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Author's Note: Hi everyone! This is the Hidden Lostar reporting in to taking yet another departure for my Gamma Dimension series! I usually put my authors notes at the bottom, but for this special little mini-project, I felt like putting it at the top. I just want to take the time to explain a few things. This story pretty much takes place on the first year of the SOS Brigade when Kyon's a freshman and Mikuru's a junior. I'm just going to say it took place sometime in the autumn. If you can stomach getting to the end of this little departure, there's a surprise waiting for you in the end! Good luck and let the force be with you~

I can give you advise if you want to sace moniey. If you hace a little sister, don't vother vuying an alarm clock. Sivlings are much more efishent. It is another school day.

"Hey big brothrt, wske up" she saif. I woke up and she had a water gun pointed at me.

"Whu daures awaken the great Kyon? Why you have that gun pointed at me?/" I said. I look on my floort, there was a frying pan, a splatula, a megafhone, a smely sock, a habanero pepprt, a tazer, a fether, and a frozin fish.

"I tryed to wake you up for years and you didn't!" she say. "Mpmmy culd have choke on a pretzel and dye or somethng!"

I choose not to questuib where she gets her imajination and change clothes and get ready 4 school.

"Ah no Kyon! I'm still in here!"

What! I skip a step in my naration and forget 2 kick my sister out doh! Its too late so I slap myselh for beig dumb and leace the house.

I go up teh stupid hill and I see a man in a pik swetsuit chasing a blsck man on a bike down the hill. If anything I'd ask them they come from where but I said nah forget it yo homes to North Hi! Wate thats not a rhyme at aull!

It is rare daay becoz I came to class b4 Haruhi did. I twelve minutes early so Taniguchi come up to bug me about sojmething peeverted most likely.

"Freshman girls, mah boi is what all true boy stoodents strive fort!" he said.

C, I called it! He si predictabull its boring and he so boring I fall asleeo in class.

I wake up to really sharo pain in my back so I yel. I look behid me and see Haruhi lookinf scared.

"Ah K-on! I'm sorry!" scream Haruhi.

"Sorry? Wen do u apologize for opking my back?"

"You don't feel it? I pok you to hard and my pensil stuck all the way in your back"

"For reel?" I say and luked behind me. She rihgt. Ow!

"Dat Haruhi is a spy!" said Kunikida as I psas out from blud loss.

"I wake up in Nutses office in school. Nurses Offis? I just got backstab I should be in hospitsl! How csaan they fix me here? I look on mi back and there is a band-ad, gee thankx! I look at myt replace shirt and it say "I jusy got backstabbed and all I got is a band-aid and this lousy t-shirt!" Who has tiem to make this!

When I ask that the bell ring. Nobody in office so I look at time and try to fo to next clas but I look at time andf last class is over! I was knock out for entire skool day??

That means I miss lunch and I'm hungre. That also mean in stead of next class I go to Literary Club Room where my bestest freinds in SOS Brigade are! Maybe Mikurue tea will cure thids wound that reach my kidknee.

I go in clubrum and I see Mikuru and Itsuki. I sit on front of Itsuki who has a game of Guess Who sitting out. Guess Who is elementree game. Why play thsi?

"I figured it would make a nice chainge of psace."

O whatever. I question it no furder or he hgo inti another boring speech. All I did wus sleep today and I don't want too again.

"Oh come onn. They can't alll be boring," he said.

Ah! Sometimes I foget people can here me even when I don't use quotatuion narks. Sometimes I confuse myself in what I say n what I think.

"It happens to the best of ys.. I think," said the esper who hear me again!

I butter stop thinking bfor he find out I suspeckt that he gay and feer him a little.

"... Okease excuse me," Itsuki say. "I want ti go outside fur a lil."

Grate! Nao I piss him off. Oh well its just Itsuki he get over it rite?

"Hear is your T Kyonne, nice and worm," said only person left in room Mikuru. Yummy delicioud tea frum Asahina! One sip on this and my crapy day turn good again woot!

"I'm glad you liek it so much!"

Of coarse I like it! The only thing that could tayste better is the milk from Mikuru's largw chest but we can't get evereething we want. What?? I don'y think like that ususlly! Id Mikuru heard that, she'd probanly freak outr. I look at her and sge did!

"I-I taught you wore better then that K-on!" she say after she dropd her trey.

OMG I am! How this happin? Shr run to door stiull in maid suit. Wait not in suit!Q Other people that nout me wil see. Maid Mikury for my eues only rawr!

"I don't wanna speak to yew agaen Kyon!" she said and she slam door.

I facepaulm. How could this happen to mee! I made my misteaks... NO! This not time to fill sorry! I must go out there and apoligize to everyone!

I run at club dour and thrust it open. I look down halll and no see Mikuru. I look behinf me ans there is Nagato looking at me with wide eyes.

"Nagato! Staty away drom me! I might sat something supid and hurt you too! If I hurt you too I csant ttake it!"


She go silint on me. Wait duh! I can assk if like theres a reason I've become so iidiautic!

"Haruhi Suzumiya has subconsciously caused a major structural flaw in the overall linguistic comprehension potential of this current literary adaption," said Nagato with a plain voice.

Wait ah sec, let me scrowll up... OMG! The sentense Yugi just said is the only 1 in this whole thing that is slaweless! Yuki means dis is Haruhi's fault and not some phail author?? Ah I broke wall #4 seceral times but I don't care!

I give YHuki vig hug bevause again she lite in d darkness and she cann make things right agen! I hold Yuki tite and cry, yes I cry cause my day was dizazter! She rub my bak litely with one hand just den surprizing me that she move a mussle for my sake.

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