Black Holes And Revelations.

Summary. . . . . . . . . Captured, Sam is tortured and made weak in order for Lucifer to get a yes and gain entry, whilst Dean has to endure some home truths and startling revelations as he listens to just how much Sam was manipulated and used by both sides.

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Oh and for the purpose of my fic, Bobby can walk again.

"Sammy?!" Dean shouted out, his hands automatically reaching for his brother. "C'mon Sammy, you've lasted this long, you gotta stick with me a little longer. I'm gonna get you out of here, I'm gonna get you some help, and everything will be okay; okay little brother? You just stay with me." He took his eyes of Sam for a moment to glare back at Castiel. "Fix him! Fix him now!" He snarled at the fallen angel.

"You know I can't do that. You know I don't have the power any longer."

"Damn you Cas! And damn all those freakin' angels to hell also. You've messed with us, and manipulated us enough. Now fix him!"

"I'm sorry Dean, I can't."

"Then at least use your damn phone and call some help." Dean stated as he turned his attention back to his brother, running his hands through Sam's sweat soaked and bloody locks. "It's okay Sammy, she's gone now, you did it little Brother, she's not gonna hurt you no more, so you can open your eyes for me." He whispered, his voice breaking as he continued a bit louder. "Damn it Sam, I need to know your okay, please little brother I need to know that you're okay so that I can say I'm sorry." His words though went unheard as Sam's body remained inert.

"Dean." Cas softly questioned.

"What?!" Dean exploded back, all his fears and anguish rising to the surface.

"The voice on the line says I can't get through. If you think you will be okay, I will go and bring Bobby here." He waited a few seconds, hoping for some kind of response, but when none came he left.

Dean felt the soft breeze that always signaled Castiel's departure, but didn't turn to look, his mind consumed with guilt and sadness, Meg's words twirling and swirling around his head. All this time he had been quick to judge Sam, been quick to lash out when he thought his Brother had been stupid and irrational, but never once had he stopped to think about why. Never once asking himself what his words and actions were doing to his sibling. He should have known, Sam had always been the sensitive one, the one who needed reassurances, the one who needed a reason to kill, why had he been so stupid to think his own words wouldn't have hurt?

Not wanting to think about it any longer, Dean did the only thing he could think of to take his mind off of what had passed, he started to take care of his sibling, something he was born to do, something he was good at, something he would never mess up again. He took off his outer shirt, before divesting himself of his Tee. Tearing it into strips he started to wipe gently at the blood that still oozed from Sam's broken body, feeling guilt rise even more with each flinch he felt beneath his fingers, and wishing he had something better to clean his Brother with. Tears fell from his eyes as he surveyed the damage Meg had inflicted upon his sibling, a new found pride for his Brother surfacing as he realized just how strong Sam truly was.

He didn't turn as Cas returned, didn't acknowledge Bobby's presence until the older man came and stood next to him and spoke. "Awww Jesus Boy. What the hell ya gotten yaself into this time?"

"It wasn't his fault. It was Meg." Dean stated, feeling the need to defend Sam.

"I know that Dean, I wasn't blaming Sam, Cas explained everything to me. Are you okay?"

Dean laughed, the action forced and humorless. "Just peachy. I'm not the one who has been beaten, and stabbed, and cut. I'm not the one who has had his wounds poked and prodded around in. I'm not even the one who has had his whole life manipulated and planned out for him."

"No Dean, ya didn't have all those things happen to you, which I might add ya can tell me about later, but I'm hazarding a guess that you've just born witness to them, and anyone who knows you two idjits will know that if ya hurt one ya hurt the other. So, I'll ask again, are ya alright?"

Dean took a few minutes to ponder over what Bobby had just said, he thought about stating again that he was "fine", but all this trouble they now found themselves in, had come about from keeping secrets and lying, and he knew if they wanted to get through this and defeat Lucifer, it had to stop. Tearing his eyes away from his stricken sibling he spoke softly. "No Bobby, I'm not. I haven't been for a very long time. I hate this. I hate this life. I hate that we were brought up like soldiers. I hate that everybody around us seems to die. I hate what they have done to Sam. I hate what they have done to me. I just want this all to be over, but I have a feeling that it never will be; or that for it to be so, one of us will not make it."

