I buried my face closer inside my jacket. Ed-he didn't want me. I obviously wasn't enough for him. I wasn't even pretty. And the only reason I could think about -Why he stayed with me- was , because he only waited to get me alone, and drain me from my blood. I wouldn't scream. Because; How could you scream? How could you run? How could you fight? When the one killing you was you whole life?


"You…don't…want me?" I whispered the words. Thinking about the way they sounded.

"No." He said firmly.

"Well…, That changes things.." I was surprised by how calm and reasonable I sounded. He took two long strides and stopped to stand just in front of me. I closed my eyes, trying to chase the thought away. Maybe it was just a stupid prank? That unfortunately even Emmett was a part of?

"Im sorry, my Bella. I promise you one thing though…" He looked at my face, searching for agreement. I nodded for him to continue.

"…we wont interfere. I wont come back. None of us wont. We love you Bella. But I am so tired to keep pretending that Im something that Im not.

Im not human! Goodbye, my only love." He kissed my forehead swiftly. When I opened my eyes; he was gone. Darkness overwhelmed.

End of Flashback

I heard soft footsteps walking towards me.

"It's her. The human girl is here Alec!" A perfect lilac voice exclaimed.

"Why, it is her. Humans may be very beautiful sometimes. Her name fits her very well, my sister." Another voice sounded. It was a mans voice.

I heard the lilac voice growl impatiently.

"What's wrong ,my sister?" He asked absently. It brought Ed-his voice to shame.

"My powers are not working Alec. She has some kind of a shield." She asked. No longer angry.

Me? Im a ..? Im a shield ?No way. It has to be some kind of a dream.

Or sick joke. Something hard startled my left arm.

"Isabella. Bella. Wake up." The girl urged. "Jane, I can carry her." The girl giggled.

"You are such a gentleman , Alec. But, No. We must wake her up first." She sniffed. " Fine." No longer protesting.

"Bella! Open your eyes sleeping beauty." She nudged my hand. I opened my eyes. I saw two cloaked figures kneeling above me. One was a girl. She was blonde, with blood red eyes. She had a heart shaped face. All her features were perfect. The next figure was a beautiful boy. He had brown hair, with a fringe that covered his eyes. I could see they were blood red too. From what I could gather, they look much alike twins. They must have been around 18 before they were turned. I wonder if it was their will to be turned into creatures of the night.

"Who.. Who are you?" I stuttered.

"Why, I am Jane. This is my twin Alec." I knew it! The boy smiled at me angelically. I could feel some kind of connection to him.

"Why are you here?" I mumbled.

"Because, Aro heard of your powerful shield. He thinks that you would make a great guard." She answered.

"Whoa- Wait! Are- Are you from Volterra?" I asked. Of course they were, stupid.

"Yes" The gorgeous boy answered. I was dazzled. He smiled. Flashing his perfect white teeth.

"A guard? You mean.. you want to change me?" I asked. A beautiful dream come true.

"Yes" He once again said. "So, what do you say?" The angel asked me politely.

"Well.. I mean- What about Charlie?" I asked.

"He would me transformed too. If you want." No.

"No. I don't want that." I said quickly.

"Of course. We understand. But you beauty, must be changed." Jane said, happily.

"Ok." I agreed.

"We must get going, Bella." Alec said. Jane giggled.

"What's so funny about my name?" I asked Jane.

"I'll tell you later." She laughed. Both stood up . Alec hang his hand to support me. I took it. An electric shock set through me. I stood up quickly. But lucky to my clumsiness, I fell back again. Jane and Alec giggled. I blushed. He picked me up again and took me into his arms, and then set my to my feet. Making sure I wouldn't fall again. We walked silently through the forest.

"So Bella, why were you all alone in the woods?" Jane asked silently. I might have a shield but she caught my weak point.

"Well.. Uh.. You do know The Cullen's right?" I asked. They both nodded.

"Yeah well.. Edward.. He was basically my life. But on my 18 birthday party, Jasper, a vampire that hasn't been around animal blood to long, attacked me. Because I sliced my finger with paper." I remembered the horrible memory.

"Single paper cuts can ruin life's, cant they?" Alec looked into my eyes. I smiled and nodded. He smiled his bright smile too. I stopped abruptly in the back of my house. I could hear men talking in front of the house.

"Damn it. They're looking for me." I whispered. I looked out of the bush. I saw Jacob leaning against dad's cruiser. He was crying. My poor, poor best friend. I will hurt him, by leaving. A tiny tear tickled down my cheek. Jane caught it. She smiled encouragingly.

"We have to get your stuff." Alec said

"Yes yes. Of course." I looked at the window. It was still open. Good.

"Jump on my back, Bella." Alec said. I obeyed. He jumped so , quickly but gracefully up Charlie's tree.. And then through the window. Jane followed easily. She grabbed a bag from my dresser in Vampire speed. Alec collected my Passport, and basically anything personal. Like, my iPod , my laptop. Jane threw every single clothing from my dresser and stuffed it into the 3 bags.

"Jeez , Bella. We will have to go shopping in Volterra ASAP!" She squealed.

Great.. Another reminder of Alice. The total fashion freak. I giggled. I heard a bash through the door. In vampire speed; Alec and Jane grabbed the three bags and grabbed me through the window. Alec grabbed my arm a little to hard, and I knew I would have a bruise.

"Ouch!" I yelped. Alec dropped me carefully.

"I am so sorry Isabella." He apologized, but took me on his back and ran me to a sleek ,black car. He dropped me into the back seat with him self. Sitting right beside me. No intention to move, whatsoever.