Black Holes And Revelations.

Summary. . . . . . . . . Captured, Sam is tortured and made weak in order for Lucifer to get a yes and gain entry, whilst Dean has to endure some home truths and startling revelations as he listens to just how much Sam was manipulated and used by both sides.

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They'd been hunting down a selkie when they'd been ambushed. Following it to it's lair, an ancient brick building nestled atop a cliff face, the Atlantic ocean crashing against the rocks far below, waiting for her to turn back into her seal form, knowing that when she did, she would be more vulnerable, only to watch as it changed into something else before their very eyes, the momentary distraction of their concentration all that was needed for the demons to ease from the shadows. They'd tried to battle, but one stinking little pig sticker against ten they knew the odds were against them, and when she stepped out of the selkie's lair they knew they would not get away. She was wearing a new meat puppet, but the walk and the tone of the voice made her instantly recognizable. Meg.

She'd stood off to the side and laughed at their efforts for a while, before boredom most have displeased her, and with a flick of her wrist she ended their scuffles; Sam being thrown one way, his body mercilessly slammed into a brick wall, his head bouncing harshly off it, dazing him and tearing the delicate skin, sending blood oozing down his neck to be gathered by the fabric of his shirt. She'd looked at Dean then, where he stood immobilized, a sneering smirk upon her face as she asked. "Have you finished Dean? Or would you prefer me to hurt brother dearest even more?" and what could he do but give in.

The hood had been placed upon him there and then, preventing him from seeing what was being done to his brother. Ropes were bound around his wrists, the coarse strands biting and burning into the flesh there. He heard a grunt as Meg's hold of Sam was released and he dropped to the floor. Heard the sounds of someone pulling his sibling to his feet, and the horrid noise of Sam retching up his last meal as his equilibrium swirled; but he could do little to offer reassurances, as he found out when he tried to shout his brother's name, a solid fist to the gut stealing his breath away, before a hit to the head had him tumbling into unconsciousness.

He wasn't sure how long he was out, but he figured a while from the fact that he was now tied to something stone, ropes encircling his neck and his wrist. He'd shouted for his brother, but had gathered no response in return. He willed his racing heart to slow, and listened all the more harder, trying to hear even the slightest of noises, finally calming when after a few seconds he could just picked out the soft snores that involuntarily came from his sibling when ever he was unconscious. A new sound reached his ears and he jumped as something brushed against his hands. Something knelt to his side before hot breaths could be felt against his neck, and whispered words were spoken in that devilish voice.

"We're gonna have some fun Dean. It's payback time."

"Don't you dare touch him Meg, I swear I will send you back to hell if you touch him again."

She laughed at his threats as she pushed his head back against the unforgiving stone. Straddling his lap, she pulled the hood from over his head, not allowing him to look around, before returning her steady grip, and leant in. "If I go, you go baby. And something tells me I'd be the more welcome one, but then again you did do some great things down there, maybe they would welcome you back to the rack Dean." She moaned in pleasure and lust as Dean shuddered in fear beneath her. "I'll take that as an unwillingness to return then shall I? That's a pity, we could have done great things together. Tortured millions, heard their screams, felt their blood. Just the thought of what we could do is pleasuring me." She sighed, as she ground her fake body against Dean's.

He bucked violently in a vain effort to displace her, but her thighs were like iron, her grip of him strong, so instead he mustered all the moisture he could gather and spat, hitting her in the face and watching with his own pleasure as it trickled it's way down her cheek and nose. "Get off me you bitch! If I ever return there be warned, your's will be the first, and only face I come looking for."

She rose from her position, pulling his head back before pushing it once more into the pillar. Wiping at the moisture running down her face, she looked at him with a glare of pure evil. "You'll be sorry you did that. I'll make you pay in ways you could never think off." She stopped talking as she caught sight of the cocky stare the hunter was sending her way. "Oh don't be so smug, young one. I don't aim to hurt you, the angels would be pissed if they found out; but Sam he's fair game." She laughed as she crouched down in front of him.

"You wouldn't dare. Lucifer wants Sam, you wouldn't dare harm him."