Bobby walked over and placed a comforting hand upon Dean's shoulder. "Awww Son, I wish I could say that it will be all over soon, but I can't. I will promise ya this though, they'll have to battle their way past me before I allow either of you two to die." He looked back at Castiel, the fallen angel having stayed quiet during his and Dean's exchange, before looking back at the two brother's. "Now what d'ya say we get ya brother out of here, and fixed up. I'm sure Cas wouldn't mind taking us for a ride back to my place."

"Aww hell no! We'll find the Impala and drive there, I aint being zapped back."

"Dean." Bobby sighed. "Sam needs help now, not a three hour journey over bumpy lanes. This way will be easier for him."

Dean knew the older man was right, and unwilling to cause his sibling any more agony, he acquiesced. Stepping forward, Cas returned Bobby before coming back to take the two brother's. He watched, amazed at the brotherly bond that was once again iron tight, as Dean refused help and carried his younger brother up to the room they used when staying here. He followed after the Winchester's, once Bobby had loaded his arms with supplies he felt would be needed, stepping off to the side to allow the two men to work once he had deposited them. As he watched the two men work at saving Sam's life, he felt a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time, shame. If he had only ignored the orders, this could have all been prevented, feeling his presence here was wrong he moved to leave, stopping as Dean turned and spoke.

"Cas, where are you going?"

"I thought it best to leave for now."


"I'm not needed."

"Cas, your family now, you're needed." Dean stated, turning back to tending his Brother once he had finished.

Castiel thought over Dean's words for a few minutes before turning back into the room and sitting poker straight on the other bed. He might not feel he would be needed, but at least he could watch over them all.


Dean looked out of the window at the junkyard, his ears just about picking out the sounds of Bobby working down there some where. He rubbed weary hand's across his face and head, grimacing as his fingers brushed against crusts of dried sleep in his eyes, and the dirty feel of his hair. He knew he could do with a shower, but he was loathe to leave and take the risk that Sam would wake up alone. He stretched out his back, his bones popping, his muscles aching at the movement, and fought against the need for sleep, telling himself that once Sam was awake he would rest. He looked over at his Brother, and once again marveled at the strength of his sibling.

Four days he had battled against the infection that ravaged his broken body, four days of sweats and chills and hallucinations and tears and pain, four days of Sam repeating over and over that he would "never give in" that he would "never say yes", four days that Dean felt would have brought other men crashing; but Sam still fought on, giving Dean hope with each passing hour that he would make it through this. Sam's fever had finally broken a few hours ago, his sibling growing more and more restless as he struggle back to consciousness and the pain that awaited him there, Dean overjoyed that he seemed to be on the mend, yet saddened at the same time as he knew of the conversation they would have to have. He stilled as the feeling of being watched overcame him, ignoring it at first, putting it down to a hovering Castiel, but when he heard Bobby faintly ask for a socket wrench, he knew it couldn't be.

He turned away from the window and looked around, wandering if somehow, someone had broken through the multitude of sigils and wards Bobby had around the place, his body tensing ready to defend his sibling from any threat that came, jumping slightly when a touch registered on his hand. Looking down he found himself gazing upon a sight he had prayed for, Sam's eyes looking up at him, slightly glazed and liquid filled. He moved over to the bed Sam was laying upon and reached out a hand to push away errant strands from his face, being careful of the healing cuts. He watched as Sam tried to form words, his Brother's tired mind unable to process the information he wanted it too, so no words came forth, but Dean answered him anyway.

