Ehhh...Hey Guyyss. I Know I havent Updated at all but...I'm trying to improve my literature skills and writing... Yes, I'm aware of my puncuation and lack of description. I think I might actually need someones to help edit my stories ._. Also, Since I recently had a review that has really helped me. I'm deciding to restart Sinnoh Academy, I have no plot line and some of the characters are a bit...(please take no offense) Mary-Sue...Or Gary-Stu. I wish to short down the characters, thers a bit too much and are a pain in the butt to keep track off. Soo...Maybe I'll get back on it. But I'm also working on something with a friend of mine. We kinda made a linked account. Maayybbee while we're working on the sorry, I'll ask her to help me with Sinnoh Academy...Till Then, I just have a few requests, That someone could be my editor. To help with my grammar and kinda tutor me. Two, a few ideas for plots on Sinnoh Academy; because so far its going no where. and finally, to forgive me for not posting or updating. I do hope to become a better fanfictioner. This is all I have to say so... Ja Ne.

- Izayako