"Who do you think sent me Dean? Who do you think I work for?" She snarled before adding. "Sure Lucifer wants Sam, but he knows your brother Dean, he knows how hard he will have to work to make him say yes. Look at how much trouble we had to go through just to get him to free Lucifer in the first place. Years Dean, years of patient work, of patient waiting, and you know we're not a patient race. We can't afford to wait that long again Dean."

"What do you mean years?"

"Oh I think I've talked enough for now, I think it's time to pay you back for that little dirty habit of your's, don't you think?" With another flick of her wrist Dean found himself being pushed around the pillar so that he now faced the alter, and the prone body of his brother that rested upon it, divested of all but his boxers.

Dean cried out as she placed the hood once again upon his head. "Meg! Meg! Wait please. Meg, what do you mean years? Meg, don't you hurt him. Sammy!" He pleas though were of no use as her heard her footsteps drift away, then nothing but silence, before his brother's piercing screams echoed around the room.


He must have fallen asleep, as he woke sometime later to the chill of the old stone floor bitting beneath the worn fabric of his jeans and seeping it's way deeply into his tired and aching bones, causing shudders to involuntarily ripple across his skin. He tried to reason with himself, tried to tell himself, that the cold was the only reason for the shaking, but he knew deep down that it wasn't, that he was lying to himself; that the main reason was lay maybe less the twenty feet from him, blissfully and thankfully unconscious once again. From a small rip in the cloth sack over his head he'd been able to ascertain that they were in a some sort of church or chapel (his mind wondering slightly as he tried to figure out what the deal was with demons and churches anyway?) before the rope slung tightly around his neck, and the stone pillar he was placed against, prohibited him from looking any further.

He tried to maneuver his hands and wrists, hoping for a little give in the ropes, that bound them behind the pillar too, but the knots were well tied and all he gathered for his efforts was yet more pain spiking through his numb shoulders; a pain he pushed aside as he remembered the screams, and cries of agony that had resonated throughout the cavernous space, echoing off the walls and attacking his hearing over and over again. Screams and cries that he knew came from one source, his brother. He tried to move his head so that he could see Sam through the small tear, but the angle wasn't right, giving him just a glimpse of the stone table, that he now figured to be an alter.

He wondered how bad Sam was hurt, the screams had suggested a vicious assault, but he knew that sometimes the simplest ways of torture could bring the most agony, and although he hated the fact that Sam was in pain, he hoped that this was the case now, that they wouldn't hurt his brother too badly so that he would have enough time to figure out a plan. He wondered if he should try again to communicate with Sam, but judging by those soft snores he knew any effort on his part would be wasted, and assessing his own body he couldn't afford to waste any more effort. His throat burned from the ropes wrapped around it, and his constant protests at the vicious cruelty that had been inflicted upon his brother. His mouth was dry from the lack of refreshment, and his head pounded from the blows he had sustained.

He jumped again as Meg's breath flittered across his neck once again, and cursed himself for again not hearing her arrival. "I'm gonna kill you Meg!" He managed to grind out. "I'm gonna send you back to hell bitch! And then I'm gonna rise you again so that I can send you back once more."

"You flatter me with you words Dean, but that all they are, just words." She straddled Dean once again before removing the hood, moving her body so that she covered the line of sight to his brother. "Do you want to hear my words Dean?"

"I want to see my brother, bitch!"

"Really?" She looked over her shoulder, and sighed before adding. "I really don't think you want to see him at the moment. He's a bit. . . . . . . . Oh what's the word I'm looking for. . . . . . . . . Messy!" Looking Dean back in the eye and witnessing the intensity there, she added. "Well okay then, if you insist." With that she rolled her body to the side, her thigh brushing against his groin as she did so, laughing as he bucked beneath him. Dean's attention had moved from her though, and was now firmly fixed upon his sibling.

Sam's body glistened with sweat, and blood run like tiny rivers down his sides and arms. His chest heaved as he slept, looking to Dean as though he was having trouble drawing in air, and judging from the stark black bruises that mottled his torso, he knew he probably was; Dean could also see various knife wounds littering his brother's skin, some of them already inflamed and weeping yellow pus. His face was turned towards his brother, as though seeking comfort, although Dean wasn't sure he even knew he was there. If Dean had thought Sam's body was a mess it was nothing compared to his face; one eye was swollen tightly shut, the other ringed with black was only kept from doing the same by a cut that was slowly oozing blood that trickled down to his nose before dripping to the table beneath; more blood was flowing from a gash that Dean could not see within Sam's unruly mop of hair. His nose looked broken, his lips split, and a rent tore it's way from his ear to his cheekbone.