"I'm fine Sam." He watched as Sam's eyes rolled lazily around his sockets, and knew it was his siblings way of not believing him, so remembering his thoughts about the past, he added. "Okay, I'm a bit bashed around, but nothing to worry about. I've had a demon skank riding me, and yes at times it truly felt like she was." He hesitated before saying the rest, only continuing when Sam's hand once again grasped his own. "And I've been shown some home truths." Sam's eyebrows popped up at his words, his mouth working to get the question he needed answering out once again. Releasing his hand, Dean reached over for the water Bobby had brought up earlier, placing a straw into the opening he pressed it to his Brother's lips. "Hey, hey." He admonished as Sam greedily drank. "You're in no condition to be throwing up Sam, take it slower." He waited until Sam signaled he'd had enough, before replacing it onto the night stand, and waited for the questions to commence.

"What happened Dean?" Sam forced out eventually.

"What do you remember?" Dean replied, his eyes watching as Sam looked away, caught up in his own memories, trying to get them to form into some sort of order.

"Selkie." He spoke at last. "We was hunting a Selkie, only it wasn't a Selkie." He went quiet again as sorted back through his jumbled thoughts. "Meg! Oh shit Dean, it was Meg." He tried to move, tried to get out of the confining covers, needing to be ready for when she struck, but the minute he moved the pull on his raw skin ignited an agony within him, sending him crashing back down to the bed, gasping in pain with tears rolling down his face.

"Sam! Sammy! Calm down little Brother, it's okay, she's gone. You defeated her, don't you remember? You defeated her." He waited until Sam managed to get the pain back under control, his thumbs rubbing away the fresh tears that had fallen. "I'm so sorry Sam."

"What? What for?" Sam whispered out.

"I never once stopped and looked at all of this from your point of view. I never once stopped and thought about all the things you'd been through. I never once tried to find out the reasoning behind what you did. And for that I'm sorry."

"Dean, what's happened? What did Meg do?"

"She tortured you Sammy, and I could do nothing but sit there and watch. She tortured you to get you weak enough to say yes, and I couldn't save you."

"Dean, I know what she did to me, believe me I can feel it. But what did she do to you?"

"She just told me a few home truths, and some revelations. I'm okay though Sam."

"Yeah!" Sam huffed out. "And I'm fit enough to take on Lucifer again today. Stop lying to me Dean, I can see that you're hurting, what did she do?"

"She told me everything that had been done to you all your life Sam, everything the demons did, everything the angels did. She told me about Mom's deal, and how they pushed you away from us. She told me how they planned Jess' death to get you back in the game. She told me about the planted visions, and the nightmares that you suffered through. She told me all about Ruby, and her manipulations, about Zach altering my voicemail message to you. But most of all she told me about how my own words hurt you the most." He left out the bit about Castiel, wanting the angel to tell that bit himself.

"Demon's lie Dean, you know that."

"Yeah, I know that, but can you look me in the eye and tell me she was?" When Sam could do nothing but look down, he added. "I didn't think so." Dean paused again, he knew he needed to ask, curiosity burned deep within him, but did he really want the answer to his next question.

"What else Dean? What else did she tell you?" Sam asked, noticing the battle that was going on inside his Brother.

"She told me. . . . . . . . . . She told me that when I made the deal to bring you back to life, I dragged you away from happiness with Mom, and Dad, and Jess. Did I do that Sam?" Dean asked, his head hanging in shame.

"Honestly Dean?" Sam answered, waiting for his Brother to look up at him. When he got a nod, he continued. "I don't know. I wish I could put your mind at rest, but I really don't remember."

"I'm so sorry Sam."

"Dean, don't! Yeah all these things happened, but at the end of the day I made my own bad choices. I still started all of this crap."

"I know, but if things had of been different, if I had of listened more, if the angels and the demons had of left us alone, things would have been different."

"Yeah, maybe, but would we still be as close as we are? Would we even be speaking to each other? And as for Mom and Dad and Jess, they still could have died. It's all in the past Dean, and that's where it should stay. We need to look towards the future, and the battle that's ahead, but first you really need a shower and some sleep, and I really need to go." He paused as he waited for Dean to help him. "Are you okay Dean?"

"Yeah, yeah I am."

"Are we okay?"

"Never better, little brother, never better." Dean replied, meaning every single word.

The End. . . . . . . .

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