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I'm actually planning to write more parts to this story. Not continue this particular one, but write more chapters about Alice and Jasper.

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Alice watched her husband reading at his desk. The light threw shadows across his face, highlighting the scars that ravaged it. His face was contorted in concentration, as it always was whenever he read. She smiled as she watched him. Jasper always looked the most at peace while reading. Sensing her emotions, Jasper looked up at her.


Alice giggled. "I'm just wondering how you'd look like with glasses."

"Me?" he chuckled. "I think I'd look like a dork."

"I think you'd look just fine," she smiled.

He smiled back at her and returned to his book. She thought about how calm he looked, which didn't come easily for him; especially during the past few days. Alice remembered her trip to Volterra as vividly as if it were happening before her. She remembered the deep crimson eyes staring at her from the shadows and she remembered seeing Edward writhe in pain as Jane smiled at him, Bella screaming helplessly by his side. Her clearest memory was of Aro's spidery hand reaching out to her and clasping her own. She felt his fascination in her; his desire. Alice knew at that moment that she would see Aro again. She wished that she could freeze the moment Jasper was in, at peace and happy; because she knew it wouldn't last very long.

Feeling the change in her mood, Jasper looked up from his book. "Alice? What's the matter?"

He put his book on his desk and sat down beside her on their bed. He pulled her onto his lap and cradled her close. Alice closed her eyes and melted into his embrace, relishing his touch. The past days had been the longest time they were apart since they first met.

"Tell me. What's wrong?"

She smiled. They were more in tuned with each other's emotions than any of the other Cullens. They never had kept any secrets from each other. Alice sighed. "I have to tell you something."

Jasper waited in silence, stroking her hair. She knew he was waiting patiently for her, yet she felt his worry.

"Something happened... in Volterra. Something happened with Aro." He continued to wait. She felt his grip tighten as thought the mention of Aro's name threatened to hurt her. "Aro threatened to turn Bella. He said she had to become a vampire. To stop him from hurting her, I told him that she eventually would change. I had to let him hold my hand so that he would see my visions of her... He knows I predict the future... And he wants me on his guard."

If he were human, Jasper would have stopped breathing. He was silent for such a long time that Alice looked into his face out of worry. He was staring straight ahead, his jaw clenched.


Jasper looked back at Alice. His expression softened, though his grip was still tight. His eyes were dark and would have been frightening, but she knew better than to be scared of Jasper.

"He wants to take you."

Alice nodded. "When he looked at me... I knew that he wouldn't give in very easily." Jasper closed his eyes and sighed. "Please, don't be mad with Edward. He's just as mad about this as you."

"I should've gone with you."

"Jasper, no-"

"When Emmett and Rosalie left for the airport, I should've gone with you."

"No! I already told you, if Edward had seen you-"

"I wouldn't have gone for Edward."

Alice stared into her husband's eyes. The peace that was there from when he was reading was completely gone and replaced by anger. She couldn't bear to tell him that she didn't have any vision of him, Rosalie, and Emmett. She couldn't tell him the real reason why she told him not to go.

He pulled her off of him and sat by the edge of the bed. Alice resisted the urge to put her hand on his shoulder.

"Aro... He won't stop until he gets you."

"He won't. Not anytime soon-"

"You don't know them, Alice. When I was with Maria, I witnessed myself the lengths that the Volturi will go for more power. Aro will only abide by his own rules but that doesn't rule out what he's willing to hide or cover up."

"He said that he'd wait for Bella to be... changed. I don't see their decisions changing any time soon... Jasper, I'm so sorry."

He turned to face her. For a while, Alice thought he was about to storm off. Her eyes suddenly unfocused as a vision overcame her. She saw Jasper taking off into the woods and leaving her alone in their room. She felt a stab of pain as she saw herself clinging onto her own arms, overcome with a sudden feeling of loneliness. Alice came out of her vision with a gasp and found herself back in Jasper's arms. He had felt her pain as she had her vision. He was holding her close and his face was filled with worry. He stroked her face softly. She smiled.

"I'm okay."

Jasper pulled her close and embraced her. "I'm not gonna let him take you, Alice."

Alice closed her eyes and melted into his embrace. "I know."

They held each other, forgetting about the Volturi, only knowing the other. Jasper would never abandon her, and she wasn't ready to do the same.

"Alice," he finally spoke after what seemed to be an eternity. "I know that you lied." She didn't let go of him, but her body tensed. "I know that you lied when you called me on the phone."

"Jasper, I was-"

"You were doing it to protect me. I know."


"You told me you'd get out before anything happened. I don't know how, but in my gut I knew that it wasn't very likely."

"Then why didn't you go?"

"Because you weren't just asking me not to go. You were asking me to trust you. And I did. It was the most painful thing I ever had to do."

Alice held him tighter. "I saw you going to Italy. I saw what would have happened if you did, I just couldn't-"

"I know. You do what you can to protect me, just as I do for you. And given our suddenly eventful lifestyle, I don't think that's the last time we'll be protecting each other from danger. I just need you to promise me one thing."


"When the time comes for me to protect you, I want you to trust me as well."

Alice looked up at his face and saw the pleading in his eyes. She kissed his shoulder and nodded into his chest. "We're always going to be doing stupid things to protect each other, aren't we?"

"Yes, we will," he chuckled.

"And it'll never end?"

He kissed the top of her head. "Absolutely not."

Alice sighed contentedly. At that moment, he was at peace again.