He lunged as best he could at his captor, as Meg shifted back onto his lap effectively cutting him off once again from his brother, the ropes as before stopping his head from hitting her, and causing him to gasp for his own breath. Meg laughed at his attempt, and pushed his head back against the harsh stone of the pillar. Leaning in she began to whisper in his ear.

"You asked before me before Dean, what I meant by years, do you still want to know?" She stopped and moved back, looking him in the eye as he nodded, she added. "Are you sure now? You are a vital part of your brother's slide down into the depths of the dark side." She grinned madly as her words sank deep into Dean's heart, the grin turning into a smile as he nodded once again, these Winchester's always wanting to know more no matter how much it hurt. She ran a hand down his cheek, and laughed as he strove to pull away from her touch. "Okay then, you asked for it."

"Sam was doomed years before your parents even thought about conceiving him, but you know all about that don't you Dean, you went back in time, you saw what your Mother really was, what she hid from your Father. Did you know she made a deal that night Dean? Did you know my Father offered her John back after he broke your Father's neck? Did you know she accepted, and in return doomed poor Sammy to his destiny? Aaaah, I can see from your face that you didn't. You suspected it though didn't you? You suspected she had made a deal of some sort, but she never told you. You Winchester's and your self sacrificial ways, always willing to die for your family, it's a pathetic trait. First your Mother, then your Father, then you, hell even Sammy boy over there tried but he was deemed too valuable to lose. But wait, I'm getting too far ahead here. Let's go back shall we."

"She knew you know, she knew the minute she saw your Father sleeping in his chair that night, she knew my Father was upstairs with your Brother. She was supposed to have stayed away, to have just allowed my Father to do what he had to do, a few small drips of blood and it would have all been over, and life would have gone on as normal; but her Motherly instincts kicked in, she figured her child would be harmed, so she ignored what my Father had told her and entered. He was so happy you know, so happy that she did; he feared her somewhat, and figured if he wasted her, getting to Sam later would be so much easier. So he slit her stomach and dragged her body effortlessly up the wall to the ceiling, and well you know the rest. He hadn't counted on your Father though, hadn't counted on his quest for revenge, and his determination on finding his wife's killer, which meant that you and Sam were left alone most of the time; oh, he had wanted Sam trained, wanted Sam strong, but the bond you two gained after you Mother died, that was something he knew he would have to break."

"He started whilst Sam was still young. Do you remember the nightmares that crippled your brother from the age of nine? They were the doing of my Father. I believe you call them visions? Sam never told you what scared him so, did he? I know what they contained though. Glimpses into the future, glimpses of your Father dying, of you dying. They got so bad, the images so terrifying and graphic, Sam slowly began to believe them. He started thinking of ways to keep you safe, everything he came up with seemed to come to the same conclusion though, he needed to leave. Think back Dean, remember how Sam's already love of school suddenly increased, how his homework assignments got bigger. He knew that the only way he would ever get away from you, that the only way he could keep you safe, would be to leave for college, and to do that he would need a scholarship."

She paused in her ramblings as Sam stirred upon the alter, standing from her position over Dean's legs she strode over, and ran her hands over Sam's face, causing him to flinch involuntarily away from the touch. His eyes though stayed firmly closed, although his breathing began to change indicating he was slowly waking up. She moved back to where Dean sat, this time stepping to his side, crouching down she leant in close as she spoke. "Where were we? Aaaah yes, the Stanford years, and the beautiful Jessica. But first I think it's time for an entertainment break."

Dean tried to roll away, tried to push his head back so that she couldn't replace the hood, but it was no use, and he found himself being plunged into darkness once again. His breathing quickened as he listened to Meg slap his Brother, attempting to rouse the younger hunter. He prayed that someone would listen, and keep his sibling under, but when had Winchester prayers ever been answered? This time was no different, as with a cry of Dean's name croaking from his throat, Sam awoke, and Meg descended, and Dean begged; begged that his brother's body would drag him under once again, and he would no longer have to listen to the screams.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . .

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