last line? lols... I'm so lazy to write... It's just that I plan to make this so long and since I was SO lazy, It's just short... Can you guys give me some inspiration or something? -sigh- Inuyasha the final act has come to an end...

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