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Ryuu put down his pencil and stared at the papers on his desk and the eraser rubbings.

"Wow. I wrote that much?"

Deciding that his mother would be the best person to judge his work, he stood up and went to the kitchen. It was a Saturday, which meant that his mother and father were both at home. He found no one in the kitchen and living room, thus proceeding to the bedroom. He heard a little noise, but couldn't make it out.

Knocking on the door, he called, "Mom?"

There was some shuffling and then his mother's voice floated through the door, gasping a little.

"Just a minute, darling!"

Ryuu creased his forehead. What were they doing in there?

Five seconds later, the door opened.

Hyuuga Hinata stood at the threshold in a carelessly pulled over shirt and shorts, her dark hair messy around her shoulders.

"Oh Ryuu," She smiled and knelt down. "I'm sorry. What is it?"

"What were you and dad doing in there?"

His mother flushed.

"Uh, we were sorting out the c-cabinets," She said just as his father appeared behind her.

"Oh. Hi dad." Ryuu greeted. Gaara tousled the boy's head.

"Ryuu." He said in his deep voice.

"I wanted to ask you to help me check my essay." He explained.

"Oh," Hinata said, taking the essay from his hands. "What is it about? Can we go to your room to read it?"

"Yeah." He nodded. Gaara scooped him up and Hinata led the way.

The three of them got settled; Ryuu on his bed while Hinata and Gaara sat opposite him on blue stools. His parents began to read.

Hinata laughed a little at first, and her face got solemn as she progressed. The Hyuuga had positioned the paper between them so that Gaara could read it as well. Ryuu observed them silently, his jade eyes serious. His father had a small smile on his face while his mother's eyes were soft and smiling.

"Oh Ryuu," She said motioning for him after she had finished. "That was lovely." The boy settled in his mother's embrace with his back against her chest, her arms circling him as she held his essay.

"Really, mom?"

"Yes sweetheart. I think daddy agrees too."

The redhead smacked his son's palm. "Where did you get your ideas from, Ryuu?"

"Ideas?" His eyebrows creased. "Well I dunno. I was just writing, and writing, and writing."

"Alright, mom's going to help you clear your spelling mistakes and edit some of it alright?"


Hinata glanced over the top of her son's head at Gaara, who watched her with those jade eyes of his. He smiled and she squeezed his hand.

"Ryuu's essay today made me think about some things." Hinata said softly into the dark of the night as she laid her head on Gaara's bare chest, one small hand on his stomach. He ran his hand up her naked body, indulging in the feel of her curves and her body warmth.

"Whatis it?" He asked huskily.

"He understood why you were angry." She sat up to look at him and the sheets fell away, exposing her chest. The handsome redhead's eyes wandered southwards. He didn't answer.

"Gaara," The Hyuuga said firmly, pulling her sheets up to her breasts.

"Sorry. Just thought that you should know better than to talk to me when you're naked." He leaned closer to her and brushed his lips over the skin at her neck. Hinata blushed faintly.

"He understands why you're angry and why you hit him when he does something wrong, Gaara." She pushed him away and looked into his eyes. "He knows that you care. He needs you."

Gazing deeply into her eyes he nodded. "I know Hinata. And I will be there for him. He's ours. They're ours."

"You've succeeded in providing him with love. You taught him what is right and wrong through punishments woven together with your love, but you didn't lash out at him in that violent way you imagined you would, just like your father, when we had the talk about kids, Gaara. He loves you."

The redhead's jade eyes dilated just a millimetre. He stared at her for a minute, then crushed his lips to her mouth, one hand buried deep in her hair while the other grasped her waist. Hinata was completely ravished when he broke apart only to continue further down her neck, hands roving urgently.

She tilted her head back to allow him more space.

When they finally did break away, Gaara spoke.

"I think you gave me the opportunity to do that. I wouldn't have kids with you if you hadn't persuaded me that I could do it, not follow in my father's footsteps and actually provide the love for my own child. I would never have done this without you, or any other woman."

He leaned his forehead against hers and smiled, one hand tangling with hers.

"I beg to differ. It was all your doing." She kissed his forehead and her lips grazed the love tattoo.

"Well now, tomorrow, you'll be feeling really sore and pretty tired. And that's all my doing too, Hinata." The redhead pushed her back on the bed as she ran her hands through his soft crimson hair. He moved over her, pulling away the sheets from her body with hunger.

"I hope you're kidding. We're bringing the kids to the zoo tomorrow, Gaara."

"Right. Good luck to both of us then. Let's hope the boys won't be a handful for us."

He dipped his head and Hinata sighed with pleasure as he spread her legs.

"And since I've been providing love to my children, I'll want to make love to my absolutely gorgeous wife before I run out of love that has got to be handed out. I know you agree with me, Hinata. Don't you?" His voice was low.

"Anything you say," Hinata laughed softly. "Anything you say, Gaara."

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