Ok, I'm gonna RANT!

Seriously folks, I post my second chapter of this super awesome fic, and only five hours later, it's already on the eighth page, having been kicked back by so many new fics and updates that it's absolutely mind-boggling? Ridiculous! And from what I've read in the descriptions, there are more than a few fics out there right now, in front of my crack fiction that are so absolutely horrid that I'm afraid to click on them! I mean seriously, just how many times can people come up with different ways to pair up this character and that one, creating pairings that seem more deranged than my mad ramblings? *blinks* I do believe I even saw a few Sakura/Itachi and Hinata/Hidan pairings! Don't get me wrong, I love creativity, but to this extent? Just how many people out there are obsessed with Deidria anyway? I know I saw at least a half-dozen fics with his name, and I was just glancing through!

However... *giggles* With this rant, I'm on page one again! Yay!

Don't make me bring out the plot-bunny of doom for another bunny attack fic people! I've already done it to Ranma! (Canon's Greatest Enemy)